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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. kakistos
    What source are you running them on? Can they be used on an iPhone for example?
  2. EagleWings
    Hey guys, a couple of questions about the Atlas in comparison to the Vega.

    - Does it have more bass than the Vega?
    - Is it brighter or smoother than the Vega in the treble?
    - Does the midrange sit slightly recessed compared to the bass and treble?
    - Do the female vocals sound; i) fuller than neutral ii) neutral or iii) sharper than neutral?
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  3. David Reeves
    I have mostly been using them with my LG v30. I used them briefly with my fiio e10k USB amp/dac as well. Nothing crazy. I think it's safe to assume they would sound fine with a iPhone 6. These most likely have a high ceiling and scale well as the source increases in quality.
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  4. kakistos
    Wow thanks. Going to sell my Sony ZX300 for sure!
  5. theveterans
    Like the Vega, Andromeda doesn’t compete with the Atlas either since their approach to sound are quite different. Both Atlas, Vega and Andromeda WOW me though. However, if you are not into fast but well textured bass, beautifully tuned mids with one of the best soundstage width you can find in an IEM (wish depth was too but Vega at Atlas are better in this regard) and soaring high trebles, Andromeda is going to disappoint you
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  6. ceeloChamp
    The Andromeda is NOT by any stretch disappointing. If your focus for music is purely bass then get an Atlas, the Vega I found to be really v-shaped with too bright highs, great bass, but mediocre highs and poor, recessed mids
  7. David Reeves
    I am not specifically into bass heavy music, but I do like the bass to be present when it is called for. It is very song/genre dependent for me. This is one thing I appreciate about the Atlas, is that the music always has a visceral bite to it, you can almost always feel the instruments and music in your head. So the Jupiter's are pretty easy on the bass but a little too light for what I prefer, I have heard the Andromeda was a definite step up from the Jupiter in this regard.
  8. KB Contributor

    Your take sir, is a super concentration distillation of the Atlas and yeah boiled it down into a super pure crystal rock :) No need to read any more reviews folks, you pretty much nailed it in a Cliff Notes fashion, very cool.

    Its not my aim to make a IEM for everyone, its directed at a certain type if listener and a certain type of sound for a certain type of person. The Atlas is not going to be for everyone and I do not expect everyone to like it. If we were to try and make something that will be good for all this would be weak product across the board.

    I dont think I could be more happy with the Atlas and honestly do not know how I am going to top this one, dang. The Andromeda is in a similar way, very difficult to engineer a better BA IEM, working on it but holy cow its tough. I would like to take credit for everything but Campfire is pretty much the perfect storm of beautiful brilliant super talented souls, our team, I can not speak highly enough. We here are super grateful for the Head-fi community, Jude and his team, all out loyal supporters and customers, thank you so much.

    Rock on!

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  9. subguy812
    I just joined the Atlas team... I haven't even heard it yet but I'm really looking forward to doing the review on this based on all of the comments I see.
  10. dpwolfordMD
    My Comets just shipped! Looking forward to trying them out on my new fiio Q1 mk2. Sold my iFi Micro Black Label to make room for these new iem’s and very excited. any ideas how the comets would sound with a balanced cable on the fiio amp?
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  11. subguy812
    So what's the thread consensus on favorite tips?
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  12. KB Contributor
    Yo Hanesu,

    If the low frequencies are done right, tight, not bloated, and do not bleed into the mids its a very good thing. In addition to having the correct kind and amount of bass you have to have the correct kind and amount of high frequency that has sufficient extension (does not roll off early) with our excessive resonances. So everything has to be balanced, if you have this its ok to crank up the low end sensitivity, it will sound killer. But if your missing any of these elements your going to have some balance problems and everything kind of falls apart.

    Thats my take on things with regard to bass, lots of bass is not a bad thing, you just have to check all the boxes across the FREQ.

    There will be a set of people that will fall in love with the above and conversely a set of people that this will not be their jam, and that is totally cool. This other set of folks tend to be in the Andromeda camp, the Andromeda relatively flatter and more technically accurate with less sub bass energy.

    Thats cool you were able to make it out to the show in Tokyo :wink:

    Thanks for your post.

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  13. subguy812
    Sir, just a stellar job of penning your initial thoughts and feelings....great job!
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  14. Mimouille
    If I remember correctly you own and like the IE800s, so I would be interested in your take on these two. Cheers
  15. subguy812
    You are correct and I will be happy to do that...need to experiment with tips and allow my head some adjustment time, then I will A/B for you
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