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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Speed King
    That's an explosive nickname man :laughing:
  2. jmstandish
    new member ... after using the site for general newbie IEM research, decided to jump in.
    presently debating between Westone W60 and UM Pro 50 (first gen both) -- thanks to all who have contributed previous comments, very helpful
  3. PJ21
    Hello everyone. Another new member here. Long time music lover rediscovering my old vinyl collection (which is starting to grow). Been using the site as a source of great info and and now happy to be joining.

    My set up is modest but with some help I'm looking to expand it.

    Pro-ject Audio Debut Carbon DC Esprit turntable
    Onyx A-9110S integrated amp
    Klipsch RP-600M bookcase speakers
    Beyerdynamic T1 headphones
  4. HiFi47
    Hello fellow music lovers,

    I'm new here and I have a the plan to create my first DIY hybrid earphones. For me an exiting project, just because of the fun of creating. I don't have any kind of background in fine electronics or sound engineering. In fact I'm just an architect, so I have a sense of esthetic and concepts, but being used of needing the informations of experienced engineers to fulfill my projects ; )

    I would like to take you with me on my exploration journey, hoping to helping people with similar intentions to create their own earphones. I would be glad to get some useful informations and hacks to complete my mission. Thank you in advance for your support! So let's bring it to the point..

    The Idea is to create a smallest possible crossover DIY version between the Final Audio E5000 and F7200. Two models that I admire because of their minimalistic design and the great sound. But I would like to combine the advantages of dynamic drivers and armature drivers in one earphone.

    I already ordered the parts, so it's about to make them match and finding the best solution using the given components. I hope to get the permission to start my own thread and becoming a part of this little universe of head-fi.org
  5. Matushki
    Hi. Newbie here from Holland.
    Recently again on head-fi for choosing new portable digital audio player.

    Sony NW-A105 (on order) audio player
    Sony NWZ-A015 audio player
    Sony WH-H800 headphones
    Koss Porta pro headphones
    Pamu Slide in-ears

    Technics 1210-m5g turntable
    Heed preamp+psa
    Sanyo Plus Q60 turntable
    Technics SU-V90D amplifier
    Technics SL-P770 cd-player
    Technics ST-G70L tuner
    Technics speakers SB-F3
  6. rprodrigues
    Hi there.

    Newbie from Brazil.

    I own a HD599, a k371, and a entry-level SMSL M3 dac/amp.
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  7. WallaPadoum
    Hi !
    I'm new here, I've discovered this forum threw research for earphones and wow all the reviews are great and very helpfull ! thank you guys !
    I'm currently using the Cowon Plenue J music player and the Final audio B3 earphones but I want to change and switch to the Cowon Plenue R and the Cowon X30 (or maybe a earsonics model).
    That's it :)
  8. rprodrigues
    Soyez le bienvenu!
  9. pmpmpm
    Newbie from Berlin. Listening to HD800S right now. Want to sell my TINHiFi P1 and get a more isolating IEM.
  10. funkle II
    I've actually been a member (funkle) for over 10 years, but haven't been super active here, and my membership has lapsed. I was unable to reset my password for the original account, because the associated email is no longer active, so I created this new login. I've been more of a hi-fi speaker system guy, but have always depended on, and appreciated good headphones, more for the times when I cannot use speakers. Over the last 5 years, my system has been a Burson Conductor and Denon AHD-D2000s, and B&O H9i & H9 for wireless use. I recently got the headphone bug in a big way, and have watched 100s of hours of reviews, and have purchased 5 new pairs (HD6xx, E-Mu Teak, Nighthawk & Nightowl Carbon and Argon Mk3). I'm in possession of the Hawks and HD. The other 3 are on order. I won't see the Argons until after the new year based on their backlog. I also pre-ordered a TX789 and am thinking of building a bottle head crack. The thing I am really digging over speakers is the ability to rotate between several pairs to suit the music, the situation and my mood. I'm kind of this way with sunglasses - I have about 20 pairs and take 5 or 6 with me and switch depending on the lighting, situation and mood.
  11. funkle II
    duplicate post removed
  12. Zionys
    Hey all, I'm new to this forum... I have read a lot of opinions about a few headphones through here. ^_^ I currently own Argon Mk II, DT 990 600 ohm, DT 770 250 ohm and HE4XX. Fairly certain my next headphone purchase will be the DT 1990.
  13. polins
    Hello everyone! I have little experience regarding headphone knowledge, so I am here to learn as much as possible. Also, I want to get some help regarding the headphones that I should buy next.

    I currently own a Superlux HD-660 coupled with a FiiO E6 Fujiyama, and also some IEMs like the Xiaomi Pro HD and similar ones that I have been using during the last years. I also have an Onkyo A/V and Harman Kardon 5.1 speakers back at home, but right now I am living abroad so I miss being able to listen to music in a better way.

    Thank you!
  14. Indyducati
    Hi, I'm Steve. I haven't really used, or thought about headphones before. I've got a really nice, mid-fi, two-channel, home-stereo system that I use for music.
    I've started to realize I could listen more often, when the familie's home, with a set of headphones. I've just up'd my gaming system to an
    Xbox One. I listen at low volume while playing at night. With cans, I might actually hear the dialog without using captions.
    I have been to Guitar Center to try their various demo systems. Here in Indianapolis, the selection of midfi phones is pretty limited. I'll probably
    start with Massdrop 6xx.
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  15. OneEyedHito
    I’ve got the 6XX you can try, I’m near you. I’ll pm you.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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