Looking to move up a level in Audiophile
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Aug 10, 2013
I am new to the forum but am a headphone collector. I currently own the following in my collection
Vmoda M100
Beats Pro, Mixr, Solo HD
Skullcandy Mixmaster
SMS Audio WIreless
Ferrari T350 and R300 (Noise cancelling)
Soul By Ludacris SL300
Monster DNA, Diesel, Diamond tears
My favorites out of my entire collection is the VMODA M100. Buying those a month ago made me realize I was missing something. I am trying to get more in tho that SQ high end audiophile market. I still want it to be portable and some what fashionable. I would not want to be wearing HD650 with a 12 foot cord out in public. HA HA. they do sound good however.
I have not heard the following and wondering opinions on the following brands
Sennheiser Momentum
B&O H6
I listen to a wide wariety of music, EDM being a big part, I also listen to a lot of classical music, 70's, 80's, Female vocals are also a big part of my mix. So looking for a headphone that can play wide. It does not need to be bass heavy ass I want the bass to blend in.

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