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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Audiophonicalistic
    Wm1a. Plenty of power. Punchy, dynamic, detailed. Sucks me in. Havent tested the other ones. You like lotoo more than wm1a?
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  2. Quadfather
    I prefer the Lotoo Paw Gold Diana for short listening sessions and the Sony for long sessions. The Sony has a very musical more laid-back presentation. The Diana is very intensely aggressive and has great layering and micro detail, but it gets to be a bit much at times. For heavy metal in particular, the Sony's superior. It really works magic with the way metal is mastered and takes all the screechiness out of the music.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
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  3. Alanaudio
    AK SE100 and SP1000 might be a good choice as well.
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  4. Quadfather
    I have not tried them, but I am lusting after the Sony NW-WM1Z.
  5. ufospls2
    Man. The Atlas really are a great pair of earphones.

    I'm still really struggling with the Silicon/Final tips and complete suffocation of the driver. The one time I got it working I really preferred the sound of the silicon/Final tips to the marshmallow foams, but I've been using the foams as they are the only ones that really work so far. I'll keep experimenting with the silicon and Final tips. I don't know if its just my ears, or if the Atlas are particularly susceptible to driver flex/suffocation.

    With all that being said, the more I get used to the sound, the more I am enjoying them. Really wonderful earphones, really wonderful.
  6. 8481
    You're not the only one, I always preferred silicone tips before getting the Atlas but the left side flexes when I look forward, fine while looking down at a 45 degree angle, ended up with Marshmallow/Comply tips and driver flex is gone.
  7. Audiophonicalistic
    You and me both. Im just scared of them announcing a new one soon.
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  8. BRSxIgnition
    Did anyone else have any discomfort with these and their insertion depth? I tried the comets and the Brainwavz B400 last month and the former was really uncomfortable and almost painful though I could have had them pushed too far in? The Brainwavz were fine in comparison, though they had a lighter low end than I'd have liked.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  9. amirhosein
    Does anyone have any experience with the Atlas, or really any of the CA IEMs with the Cowon Plenue D?
  10. davesday
    I agree. I was wondering why did they not include Spinfits instead. I find the Spinfits are 'more revealing' and the Final E emphasise a lot on the bass. I also tried Spinfits dual flange. No good for me. I couldn't get a good seal. Atlas had about 20+ burn in so far.

    I have the Sony WM1A and I find the Atlas sounding better on the SE jack. To be fair, it wasn't a 1-1 comparison because my 2.5mm balanced cable was a CA Litz SPC rather than stock Silver Litz and I used the Fiio BL44 for plug conversion. Lastly the WM1A was newly replaced and the SE jack had a 20+ hour burn-in and nothing yet on Balanced jack. On balanced, it sounded warm-ish. I'll will have to burn it in and report back.
  11. subguy812
    Different strokes for different folks. Calling the Final tips trash is a wee bit harsh. It has become my go to tips for many IEM's and they are the ones I settled on after much listening time for the Atlas as well. I would encourage new listeners to give any tips some time before posting. I think the original Final tips are trash comment came from someone who hadn't even had the Atlas for 24 hours.
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  12. Audiophonicalistic
    Right now I have final audio tips on my atlas and I do think they are my favorite with spinfits being close behind. Obviously thats subject to change :).

    Atlas with gold plated silver exo by plussound 4.4mm smooths everything out and accentuates the midrange. The silver stock cable sounds great and keeps all the energy and dynamics, more in your face but I also only have that in 3.5. I really enjoy the plussound out of 4.4 but the combination might not be for everyone as it does smooth out the sound. Made my andromedas too smooth for my liking. When I buy the stock cable 4.4 then I can update impressions.

    Fit wise the stock cable is great; luckily plussound doesnt use memory wire so fits well but imo memory wire with the atlas are a little awkward.
  13. Audiophonicalistic
    Congrats on your new purchase. Ive had 3 campfire iems and all sounded great on it.
  14. davesday
    Do share when you finally get it!

  15. mashuto
    I dont know if its me or maybe that my music collection is mostly mp3's or that I listen to a lot of streaming (spotify) or that I just havent heard a really high end source dap/amp or what, but I honestly hear pretty little difference between different sources. Right now, I own a chord mojo, and one or two lower end players, like a cayin n3, and an earstudio es100 bluetooth receiver. Between them, differences are always relatively minor. Maybe im just not sensitive to it, but at best, the mojo feels just slightly cleaner, and maybe has better instrument separation and resolution. But its to the point that unless I am doing extremely critical listening, I am usually more than satisfied just listening to streaming audio from my phone directly (a oneplus 5t, not sure what dac it uses). Dont know if I am missing out or if its really all about talking in the margins here.

    That said, I find my atlas excellent. Currently on final audio tips, though like others have said, I definitely get driver flex. Not just the popping, but audio tends to go out (left ear mainly) when they are first inserted, but usually seems to clear up relatively quickly. Though I guess thats a bit related to how tight of a seal I get. And it feels tight enough that bass is very present, so I am guessing its enough. Tried out spinfit cp145 for a bit and they also work fine, and maybe open up the treble a bit since they actually have a slightly wider bore than the final audio tips. Though I started getting a bit of a pressure point on my left ear. Still going through my tip rolling for these, mainly just for comfort and ease of use.

    My vegas are feeling very neglected and I think they are almost definitely going to be sold on soon...
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