1. captian73

    Monster Turbine vs Beats by Dr. Dre Tour. I'm I getting this wrong?

    I've read a fair bit about both the Monster Turbine and Beats by Dr. Dre Tour's. Am I wrong, or is the general message that these are basically the same, albeit via a different design? It seems the Tours have a bit of a fitting problem, and of course you get the usual 'These aren't as good...
  2. Fidolex

    ¿Beats Tour or Klipsch s4??

    Hi, I want buy one of these earphones, and I was wondering which one are the best? ¿which should I buy? which one has better bass? ¿which sounds  louder? the genres that I listen are Rock, Trance, Psychedelic and Hip hop. thanks  take care
  3. cc2096

    Looking for a pair of IEM's with a similiar sonic signature to the ATH-M50's

    So let me start off with saying that I am just getting back into Head-Fi after a 6 year hiatus, so I have no idea what is good these days. I picked up a pair of ATH-M50's from Sound Professionals with the detachable coiled cable, and I love them. I am using them with a Fiiio E17 (portable...
  4. torred charger

    Looking for Beats by Dre tour... Are these real???

    Hey fellas, new member from the motor city. Home of eminem, detroit muscle (Dodge of course!) and the lions, tigers, and wolverines!!    Ok so, now that the intro is out of the way, I was looking for a set of Dre tour in ear headphones, but I did my research and i realized there are A LOT of...
  5. maartenreith

    Do I need a portable headphone amp whith these headphones?

    Hello,   I have beats by dr dre studios. Ok, I know, they are a VERY bad value and I shouldn't have bought them, but I got real ones for about 200 dollars. But I want to know, if a portable headphone amp would really improve my sound quality. I have an iPod 4th gen 32 gb.   And if it...
  6. PantyBandit

    Beats Tour by Dr Dre 2013 Review

    So this is the new Beats in 2013 when they started making their products independently when they split from Monster Cable. I have a few highly rated IEMs myself and I obtained this in a trade(it seemed like a good idea at the time)so I was rather interested to test these out and share them with...
  7. kurosagi01

    Beats by dr.dre tour real or fake

    Hello i have recently purchased a pair of Beats by dr.dre earphones off ebay(yeah...) and the person sold it saying its real because its got the serial number.   I have received it today and it came in the "fake" box and i have seen many videos people saying dr.dre face is faded,there be...
  8. xrayz

    Help deciding...

    Hi all, i know that I'm new here but I'm in the market for a new set of earbuds and I was told that ya'll know your stuff. I want some that are in-ear, something that is portable and can use with my iphone.  I am look in the 100-150$ range. I listen to mostly hip-hop/rap, and some good ole rock...
  9. Gilly87

    Monster Cable Beats by Dre: Tour

    In case anyone was wondering, I just did a side-by-side comparison of the Tours (fully burned in, owned by a fellow employee for months) ($149.99 at radioshack) with the RadioShack-owned brand Auvio's Element buds (straight out of the box, delivered yesterday from the manufacturing...
  10. Datastream

    In need of Earphones similar to beats [max £100]

    I have had two pairs of Monster Beats 'tour' Earphones and they both broke. At the moment I'm stuck with an apple pair so i really need to buy a new pair ASAP. I need a pair which has similar sound bass/treble quality or better to the beats. The type of music i listen to is generally...
  11. kcheung

    Question about Monster Beats Tour vs. Turbine

    I am fairly new to IEMs and have recently decided to get a pair of IEM with microphone for my iPhone 4. I purchased both the Monster Beats and the Monster Turbine (regular one, not the Pros) with ControlTalk in order to be able to evaluate both of them side-by-side since they are both in the...
  12. gmeipod

    Real or Fake Beats by Dr. Dre

    Are these the real or replica of the Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Headphones?   I Bought them for $50 total from amazon and just wondering they will be the real ones or fake ones.   I heard you can tell if there the replicas if the writing on the back is faded the only thing on the back that...
  13. o black

    Comparison between the Q-Jays, Monster Turbine, Etymotic Hf3, Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear

