1. Erikk

    Need advice for over ear headphones for son

    I'd like to get my 8 year old a pair of over the ear headphones for his birthday. He saw the Monster, I think beats, headphones in a commercial and got all excited for them...
  2. anto9100

    high bass headphone

    im look for high bass headphones, with large amounts of bass,and not worred about clarliy, willing to spend $500 for a good set, any recommendations?
  3. cuteoz

    How are the Beats Pro, Detox and Studios?

    Hello Everyone,   Just wondering how are the beats pro and detox.   I could get either, it seems the detox are no different than the color.   I am getting this from my collegue and hoping to use em.   so Your input would be highly appriciated.   By the way they look really...
  4. JoshuaaT

    I cringe every time I see this

  5. LegendaryLvl1

    Stars attend beatbox with Faddy Robot launch party

      On August 17th, Monster Cable Products and FADDY ROBOT announced the release of Beatbox in Korea with a massive “beatbox party with FADDY ROBOT” at Club Answer in Cheongdam-dong. Beatbox is the game-changing iPod speaker system from the world renowned brand Beats by Dr. Dre. This new...
  6. Tryndamere

    Monster Beats By Dr.Dre Studio vs V-moda Crossfade LP vs Sennhesier HD428 review .

    Hello headfiers , I guess the title explains what am I going to do . This is a short review , I am not going to talk about the contents in the box . I am only going to review a few factors , and that is mainly portability , the sound , durability ,value for money and lastly , the looks.    ...
  7. Spinlight

    Help Convincing Friend that ATH-M50's Are Superior to Beats

    Hey, Head-Fi   I recently got my hands on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and all I can say is WOW. The instrument separation, the bass, the highs, the EVERYTHING about these headphones are amazing! My friend got herself a pair of Beats by Dre Studios and insists that they have higher definition...
  8. Ivan913

    Looking for some good on-ears within the $100-$300 range

    After years of using the standard iPod earbuds i'm looking for something legit.  Now your probably gonna hate me for this but so far I've been looking at the Beats.  And all my friends have told me exactly what your gonna say.  They're over priced and not worth it, and I probably agree.  But...
  9. Viral

    Generic 'Which headphones should I start with' thread.

    Edit: Arrived, here are my thoughts.   I know this thread probably pops up a thousand times a day, but everything I've found through search was pretty general and nothing that covered the stuff I've asked here. Apologising in advance if I missed some huge thread detailing absolutely...
  10. prime21

    Amps for Beats

    Will a portable amp do anything for the Solo Beats HD?  I know the quick responses will be funny but can it do anything to improve the overall listening experience?
  11. LosMerengues

    Are you 'immune' to Marketing?

    Just a little fun thread here. We all know that audiophiles are constantly ragging on beats and its owners (rightfully so), but what if beats were endorsed by your absolute favourite artist (and rebranded in accordance) would you be partial to the headphone or completely levelheaded?   For...
  12. Iman5796

    Need Headphones for under $350

    hey guys, i am not really an audiophile, but i just sold my studio beats, tour beats, and bose triport, and i was wondering what is the best headphone for under $350 that i could get.  I looking at the beat pros, sennheiser 598, and the skullcandy aviators.  But i really am clueless, any ideas?
  13. stephanielu

    Bose or Beats

    Hey Everyone,   I just joined the forum ! Just needed some advice on headphones.   I got mugged last week =( and my bose quiet comfort headphones 15 were stolen. Right now I am using a skullcandy low rider headphone and they sound good but I want to get a new set of headphones. The Beats...
  14. Bourque

    What Headphones should I get?

      What Headphones should I get? Hello, my name is Adam. I am looking for a good pair of "Headphones" so i can improve my drumming as well as enjoy music more then ever. What I am looking for: Isolation Headphones Good Audio Some Bass Included Possible, Good Looking so If I were them...
  15. Willanhanyard

    People With Beats Are So Annoying...

    I have two friends that have Beats. So on Facebook, one of them says "YEAH BREH, BEATS R SOOOO BOSSSS!!!" So I comment back saying "No, they are not that good. You can get some $80 headphones that are way better than them" So then we get into this long arguement. Then at one point my friend says...
  16. simbeane

    Bassy headphones from $200 - $400

    I'm planning to get a pair of headphones that offer clear deep bass sound but also great mids and highs, I have no knowledge about headphones on the market, I'm so confused about the Beast Studio, Bose QC15, Ultrasone Pro 900, Pioneer HDJ-1000, Sony XB1000. Which one fit me the most?  ...
  17. Isyace

    Beats or any other suggestions for 200-300 USD?

    Does anyone own or have a suggestion for a portable good quality pair of headphones for 200-300 dollars. Also whats a good cheap mp3 player around 32 gb and 200 dollars. Cheers
  18. swbf2cheater

    All Wood and Brass Modded Beats by Dre

    This was made for a SteamPunk cosplayer   Black Walnut Brass and Copper Vintage Burgundy Leather   ......discuss?
  19. Ankit1010

    Beats equivalent?

    Hi, I know that the beats are way too overrated and expensive. What I want is a pair of headphones as close to the Beats as possible, but without the hefty price tag that I have to pay for Dr. Dre's name on them. I'm considering the ATH-M50's. What do you guys think?  
  20. fignya

    Fake or real Beats by Dre? Please Help

    Hey guys! I just some beats by dr dre heqdphones and they cost lower then original price. In the description he writes that they are fully original and that it has warranty which cqn be activated online using serial code. In the picture they look very real , and i tried to compare them to fake...
  21. k3uu

    Is there a way to make store display working headphones into regular headphones?

    I saw this Dr. Dre Beats Monster headphones at a store that is going out of business, it's working fine except that it is a store display and it requires an AC adapter plugged in to work. Now I'm wondering if there is any way to take the adapter out and replace it with batteries or something...
  22. MicroNik

    Choosing between Sennheiser headphones.

      Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.   Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.   Im looking for some...
  23. lhovden

    Headphone suggestions

    I'm looking at getting a new pair of headphones. I have a $300 gift certificate for Best Buy. I'm looking for either in ear or over ear with a good bass. I am open to a studio headphone where it covers the whole ear, but not as interested.  Anything for under $300 at best buy is what I'm looking...
  24. juman231

    Say what you want to say...

        ...just wanted to hear/read you guys' reactions... (no its not mine. But I think I should keep the owner of this pic anonymous..)
  25. mastershake2393

    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    I was just interested in seeing how many Head-Fi-er's get asked about not wearing the Beats (Studio, Solo, etc.). Whenever I'm wearing my AH-D1001K's, it feels like someone always asks me why I didn't buy the Beats. Just curious to see if there is a staggering number of people that constantly...