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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. webline
    I'm new to the forum - got my first Stax 30 years ago, now a Grado is my favourite headphone. Using a tube preamp I'm happy with what I got. But now I'm looking for a portable solution. Got a Shanling M2X and now I'm searching for some nice CIEM - that's why I looked around here and found so much material that I'm more confused now then I was before :wink:

    Best from Cologne, Germany
  2. Propagandist
    Hello from the high desert in Albuquerque! I've been reading this forum for I don't know how long, and finally decided to stop lurking and make an account.

    I can't begin to thank you all for your expertise and the laughs I've had just reading. Looking forward to being more engaged with this community as my hobby grows.

    Also looking for tips to convince my wife that I "need" this or that. She's the boss!
  3. TheHurf
    Total newbie to the forum. Have chopped and changed a bit through the Fiio M3K, Sony NW-A45, Fiio M6 and am currently enamoured with the FIio BTR3 for convenience in the car.

    Was intending to purchase the Sony NW-A105, but have a bit to say about that!
  4. No12345
    Hi, Long time listener, first time poster. I got my first headamp and cans from reading headfi. They were the xcan v3(modded) and hd650. This many years later I assembled my tu8600 with recommendations from vk. Best amp since hearing my first tube back in 1986 which was a mono block altec. Changed things forever. Fast forward to today, my buddie hears my tu8600 and ends up buying a kit and now has a set of lcd3 cans. Have not heard them(been recovering from an issue) but have been exposed to the planer technology. Wow what a big change. Just reading and trying to learn more about the new headphones now. Currently checking out used lcd4 and others. Great site has been my goto info area on audio. Ttys, nelson
  5. GloriousGenMacArthur
    Hello everyone,

    First time posting though I've lurked as a non-member for about 2 years. Got into "Hi-Fi" about the same time when my Bose Soundsport needed a third warranty replacement. Since then I've seen the light so to speak. I've spent a bunch of time on the Audio subreddits but turn here for the better advice

    Have several listening stations: Office - Fii0 K3; Home Office - RaspberryPi w/Justboom DAC hat, Monoprice Desktop Amp, Bedroom Mx3

    All to power a few headphones and IEMs that I keep managing to expand on: Monoprice M1060 (Fazor mod), Monoprice M565, Beyer DT770 250ohm, Senn 6xx, AKG K7XX, NiceHck M6, KZ ZS7, TFZ Tequila, and soon to have an Ibasso set coming from a fellow headfier

    Hope to be a useful part of the conversations
  6. turtleslikepie
    Hi everyone, first time making an account here, but I love reading everyone's opinions and reviews here. Thought I might finally try writing some myself.
  7. gpessa
    I'm new here.
    Looking for a new heaphone, I definitely need help
  8. ulmer
    Hi all! Just joined the forum. Looks like a great resource.
    GloriousGenMacArthur likes this.
  9. tumble2k
    Hi everybody!

    I'm long time headphone user. The best set of headphones I used was a pair of HD580's. Last year I bought and lost a pair of Etymotic HF5's and so I'm replacing them with the MassDrop Ety ER4SRs.

    Anyway, look forward to meeting y'all!

  10. ASIN
    This site was very helpful in guiding me to purchase the Sony Walkman NW-ZX500, which arrived today. I just want to say thank you to all who posted about it. However, finally taking the dive into digital music I have lots of questions so I thought I should subscribe.
  11. Sackajacka
    Hi everyone, just found this site and interested in learning more - also have some gear to move on to a new owner.
  12. Cedme
    HI , my name is ced, I am audiophile, and I recognize loved listened to good quality music.
    i have a ibasso dap dx220 , I regulary listen to music with this jewel.
    I suscbribe to this forum because i want to bring my own advise on stuff i bought and optionaly selling some stuff too:ksc75smile:
  13. RickInHouston
    I've gone all in with a dedicated headphone listening setup in August.

    Sonos > Kimber AGDL digital cable > Benchmark DAC3 > Kimber KCAG analog > Woo Audio WA2 > Sennheiser HD800S.

    I've been really enjoying this over my home system. Love the Benchmark DAC3. It's time to do some shuffling. Decided to swap out the amp from Woo to Benchmark. It's going up in the classified, if interested.

    Take care,
  14. Hpzinco
    Been looking at head-fi for quite awhile now but still didnt have an acc here, so decided to jump in with my portable stack of Venturecraft Soundroid Valoq, Fiio E12DIY and Dunu Titan 1. Gonna be having a blast with finally being able to chat here.
  15. bjk8kds
    I'm new here..
    Nice to meet you all..
    I'm newbie, from Indonesia.
    Looking nice information that just available in this forum, haha..

    My setup right now, just low end:
    Handphone as my player/streamer.
    Sabia v7
    Headroom ms16
    Edifier p180
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