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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. MCSax
    Hi everyone,
    I'm getting into the world of dap and HD music... very charming

  2. onisad
    Hi everyone!
    I've visited the forum more than a few times over the years, but thought I would register instead of only lurking.
    It maaaay be related with wanting to upgrade my gear :smile_phones:

  3. J4R01
    Hello everybody!
    Finally made the jump and bought my first IEM! I think I'm in for the long haul and this is the reason I registered here. Can't wait to discover more.
  4. greylistener
    Hi everyone,

    After continuously finding myself here reading useful and informative posts as a result of Google searches, I figured I'd better join. :)
    Spent many a year enjoying audio, but never to the level of the folks around here. Much more reading and learning to come.
  5. Abyss Light
    Hello to everyone!

    Been wandering in the forum for a while now so I decided to become part of it.
    Not an audiophile but you know, I want the best xD
  6. nighster
    Hola. Newbie here. Found forum whilst googling reviews for a new set of headphones. New to the obsession of head fi. Other current obsession include Astrophotography, PC builds, DIY crap, 3D printing, RasPi stuff, some limited arduino things, Auto tech/cars, diy car repairs, appliance repairs, Any To Save A Buck repair.
    Previous obsessions musky fishing, duck hunting, modded flat bottom boats with ducted jet outboard motors, tub grinders, weed, drag racing, V8 power.

  7. stillseas
    Hello everyone,
    New member here. I’ve been benefiting from fantastic reviews and discussions of head-fi for years as a non-member, and now finally taking a chance to be part of it. Head-fi is a wonderful community.
  8. CvoMan
    Hi everybody,
    long time hi fi passionate I'm new to the brave new world of Headphones. just bought my first one: Grado GH2 (cocobolo).
    Not bad at all for my late night listening sessions.
  9. beavis87
    Hi guys, I'm new to HiFi. The most Hifi headphones I have are Sony MDR-V6's. Youtube recommended a video yesterday about upgrading iPods with flashcards and scrapping the hard drive. So after finding my old 5th gen iPod Video, which happens to be broken (white screen) and spending an entire evening researching how to upgrade it, I realized I have probably the most capable Hifi iPod ever made. Internal Wolfson DAC which can be modded with capacitors to hardwire it to the dock. My research led me to a thread here so here I am. I want to load up my lossless collection and add more onto my iPod to have a portable and acceptable hi-fi listening solution. I lke that I can plug it into my car stereo and have access to much better quality songs than what streaming or satellite services offer. So i have an iFlash quad microSD card board, a 512gb microSD card, their capacitor kit, and a 3000mAh battery on the way. Now I have to find a good pair of IEMs to go with this once its built. Also, if anyone has any recommendations to polish the scratches off of the plastic face and metal back of an iPod I would appreciate that.
  10. prasi
    Hi, this is prasi from India, been a member of DIYA for many years . New here.
    Not so much into headphones, but mainly into pcb design and solid state amp building and passive speaker building.
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  11. jbuenavides
    Hey there everyone, I am the latest addition to this community.
    Would you mind recommending me either a wireless headphone for gaming?
  12. snkrsyourmom
    Hey all.
    Found out about head-fi after wondering around different forums.
    I don't have a somewhat amazing inventory, but it's nice to be up to date with all the thing happenin in this audio world
  13. kid vic
    Welcome! @blackdragon87 and I are some of the main Vancouver denizens here
  14. HereForLaunchCodes

    I've been a lurker for many years but never created an account. I'm not new to the hobby but certainly have a lot still to learn. I only have two headphones at the moment (fidelio x2 and Sony 1000xm3). I tend to buy and test out a lot but rarely keep any. Maybe someday I'll find 'the one'.
  15. SoundProOhio
    I’m a new member. Live in Ohio and just getting into high end headphones. I have been a home theater junkie for a long time and know good sound.
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