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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. audios81
    G’day all from Down Unda. Crazy audiophile for the past 25 years (I’m 36)! Massively into home Hi-Fi and amateur headphone owner, but really getting the headphone bug! Solid state guy looking to get into tube amps for headphone, as well as learning more about balanced headphone options and the like! Looks like an awesome forum!
  2. fivedollah
    If I have to pick just one headphone out of my stash, it would be Focal Clear primarily because it is my best all arounder and I can just plug it on my ipad (i know) without dac/amp and it still sounds nice. I saw one of your youtube videos the other day. Nice work!
  3. BunnyNamedCraig

    I totally agree about how the Clear can fit the bill for a ton of genres!

    I appreciate the kind words! Thank you. I feel like I am do for for another one here soon
    fivedollah likes this.
  4. fivedollah
    Now I remember, i saw your aeon flow review, which pushed me to buy it. Did not realize that you guys sells stuff, including headphones! Will keep this in mind.
  5. Delta77
    New here ,,
    Just received my first set of headphones,
    I just didn’t want to buy a cheap set, then something slightly better, and so on..( wasted money )..
    Had a budget of approximately $800, for HP and $800 for amp/Dac ,
    I basically doubled my budget, but I shouldn’t have to buy a second time ..
    ZMF ( Auteur) teakwood - DECWARE (csp3)
  6. tumpux
    Hi everyone, greetings from sunny Doha.
    I have been checking the forums since early part of 2010 but just decided to join as a member. I mainly come to the forum to get reference on what other people hear. I think we live in great time to discover new musics now with lively forum like this and streaming service like Spotify.
    To broaden my musical appreciation I try to listen intensely for a different artist each month.
    January 2018 is my Cab Calloway month. February will be my Chuck Mangione month..
    otherwise I will only listen to AMQA or other late 80s-early 90s anger ridden albums.
  7. scotjo
    I've been lurking for a while, and decided to join up proper. I'm slowly figuring this audio thing out. I have questions, and I figure this is the place to find answers. I'm not ready to drop a paycheck on a pair of cans just yet, but I do have a small collection of IEMs and buds. I still use my phone as my primary player, but it has a few .flac files on it, and I can hear the difference. Baby steps.
  8. RalphRS
    Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a while so it's time to post something. It all started with a pair of Sennheiser HD600's when they came out powered by a set of x-cans and x-psu. Next up were some Grado GS1000's powered by a Sugden Headmaster... never got on with the Grado's so they never got much use. After a house move was a pair of Sennheiser HD800's followed by some Audeze LCD3's powered by an Earmax Silver Pro which i thought was it. I needed something closed back so went for the Fostex TH900'S which didn't last long. I think i'm finally there now with a Utopia / Trilogy 933 combo and a pair of Stax SR009's all fed by a dCS Debussy dac. Also got an A&k240 DAP with ie800's at work or Audeze el8's at home.

    My main setup is a laptop using jriver to the debussy, Mark Levinson Pre, Mcintosh power and Spendor A9 speakers.

    Still looking for something closed back... any recommendations?

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  9. Steveiam
    Hi Frank, long time lurker first time poster, love the show

    In all seriousness, I love headphones. My first pair that I bought was a CV-220, one of those really awful On-Ear headphones that I picked up used from a garage sale for $1. (Even that may have been overpaying, but at least I still have them today). My next (notable) upgrade was a pair of V-MODA LP Crossfades, which I then went to the LP Crossfade 2s. After that, I discovered the wonderful sound that a Senheiser 598 SE brings, loved the sound stage, and that's when the headphone habit went out of hand. Bought an HD 600, and a Hifiman HE-400I. Current DAC/AMP setup is a slightly-above-generic Schiit setup, Valhalla 2 and Modi 2. Thinking about buying a better DAC, probably gonna look around for some reviews of them, unless anyone has any personal experiences with any of these headphones combined with another DAC that they might recommend?

    Also thinking about picking up a sound card to put into my PC, as I've heard great things about the Asus famed $25 sound card. Right now I just have some generic Realtek audio drivers powering my stuff.
  10. headphones1999
    about a year ago the site made huge update and since then i cant enter my account (headphones1999) anyone have any idea how i can fix it?
  11. Steveiam
    I'm no expert, but I'm certain that the Admins may be able to help you. If you contact them, and can prove that you owned the account or something, they'll probably fix it for you.
  12. baiyy1986
    Hi there!
    Just call me Fang.:smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones::smile_phones:

  13. msgrain
    Hello , new to here ,but I'm a long time silent reader :))
  14. mydroid1997
    Well hello been following this site for years finally decided to make an account..

    I posted in purchase thread in the past but i barely got any reply.

    I haven't bought any headphone above 30$

    This would be the 1st timeI would be going for ~150$ headphones please hep me

    --Senn 4.40

    --Senn 598 sr(open back)

    --Senn 599

    Out of these 3 which one should I buy?

    I listen to mostly metal(death/prog/heavy) and rock sometimes and edm(rarely)

    I know/guess that this belongs in the purchase thread but please allow this post not to be removed,It would be great and I would really be thankful.

    Also I don't plan to by amp, and will mostly use these cans in an android phone and sometimes in pc!

  15. IesaAR
    Been watching this forum for a while and just made an account to get some pro audio advice :)

    So, thinking of getting some IEM's to replace my included ones which came with my Samsung. Issue is that my ear canals are tiny, so finding a good fit is often difficult. Cannot go the foam route as it's expensive to maintain due to often replacing them. I found 2 contenders- the Mee Audio M6 Pro and KZ ZST(With upgraded cable.) Going to be used with Cyrus Soundkey through 320KBPS WAV files on my phone.I listen to rock and am coming from a set of Grado SR60E's

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