New Monster Beats Tour In-Ear
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Nov 29, 2008
I just saw them for Pre-order now, anyone know about these? what is that all about? they look really nice.
the price is $150

Beats Tour deliver sound so big, you would think you had speakers in your ears. Newly developed in-ear speaker technologies reproduce clear natural vocals, detailed highs, and deep powerful bass without distortion. Wired with high-performance Monster Cable, Beats Tour delivers sound performance never before achieved in any earphone.
Beats Tour also features the world’s first tangle-free earphone cable. While earphones are convenient, taking the time to untangle them is not. Beats Tour features Monster’s new innovative headphone cable that not only sounds great, but is completely tangle-free. So untangle less, and listen more.

World’s First Tangle-Free Cable
Normally Monster is all about the sound. But when it comes to the earphones people use everyday, they had to get rid of the annoying ritual of untangling your earbuds everytime you use your iPod. After ten years of research, they finally figured it out. Monster’s patent pending flat cable design with Duraflex jacket simply does the trick.

Hear What You’ve Been Missing
The audiophiles at Monster proudly present their newly developed ultra-fast speaker design delivering the full sound and details of today’s digital music with great clarity, natural vocals, and bass punch.

Get Low Low
It took Monster more than three years to develop the technology that gives Beats Tour bass so big, you’d think there’s a subwoofer in your head. It’s deep, club-like bass. Dr. Dre would have it no other way.

In-Ear Noise Isolation
Sealed in-ear design reduces external noise for a better music experience than traditional earbuds.

Play it Loud with Full Power
Most earphones don’t have the power to play music at the volume some music lovers prefer. Beats Tour large high-efficiency drivers and magnetic technology play loud without distortion. Hear everything no matter how loud the rest of the world is.

Monster XLN High-Performance Headphone Cable
Monster’s patented Magnetic flux tube and microstrand construction provides clear no loss audio and reduced interference to Beats Tour speaker drivers.

Designed for Apple Sound Check
The Sound Check feature on your iPod balances playback levels so all your music tracks play at a consistent volume. Beats Tour’s high-efficiency drivers ensure you can hear every note.

Custom Fit
Beats Tour includes three earbud cone tips and two triple layered tips for the most comfortable, secure fit, and best sound possible.

Protective Case
Compact rugged case for safe storage of Beats Tour and additional tips.


Cable length: 3.94 ft./1.2 m
Weight: 0.71 oz./20 g

What’s in the Box:

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour headphones
Carrying case
Three pairs of standard Monster-designed eartips
Two pairs of different-sized triple-layer "Airlocks"
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Im really digging the ribbon style cable looks interesting
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This is in direct competition with their Monster Turbine In-Ear which is priced the same. Strange.
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looks weird. the cable looks really fragile. the part about dr dre makes me feel more like it is marketing scheme with a new fashion outlook. hopefully someone can provide more info
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Originally Posted by SchneiderStudios /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I did take a listen to the big beats headphones and i wasnt really impressed..

Same with me, actually.

I took a listen at a local electronic store of mine, and I wasn't impressed with the sound. The SQ was better than Bose, for sure, but at the ridiculous price tag (For the performance), It's not worth over 150 bucks, imo.
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I'm surprised to see they come with tripple flanged ear tips.
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Originally Posted by j2kei /img/forum/go_quote.gif
looks weird. the cable looks really fragile. the part about dr dre makes me feel more like it is marketing scheme with a new fashion outlook. hopefully someone can provide more info

I love dr dre as a producer. This looks like a total marketing scheme to me and it really makes me angry that he did it.
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generic design though. New brand name?
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Anyone who's anyone here knows that CNET reviews are not to be trusted and given any credibility at all. A review from an experienced reviewer here or at such sites as, etc, is much more credible.

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