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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. red9350
    Hello, I'm here because I'm looking for a pair of Purpleheart TH-X00
  2. chrismini
    Well it's not like your starting at the bottom, like cheesy Beats and an antiquated iPhone. I've been a audiophile since 1976 and the only reason I've embraced headphones is I live in a small house with a girlfriend and in order to survive for a year I sold off what was worth almost $70,000 worth of gear, almost half of that in a record(vinyl) collection. You're using gear I can only dream about.
    My system:
    HiFiMAN HE-400 HP's with custom cables
    AKG K702 HP's
    HeadRoom Micro Stack, amp and DAC, the amp with a power supply upgrade
    PS Audio Duet Power Center(AC noise filter and surge and spike)
    2PS Audio Noise Harvesters
    Cardas 3.5mm to 3.5mm from amp to DAC
    Pangea AC-14 power cable and ferrite beads and clamps throughout.
    If it seems like I'm bragging, 90% of the people, including you, have superior gear than I do. But yeah I'd like better gear and that is a long term goal. But what's important, and I urge you to always keep this in mind, is my system makes me happy. I don't wallow in envy over what the next guy has. Faithfully reproducing music is what this hobby is all about.
    Finally took the plunge and registered. I've been lurking and taking in information, reviews, and recommendations for a few months. My interests are solely in portable audio and getting the best quality I can on the move.

    I started off with a Sony PHA-3 and Shure SE535 (long time Shure user... Since first year in college). I also had some Grado SR325e headphones. I sold both the IEMs and headphones. Will sell the PHA-3 soon. Currently using a Chord Mojo paired with the newest version of the ALO Rx amp driving a pair of SE846's with an SXC24 cable. Waiting for the Cv5 to be released to add to the stack. The idea being to use the flat SS amp for voice, movies, etc. and the tube amp for music.

    Looking forward to learning more and participating in the community.

    Sent from my E5803 using Tapatalk
  4. 2damoon
    Hello All,
    I am in the same boat. Just recently got into portable gear. I have been more of an Home Theater / 2 channel listener. I recently found a good deal on which I jumped on Sennheiser IE80 and I paired it right away with a Fiio X7/AM3. Really impressed whit this combination.
    I am trying to post my picture and also post an Wanted add and am not able to. I was looking for some rules around this and I could not locate it.
    Is there anyone that can give me some pointers?
  5. ColtM733
    Hey everyone,

    I'm finally joining after about a year of lurking and research. The feed back from everywhere has been vital as I am setting up a home theater. I look forward to learning more from everyone. 
  6. OldDude04
    I believe the rule is that you can't post pictures, links, wanted ads or do things like edit your profile unless you've made 10 posts, or have been a member for 15 days. More info should be here: http://www.head-fi.org/a/faq
  7. reklov
    Hi all,
    I learned a lot from reading thru the forums here (love the Canjam London thread and videos), and I want to give something back. 
    At the moment, I listen to AK240/T8IE MK2 on the road and AK240/Violectric HPA V280/T1P at home. Happy to answer any questions about my gear.
    I also started experimenting with Bitperfect and DSDMaster - works perfectly on my 6 year old Mac.
    I'm thinking about buying a desktop DAC that can compete with my AK - what do you guys think about Lakepeople RS06? And what would be an adequate cable to connect it to my V280? I mostly listen to opera and classical music.
    And I admit here and now that I also registered for a Smyth Realiser A16 after seeing and reading about it on the Canjam thread.
    Now let's listen to some music and have fun!
  8. Falkman
    Old chap from Sweden joining. Have been lurking around this forum for some while. I have been in to HiFi for some while, but cans hasn't really been my first choice until recently. Been more a speaker's, amp, turntable and cd-guy mainly. Bought gear when money was in hand and sold the very same gear when out of money, lol.
    My first "real" headphones was a pair of Sony CD750 that was praised then, in the early 90th or so. Some years ago I finally bought a pair of AKG K601 and a Little Dot Mk3. Sold the LD because I didn't feel it matched the AKG's. Recently I bought the new Philpis Fidelio X2 and looking for a better amp than my Pro-Ject Headphone S. Currently looking at the Heed Canamp that could be next step into finding a better sound. I think (hope) it will match both the X2 and the AKG.
  9. Toulouse
    Hello all. I've been enjoying music for 60+ years but have just recently discovered that with the right equipment, the fun is even greater. I'm planning on slowly upgrading my portable audio setup and will need lots of advice.
    I'm sort of the odd duck - I'm that old bald guy sitting in the doctor's waiting room listening to electro swing on Spotify through my Koss PortaPros. I do get some strange looks.
  10. TXMeatball
    Hi all. I'm pretty new to the headphone world, having bought my first "real" headphones (HD 518) back in 2013. Since then I've enjoyed the hobby casually without going too deep. Since the HD 518 I've had ATHM50X (discovered closed back weren't for me at all), HD 598, and Fidelio X2. Used a e10k to power all those. Currently I'm using HD 650 and a schiit stack (Magni & Modi v1).
    I'm hoping to step up soonish, maybe to HD 800 or a nicer pair of speakers.
    Thanks all.
  11. Noob i am
    Hi everyone new her just planning to get in to some nice audio. Just made my first poste :) http://www.head-fi.org/t/817941/what-should-i-think-off-when-buying-used-amp-and-dac
    In teen years i think i can see my selfe being a audio enginer start my own company and take the world by storm by insane bang for th buck 
  12. Somark
    Hello guys,
    I am here after one month of researching over the right heads for me. Got interested in what this forum has to offer and here I am. Would gladly share my experience with my gear after a while. that are Oppo PM-3, Grado 325e, Senns HD598 and a HA-2. I am eager to go for some heavy bass heads something between pro 2900 and pro 900, but this discussion is for another thread. Wish you all to find the right gear and enjoy it a lot.
    Good vibes :wink:
  13. Somark
    Hi TXMeatball,
    Nice to see you here. Tell me please how do HD598 compare with X2? I was close on buying the X2's, but changed my mind after finding out that there are many broken heads.
  14. PCG4mr
    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here. I just recently discovered this amazing site after searching for a good "gaming" headset, because I wanted to experience 7.1 surround in games and see if I can get better overall audio for music listening as well...except I quickly discovered that it's not all that simple and was disappointed with my first couple purchases..hence my discovery of Head-Fi. I already had a pair of Beyer DT 770 80 ohms, which I really like and know they are good value for the $$, but am looking to "upgrade" my home listening experience for gaming and music listening.
    I plan on starting a new thread, seeking advice from experts very soon. Just wanted to stop by here and say hi.
    I think this is quickly becoming one of my new favorite sites! Looks like there's a lot of very good/helpful information, even if I don't understand it all. :)
  15. brkitup
    Hello. I'm a new member, but have been into headphones, speaker building, and general audio for 25 years or so. Some of the headphone stuff I've owned: Grado SR60, Sennheiser HD580 and HD595, Klipsch S4, Headroom Total Airhead, Brainwavz S0, Audio-Technica ATH-M50, Etymotic HF5. Thanks, and looking forward to being a part of this community.
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