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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. tofudog
    had to reply with some thoughts! first, your source files are "fuzzy" and its like having a 4K resolution-capable TV and watching old black and white movies in 480P--you would never know what the TV is capable of. With your Mojo, you should stream Tidal (through your PC better than phone) MQA files and then form your opinion; my guess is you will drastically notice the differences. Moving from Vegas to Atlas for me is very noticeable, and where I used spinfits with my Vegas, and hated Symbio W's there, I now prefer the Atlas / Symbio combo pretty much better than anything else. In fact, just to try to see if the narrow bore in the Symbio N (moving the driver farther from the ear) helps, I just ordered those and am waiting on delivery. My seal is excellent, and I go over ear since I have the very heavy SXC8 cable too. Everything is perfectly comfortable, sonically exceptional and I doubt I will be making more changes for awhile...hope this perspective helps--but once you hear 24/192 v MP3 you will see too!
  2. emptymt
    How many of you guys has gotten the driver flex?
    After reading this thread, looks like this is quite common.

    I meant I know this design will have driver flex, but how often and how easy is the question.
  3. mashuto
    I have some hi res files and they certainly sound good, but nothing about them really stands out as a huge major increase in quality, then again maybe I need some of the same songs in mp3 and high res to really see the difference. Then again I know its a bit of a hot topic and some people saying that even high quality mp3's are nearly transparent, so I am not really sure. I have a feeling that this discussion is really about the last maybe like few percent of improvements and its really just about dealing in the margin.

    Most noticeable changes for me are from the headphones themselves, and my personal experience shows me that its not always necessarily driver count or pure technical ability, but a lot comes down to tuning. And yes I too heard a difference immediately from the Atlas over the vega to the point that I just dont see myself using the vegas when i have the atlas. Atlas is basically vega+, similar tuning, similar balance, but with a few enhanced qualities that the vega is missing (though really only seem missing in retrospect).

    I personally cant use symbio tips. They hurt my ears too quickly because of how stiff they are, and my ears are fairly sensitive when things are putting pressure on them.

    Its very common. I can hear the little pops from driver flex often when inserting, and for me, on my left ear, the pressure makes the sound cut out briefly while it equalizes. Happens fairly often, but resolves itself quickly and can be minimized by eartip choice. If they seal too too well, driver flex is more likely it seems. Of course, with other CA DD models, KB has said that the driver flex is normal and nothing to worry about, even if it might be slightly worrying or annoying.
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  4. Colors
    I just bought the Atlas.

    Sold my Comets and got an Andromeda but the fit was awful for me. Really short nozzle and memory wire. It sound 10/10 great but isolation was subpar on subways.

    I really liked the fit of the Comets and the Atlas looks similar. It gave me amazing isolation on the subway and I hope the Atlas will do the same. Hoping to be blown away by the sound as well :)

    Will report back how they sound when I get them in a couple days.
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  5. 8481
    You'll need awhile to get used to the weight difference between the Comets and Atlas, the Atlas will be noticeably a lot heavier.
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  6. Skeary83
    Anyone having any issues with the Fit and insertion of both the Comet and Atlas?

    I have tried both the SpinFit and the silicone included tips and find that I can't wear them with the cable straight down, I have to adjust them to get a good seal but they end up sitting at an angle so the stem of the earphone is kind of in line with my jaw if that makes any sense?
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  7. Colors
    I wore my Comets over the ears and I found I got the most “secure” fit that way.
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  8. Skeary83
    Thanks Mate,

    I haven't tried over ear yet so will give that a go.

    Just badly need to get a haircut to make thing easier! :ksc75smile:
  9. ryanjsoo
    Better late than never! Just published my review of the Atlas on Everyday Listening and The Headphone List including extensive comparisons to the ie800S, Xelento, Vega, Lyra II and many others. The Atlas is not balanced, but it is undeniably an impressive and truly courageous creation. It appeals to those searching for what is simply a delightful auditory experience and though its bass tuning may be unorthodox in the high-end IEM space, it will be a lot more in-line with what headphone and speaker users are accustomed to. There are plenty of linear, balanced and high-frequency focussed in-ears around this price range, but few with such a grand, bold and engaging sound. Hope you guys enjoy the review and find it helpful!

    P.S. My Lightroom Catalog corrupted when I switched to an SSD so apologies for the rushed photo processing...

  10. raysclim1568
    I am fortunate to own both comet and R1 ( B+ stock) , i like both for different genre of music . if you have to choose either , I would think R1 will be a better option as it offers sound tuning via their filter . I am using Blue filter on R1 and it works on Jazz / classical / vocal just fine. the soundstage is also more realistic to my ear. cheers
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  11. emptymt
    Nice review mate, I quite like it a lot myself.

    I would like to know your thought about the Atlas vs Andromeda as well.
  12. emptymt
    Ughh, I'm quite lazy to deal with this kind of thing, this might sway me back to the Andro, maybe get a custom tip for it.
  13. 8481
    Using marshmallow/comply tips completely resolved the driver flex issue for me, none of that after switching to foamies.
  14. emptymt
    Problem is I always like silicone better, I auditioned it using small spinfit tips, I did hear the flex once when I was inserting it, when all is good the music is not interrupted, until I need to readjust.
  15. wecasper
    I am confused of the orion and comet. How is the comet compared to orion?
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