    Has anyone on this forum compared Q-Jays with the Monster Turbine, Etyomtic HF3, and the Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear?  Over the past 2 years i have tried those 3 headphones, and i have liked the monster turbine the most.  However, unfortunately also out of the 3, they were the LEAST durable headphones...
  14. rob1994

    Loud, bass heavy, crisp sound quality, comfortable for extended periods overear and dont leak sound

    Hey first post here, Been looking for a new pair of over ear headphones, i currently have the beats by dre tours, which i personally think sound great (dw i do know my music, but i like the sound they give) but these earphones tend to fall out easily and are not comfy. I am looking for...
  15. bimsie01

    Just Wanna Say Hi!

               Ive been a member here a while,but almost never post,so I thought Id tell you a bit about me and the hobby.                                 Im mainly a vintage Hi-Fi guy,but on my travels I end up with more great headphone buys than I do anything else,it seems like.heres some of...
  16. redgreenpaper

    what should i do with regard to monster turbine and dr dre beats tours

    Okay so here's the deal. I have a potentially defective pair of monster turbines. The right earbud has more bass than the left earbud. I bought them fro$ ano unauthorized dealer who is refusing to give me a refund. The only thing i can do now is exchange them for a genuine, brand-new-in-box pair...
  17. paul91

    Beats by dre tour in ear headphones - slight problem please help

    Ok hi everyone this is my first post   I got a brand new (official) pair of the tour headphones for christmas a couple of days ago, got them out the box and was really pleased with look and feel of the product. I plugged them straight in my ipod touch (1st generation) and was disappointed...
  18. enc643

    Teen looking for help finding headphones

    Hello, I'm 14, from the USA and I am looking for help to find some headphones.   My general price range would be $40 - $100 or so.   The main genre of music I listen to is Metal, and hard rock.   The source that I will be using will be my iPod Touch 4th generation, and my laptop.  ...
  19. buntline

    beats tour+sansa clip zip

    hi there,i consider buying the beats tours to compliment my sansa clip zip,but I am not sure if they will fit properly into the player(they wont sound properly when fully plugged in) because of the mic.So do they work allright or I need to get some earphones without control talk?
  20. jacobap100

    Turbines Vs Tours

    I know they both have good highs and mids but which one has a deeper cleaner bass
  21. xxhotchikxx

    Dre Beats IEM for 50$ are they worth it?

    I have not seen any reviews on the Dre Beats IEM's how do they stack up with the chinese brands/other sub 50$ headphones?     I have the ADDIEM's=$20, ME6P=$17, and have access to the REO's.  How do the Beats compare to the ones I own?
  22. wonderba

    Gift for a friend: $130 Budget, Foldable + Case, ON-EAR, Better than Beats by Dre

    Hey guys, I made a thread few weeks ago asking for a good gift for my friend but now he doesn't want Noise Cancellation or over the hear anymore.   He wants ON-EAR specifically, noise cancellation would be plus, but does not matter.   Only ones I see that match the reqs would be this...
  23. wonderba

    Gift for a friend: $150 Budget, Foldable + Case, Noise Cancelation, Better than Beats by Dre

    Hey guys, planning on getting a gift for a friend who mainly listens to his iPhone.   Basically I am on a 150$ budget (Though I would prefer 130 max), and he wants a foldable headphones with case (Like Beats by Dr Dre), noise isolation/cancel, and better than Beats as they were his last...
  24. Icanstoptime

    Fake beats by Dre?

    Hello, I'm thinking of picking up some beats by dr dre and I found this bargain on eBay and I have a feeling I shouldn't trust it because I have heard of fake beats by dre and I've seen the pictures of the boxes and this one looks legit, I am however still cautious due to it only being £25 and...
  25. antistate

    New Here

    Ok I stumbled upon this site after researching the Dr. Dre Beat headphones. Needless to say, I won't be buying them. I'm looking for the best headphones I can get for $250, $300 if I have no other choice. I mainly listen to rap, so earphones that specialize in that genre is what I'm interested...