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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Colors
    Just got my Comets. Brief impressions driving it off an iPhone 6S + TIDAL:

    - nice well bodied bass
    - vocals are incredible (I might get the Orion because of how much I like the vocals on these)
    - balanced signature (slightly rolled off treble)
    - very comfortable with stock foam tips
    - good isolation
    - nice minimalist packaging

    Conclusion: - very easy to listen to, comfortable with good isolation, I can see these being my go-to for commuting.

    Comparisons with ER4XR (not fair I know): - more warm, wider soundstage, less analytical and dry but lower resolution, detail and PRaT. But at $199, it's a must buy imo.

    Will update later as I listen to it more and with more songs + different sources.
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  2. AvijitSingh
    Hi, guys, I don't know If It is okay for me to post my impressions of the CFA Comets my only comparison points are the Orions Which I have had for about a year and the ZMF Atticus, I have been listening to the Comets and Orion through the Sony NW-ZX300.

    The Songs I listened to were On & On By Joey Bada$$, This Place was A shelter by Olafur Arnalds, Middle of The bed By Lucy Rose, Time For Space by Emancipator, and lastly, GoodBye by Toe. Very Initial impressions with the same Caveat of I am **** at explaining what I am hearing and I can't tell you if this better or not.

    I really don't know how I feel, The vocals sound better on the Orions a bit more forward I think, and Cymbals sound more like a tssh, while they sound like a ths/tsh on the Comet, strings also have more energy on the comet which is not something I really like, Soundstage is around the same overall, and the impact of the bass is about the same to me but there is more quantity on the comet.

    For the price and fit, the Comets are probably a better value, But the midrange on the Orions are something I would rather have.

    I did not realize how big of a difference spinfits had on the Orions before I did this comparison
  3. Kundi
    Spinfits a big difference in a good way?
  4. Giraku
    To me, the stock foam tip rolls off the treble too much. So I switched SpinFit that brought back the crisp treble. But the price is a slight to moderate loss of bass quantity. So I'm using both the stock foam and SpinFit alternatively.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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  5. Giraku
    Today, I tried Effect Audio Leonidas (2.5mm balanced) with Comet on both WM1Z (with Brise Audio 4.4mm adaptor) and SP1000Cu. I was really impressed with the scalability of Comet. With this setup, Comet sounds like TOTL IEMs. Especially with the stock foam tips, bass goes deep without slowing down. Good mid body, and beautiful treble (somewhat similar to Andromeda). This is a truly amazing pair of IEMs at this price point!!
  6. theveterans

    Same sentiments from my audition with Comet at CanJam SoCal using Atlas’s pure silver cable 4.4mm Balanced and the WM1Z. My jaw dropped too on Comet sounding so alive with the Atlas’s 4.4mm balanced. I thought it got very close to my Andromeda at the time. Right there I immediately told one of the guys at the booth (not Ken Ball) that you guys did an outstanding job with the Comet, and I immediately pulled my wallet and purchased it in a heartbeat.
  7. Giraku
    WM1Z -> Brise Audio 4.4mm Adaptor -> Leonidas -> Comet IMG_3196.jpg
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    Does anyone know if CA plans to sell this 4.4mm balanced cable? I asked CA support when the Atlas was released and never received a final answer.
  9. AvijitSingh
    I think the cable may be on the site when the Atlas launches or a few weeks after
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  10. theveterans
    IIRC, from brief talk with them, about a week ot two after CA Atlas starts shipping. Don’t quote me on this. Also, IIRC the stock 3.5mm SE termination is $180 from what I remember, but don’t quote me on that either
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  11. chicken beer
    Comet sounds really good. I don't want to mention its price because this IEM is not meant to be a entry-level IEM at all, it is born to kick some ass' of high end IEMs.

    This single-BA iem sounds surprisingly coherent. You won’t want to pull it out of your ears. I can just enjoy the music with it now, thanks KB.

    In the Campfire product line, this comet thing is definitely better than some Cascade headphones which are not only overpriced but also has some competitors (why would anyone not buy a Meze 99 over it, the Meze 99 simply sounds better than the Cascade to my ears, across all music genres and equipment. A/B them and tell me I'm wrong.) On the other hand, the comet is a giant killer, you’d be a fool to judge its sound based on its price tag.

    I hope it's a little more sensitive though. When I get onto a noisy bus sometimes I need to turn my iphone volume to max.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  12. torifile
    I’m curious to read more impressions of the Comet vs the Andromeda. I know that they are about 1/5 of the price so I don’t expect them to perform nearly as well but some idea of their relative performance would be cool.
  13. Giraku
    I don't own Andromeda any more. But from my memory, Comet can perform very close to Andromeda level. Tonality is similar, as I mentioned in my previous post. Treble is just beautiful. Sub bass extension is not so great on Comet. But Andro is also not famous for its bass. Yes, they are different and technically Andromeda is better. But the difference is not as big as the price difference. Actually, thinking about the performance, $199 is a steal.
  14. theveterans
    Currently Own both and on stock cables and single ended, Andromeda on SE too easily beats Comet on all areas which it should but the difference is smaller compared to the price difference. Other IEMs at the same price range are similar as well such as QDC Neptune or Simgot EM3
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  15. Giraku
    I should have added that my assessment was based on using with Leonidas cable balanced. With the stock cable, Comet doesn't reveal its real potential. YMMV.
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