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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. lowy23
    Hello. Total newb and reading through the website. Looks like a lot to learn :wink:
  2. mindblownDt48
    Hi, you recieved 1st message, where you can find links, including describing sound, i found it very interesting :darthsmile:
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  3. IkSak
    You've come to the right place. I agree the first message is very helpful and a good start guide!
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  4. meganame
    Hello, all.
    New guy. Not super familiar with audio but I'm trying to learn.
    I have a set of Sennheiser/Massdrop PC 37X and I think they sound pretty good. I love the mic.
  5. serman005
    Welcome, @meganame!! You are at a good place to learn... ---)
  6. fivedollah
    Hi i’m new. I had zero headphone in mid december. Now i have focal clear, hifiman he 560,aeon flow closed massdrop thxoo ebony, b&o h7, b&o h9,dt770 80 ohm and two more coming. I womder whether hanging here i the forum is healthy for my wallet.
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  7. serman005
    Welcome, @fivedollah!! You apparently may have some sort of malady... ---))
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  8. BuryaMan
    My name's Romeo. Have been a lurker since 2010. IEM fan.
  9. SuperNeutral
    Hi I’m new o/

    I don’t know a lot about hifi gear but I sure do enjoy great sound.
  10. LeaUK
    Hi All

    Lea (pronounced Lee) from UK. Ex Electronics Eng (EE), now in IT. Recently bought a Bravo v2 as I'm returning to my HD580's after a 5 year break. Designed and built my Hi-Fi speakers including crossovers with the assistance of Ruark many moons ago using various Scanspeak drivers. Technics Class AA and matching CD player but recently looking into Tidal and currently using 320kbs Spotify (Spot maxes out at 19.5kHz).

    Looking to mod my Bravo v2, and will hopefully be able to post my findings on the appropriate forum soon.

  11. BunnyNamedCraig
    cool! have fun here. There is plenty to learn and also contribute :)
    Wow you aren't messing around are you?! I might have to ship a ventilator to you for your wallet... How you liking the Clears? We at MTME are very fond of them!
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  12. Rensek
    Hello, hope this is the right way to do this. Longtime audio enthusiast looking to do a midlife gear upgrade. 2 channel home stereo and headphone setup for both home and office. Been reading for months but I have some questions now. Thanks
  13. BunnyNamedCraig
    midlife gear update made me laugh!

    What you have in mind?
  14. Rensek
    For office I have an Hd6xx coming from massdrop. In anticipation I purchased a Schiit Magni 3, and that is currently powering an AKG K240. Looking to buy a DAC to go with the Magni 3, probably a Mimby. Current sources are I pad air 2 or Chromecast.

    On the home front I have an old pair of wharfedale mfm 5s that have served me well, powered by an old JVC receiver, and an audio Technica turntable. The JVC has seen better days and I'm going to relegate it to my garage when I upgrade. Looking at the Schiit saga/Vidar combo, if I like the Mimby in the office I may just buy another of those for home.
  15. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Rensek!! Sounds like you are getting things organized. Have fun!!
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