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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. emptymt
    Voluminous is The Word!!

    I actually auditioned both, like both a lot, can't decide which to pick even now.

    Both has annoyance in it,
    Andro with impedance problem and its difficult to get a good seal.
    Atlas with driver flex and insertion getting loose after a while.

    Soundwise I like the Andros tonality a bit more, but that big sounding presentation of the atlas is pretty engaging.
  2. ryanjsoo
    You can consider looking into custom ear tips from Custom Art. They're a modest $50 (though not including shipping and impression costs) and provide a perfect fit. You can have them done specifically for the Andro, though I ordered a generic T-400 sized pair and they fit fine on all of Campfire's IEMs. I think Campfire are introducing their own custom tips at some point too. Great for both the Andro and Atlas, much more stable, though they don't do anything for driver flex. I also like how they don't envelop the housings so they can be removed and used on other IEMs. Here's a pic of them on the Atlas and Orion (same housing as Andro).

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  3. Wiljen
    Having now had the Comet for a couple months time, I can say I continue to be more and more impressed. They have replaced my previous daily drivers (Magaosi K5 and Brainwavz b400) almost entirely. the minute I switch to one of the others, I start noticing how thin the others sound in the mids and quickly I get fatigued from the upper registers. I can listen to the Comets (Opus #1s and Tinsel cable) all day at work and not feel the slightest bit of fatigue either physical from the earpieces or internal from the sound signature.

    Ken has hit the tuning for long hours of listening nearly perfectly to my ear with the Comet. The Atlas is above my budget for now, but it sure will be tempting when I have a bit more disposable income at some point.
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  4. Colors
    The Comets make great daily drivers!
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  5. davidcotton
    Just wish they would come back in to stock! With the 6-8 week quote on the CA website is it best to put an order in and wait, or wait until the site is updated?
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  6. Wiljen
    Well you know they are going to fill orders in the order received so the sooner you get an order in... I'd jump in now.
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  7. davidcotton
    Thing is Hifiheadphones in the uk are expected to get stock soon, so I may be better off waiting for them and ordering from there instead.
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  8. emptymt
    Hi mate, where do you get your impression done? I'm in Melbourne, idk if you are.

    oh and also how much does it cost? If you mind telling of course

  9. subguy812
    Ryan I may be wrong but my Custom Art custom tips were closer to $100 USD.
  10. ryanjsoo
    I'm in Sydney, I just went to a standard audiologist. They were kind enough to provide impressions free of cost. I used to go to an audio-specific audiologist, NS Audiology. They charged $120 and all earphones made using those moulds had to be sent back for a refit due to my left ear impression being taken incorrectly. Honestly, shocked how businesses are so willing to take advantage of us, they know they can charge more when it's audio related as they are attuned with CIEM prices. Just go to a standard audiologist and let them know you only need the impression itself. They might charge $50 or so, you might get lucky like me and the moulds can be re-used. Also bring something to bite down on as they don't give you a block.

    Yep, $50 is just the base cost of the tips before shipping. I quote this figure as shipping costs may differ between countries. Still a great price and I will be sure to buy more sets in future.
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  11. subguy812
    Ryan is a correct below is the link to order:

    It appears there is a 4% charge for Paypal. I think with the shipping to US and the PP fee I was at $90.something

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2018
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  12. mrhizzo
    Could you please take a picture of the Atlas with your custom tips?
  13. davesday
    Totally agree with you there. My local shop says the local distributor still had Vega stocks procured before the price drop. I find it funny because can't they claim price protection from CA? Maybe its not in their agreement. Was eyeing on the Vega but at the same price as Atlas why wouldn't one pick Atlas? I guess the wearing style would be one reason.
  14. mrhizzo
    To Campfire Audio:

    There is any possibility for you to start to make earphones with thinner bores?
    I would love to have big and deep ears, it would solve all my "audiophile" problems, but I don't.

    These bores are really too much thick.
    And the Atlas is heavy, if you can't have a deep insertion, it will keep falling out of your ears (that's my case).

    The Vega have a different fit, but still, the same very thick bore.
  15. fuhransahis
    I'm guessing that would require them to retune them entirely, and I'm guessing you are unfortunately within the minority for whom the bores are too big.

    My ears are quite average in size if not smaller than most, and have had no difficulty with fitting the Vega - it's probably the most comfortable universal I've worn.

    The Mason V3, Fourte, and Tzar were all larger, and though they still fit, it wasn't as secure as the Vega for me.
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