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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. ufospls2

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve sold my CA Vegas, and am selling my Audeze LCDi4’s, and consolidating down to one pair of IEM’s for now. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and ended up going with the CA Atlas, as I enjoyed the Vegas so much whilst I owned them. To sum it up quickly, the Atlas is like a bigger sounding Vega, with a hint of Andromeda about them.

    Now, these are just initial impressions, the kind of stuff that hits you right away, vs the smaller nuances you notice over time. Mostly this will all be in comparison to the Vega, as that is my previous CA reference point.

    The Bass is similar in quantity to the Vega, but seems to integrate into the whole frequency response more, if that makes sense? It doesn’t over do it, and drown out the other frequencies. Its a bit less harsh sounding, more rounder sounding, easier to listen to.

    The mids seem more detailed than the Vegas. In fact, everything seems more detailed. The mids are a tiny bit recessed I think. Kinda sound smoother, and more even than the Vegas.

    The treble is the most improved part over the Vega. Its a bit less bright than the Vega, and less shouty. I haven’t noticed any sibilance yet :)

    The soundstage is a bit bigger than the Vega, but perhaps not as wide as the Andromeda. However, I’m going off of memory of the Andromeda, I haven’t heard them for a little while. The Atlas sound “bigger” than both the Vega and Andromeda, a more enveloping and full sound.

    As usual with CA/ALO, the cable is great. Doesn’t get all tangled and messed up. Nice and supple. The Atlas are really comfy, especially wearing them down vs. Over the ear.

    I haven’t done a lot of tip rolling yet. I’m having a bit of trouble with the Final Audio tips and suffocation of the sound completely in my left ear. I’ll keep working on this and report back with how I feel about all the tips. Currently running the marshmallow CA tips, small size.

    All in all, the Atlas are great so far. Bigger and fuller sounding than the Vega, but also a bit easier to listen to. Less harsh. If you guys have any questions, just let me know :)
  2. paul2qute
    I have a question, is the Atlas better than the nighthawk?
  3. Slashn77
    I know it might be wrong because of how subjective hearing but if you had to put a number on the Atlas vs the Vega for overall improvement in sound what would it be? Something like the sound improvement is around 20% in your opinion or less like minor tweaks
  4. ufospls2
    Haven't heard the Nighthawk for years, so I'm not sure. Sorry.

    Maybe 10%? The Vega was already great IMO. I'm just enjoying the Atlas more.
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  5. paul2qute
    It was a a slight sarcastic question, I've been slaughtered for getting the nighthawk but I quite like it
  6. davesday
    I would agree with this too (if we have to put a number on it). Bass is more and detail retrieval is a bit more as well.

    Anyway I am picking up the Atlas now after returning the Dorado (due to a fault).
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  7. Slashn77
    Thanks I think I am going to keep looking for a used set of nice Vegas from my L2. I do like the cable down style vs over ear because I think the Litz cable memory wire is a bit annoying but still wasn’t fully satisfied when I took the memory wire out but if I can find the Vegas for around $700 I think it would be a nice upgrade from L2 as I really like the Lyra II sounds signature and build quality but it would be a nice upgrade to get the old flagship to see what CA was holding back on the L2 vs Vegas
  8. davesday
    From my limited time spent on CA Lyra II, Dorado and Vega. It was the extensions at the extreme sides. Dorado extends a little lower and in higher quantity while providing no problem in the higher end. Vega I believe didn't go as low as Dorados (from the charts anyway) but nothing I could differentiate while listening. Vega also goes just as high and smooth on the treble. I think what Vega brought over Dorado is the coherency. Nothing wrong with Dorado implementation but some may not like hybrids.

    All 3 has the same signature from bass to mids with varying magnitudes. From there to highs, Lyra II and Vega have the same shape but Vega is more powerful. Dorado however was a little W-shaped.

    Hope I was able to clearly communicate this.
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  9. 8481
    My balanced Litz arrived today, my initial impressions are that the bass on the Litz cable is tighter, CB13 muddies the sound a bit. As of now, I prefer the Litz cable over the CB13.
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  10. tofudog
    I have a pair in the sale forum, but havent had any replies so might have done it wrong...Id sell a PERFECT pair for $800 if you are interested....LMK!
  11. uzairahmed101
    Guys I have just received my Comets and the sound is very distorted on medium high levels the bass is terrible are my comets defective or its the case with all of them?

    The bass feels like coming from a busted speaker it has that purr purr sound to it dont know how to describe this in audiophile terminology lol

    My sources are IPhone 6s+, One Plus 6 and Opus#1
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  12. Alanaudio
    My Atlas arrives yesterday, I did a little bit of comparison while the sound of Andro is still in my memory.

    Separation Andro > Atlas
    Horizontal Sound Stage Andro > Atlas
    Vertical Sound Stage Atlas > Andro
    Resolution Atlas > Andro
    Imaging Atlas > Andro
    Treble Both are good, but Andro has more extension
    Midrange Atlas is more forward if there is no bass interfered
    Bass This is obvious...

    I feel Atlas needs a good DAP or AMP to increase its horizontal sound stage or everything starting to narrow together.

    The Final E type ear tips are trash, making the sound muffled compared to the stock form ear tips.

    WechatIMG27.jpeg WechatIMG26.jpeg
  13. Audiophonicalistic
    Great comparison. A good dap makes these puppies shine.
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  14. Quadfather
    Questyle QP1R, Lotoo Paw Gold Diana, or Sony NW-WM1A?
  15. mrhizzo
    Any one has the Atlas and the Hifiman R800 and could take one or two pictures comparing the size? I would appreciate very much.
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