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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Speed King
    Ciccio? Are you Italian?
  2. benleung21
    Been lurking here for brilliant reviews and discussion for a few years but have never got an account.
    Mostly listen to rock and metal music.
    My friend lent me a pair of Westone UM1 years ago and got me into this audiophile thing.
    Currently owning Shure SE215, BGVP DMG, Tipsy Dunmer, Sennheiser HD58X.
    Will be investing in a decent DAC & AMP combo soon after saving up enough money as I am just a fresh college grad :) Nice to meet u all.
  3. Bobcatva
    Hello, I'm a new member and joined so I could answer a question for a member in another post. I've been an audiophile for 40 years and started streaming with a Roon setup a few years ago. It was an entry level product and soon the audiophile in me started wanting to get the best sound I can afford. I've read many useful posts on this site and others and now can say that my digital setup surpasses my analog setup. I am not so much a headphone listener as a speaker listener who has a dedicated acoustically treated listening lounge at the house.
  4. pureHP
    Hi all, I have been lurking for a while now and want to add my experiences with dali headphones in the thread, since I have had them for a while now. User reviews are still sparse and I think it might beneficial to get more input. Besides that I run a pretty relaxed and cheap setup, with a HD600+Schiit stack, and some JBL LSR studio speakers. I am looking forward to participating in the conversations here!
  5. Scottgg
    New here. Test post. Not sure if it will work. But i like sound but moreso the absence of it
  6. manwich
    Hey I'm Manwich, wanting to introduce myself and just get to know the community that I'd like to continue to get to know and participate in.
  7. joshpetermann
    Hi there! New member here. I'm a musician, audiophile, and headphone enthusiast. Been lurking on HeadFi for years but just now making an account! Looking to make use of the buy/sell/trade forum, but not sure how long it takes to get privileges for that.
  8. iahimr
    Hello everybody,

    First time posting though I've looked on head-fi for reviews as a non-member for some years now.
    In fact I purchased my first serious headphones (a pair of Sennheiser HD 598SE) after reading some reviews here.
    I've made an account now because I need some help with cables compatibility for my newly purchased Sony MDR-1AM2.
  9. Mushii
    Hi I am Mushii. Long time member over at AV Forums, which are great for AV and HiFi but are more limited on headphones and DAP advice. I love music and audio gear, hate the term audiophile. Just starting my foray into the headphones and DAP world. Main uses will be for international travel (which I do quite regularly) as I have 3 HiFi setups at home and use speakers on them.
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  10. M700LTR
    M700LTR here. New to audio. Interest in audio came from gaming. Influenced by Youtubers and intended to buy Astros. Thankfully, doing research here and on other websites allowed me to make better-informed decisions. Currently have AKG K712 Pros, TH-X00 and X2HR. Excited to learn more!
  11. Ropay
    I'm into computer audio and, particularly, gaming audio (effects, positional cues, mixing..). Three audio configs are headphone output from internal gaming soundcard (but I also have an external DAC), HDMI out from my graphics card to AVR receiver for movies and music, and lastly, a USB audio interface for music creation.
  12. ecc83
    Hi ,
    i am Frank from Germany and i am interested in Tubes amplifier.
    Hoping to find some informations and discussion.
  13. Hexa
    Hi All!

    I Am Heikki from sunny Finland. I have been reading this forum for ages but now it’s time to step in to the can world... yes family happened and I want to combine music to that. So let’s solve this puzzle by canning it :wink:
  14. sahavuco
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2020
  15. voja
    Can anybody tell me when the "New Head-fier tag will disappear? What is needed for it to disappear?
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