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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. arftech
    Yeah, I really want to try SD tips but which ones are you guys using for the Atlas?
  2. Luisonic
    I got the JVC Víctor Spiral dots. Best sound balance for the Atlas, imo and many others.
    Some people complain of driver flex, but in my experience it was temporary and well worth the trouble. My ears got used to them with regular use.

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  3. Thesonofkrypton
    Anyone compare the Atlas against the Andromeda Gold? I'm looking at one or the other. Can't decide!
  4. mashuto
    I happen to own both. I should also start by saying that I have owned the atlas for quite some time at this point and it has been my favorite IEM (also was my most expensive and highest end one).

    Right now I am listening to the andromeda gold mostly, maybe because of new toy syndrome, but its also just a very very enjoyable listen, and I think it just happens to take a bit of an edge over the atlas in a lot of areas.

    Aside from their obvious sound signature differences (atlas is kind of w with a huge bass emphasis) where andromeda gold is a bit more towards balanced with a bit of a bass boost.Other than that, I would say the andromeda does a better job with microdetails and clarity, though not by a large margin, and andromeda wins in terms of imaging and soundstage. Atlas definitely wins on bass, both in terms of quantity and quality. It has that nice dynamic driver bass that you can almost feel, while the andromeda definitely doesnt lack in bass, but its ba bass, so maybe a bit rolled off in the subbass.

    So to sum up, Atlas for a big fun bassy sound, andromeda for a smoother, maybe slightly more detailed, yet still fun sound with great soundstage.
  5. Thesonofkrypton

    Thank you for that comparison. I do love DD bass so I might go for the Atlas as my first foray into Campfire Audio. Not a huge fan of the shiny silver look, much prefer the Andromeda Matte black and gold combo though lol. I was hoping the bass on the Gold were substantial enough that I wouldn't miss the DD bass, but guess Atlas would be the best choice for me.
  6. davidcotton
    If you can hang on black friday's coming up and Hifiheadphones.co.uk (uk dealer) may have some deals.
    Thesonofkrypton likes this.
  7. mashuto
    I have come to appreciate the bass more and more on the andromeda gold as I listen to it more. But when listening to them for the first time after coming from the atlas, bass on the andromeda felt very very lacking. Its definitely not the case, its just that the atlas is a really really bassy iem, with amazing dynamic bass. The andromeda isnt lacking in bass by any means, its just a different animal than the atlas. I also agree that the looks of the atlas werent my favorite, while the andromeda gold looks great. That said, the atlas can be worn down too which is also a bonus in my book.
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  8. Thesonofkrypton
    Thanks, I'll be sure to check in with them. Do they normally discount on Campfire Audio?
  9. davidcotton
    Yep. May or may not do atlas though. Alowarehousedeals in the states probably will and could possibly still work out cheaper even with import tax.
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  10. Thesonofkrypton
    I completely understand. It's a hard decision, especially since they cost an arm and a leg. In an ideal world, I'd like both of them like yourself lol.
  11. Thesonofkrypton
    That's a very good price vs what is charged here, will keep an eye on it, thanks.
  12. ExpatinJapan
    7E7D0B3A-638D-4C60-8316-39180156427B.png 84FAA387-7BF3-41FF-8844-6C3BB8FFFD7B.jpeg

    <<< CA vs Spiral Dots size comparison.

    Heres a few comparison shots (i did the CA photos a while back but i guess the tips should be the same).
    -See the last picture for size comparisons.

    with Andromeda style shells(EDiT, old style andro etc nozzles would be more accurate). i use my usual size tips.

    For the Atlas and Solaris i find a size down fits better.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  13. tlcocks
    You mean which size? Medium
  14. tlcocks
    Yes. Many here including me have agreed with that.
  15. cooperpwc
    My JVC Spiral Dots just arrived and first impressions with the Atlas are positive. The L size seems to be even larger than the LL size with the Final Audio E types. So I am getting really solid bass even as the treble opens up with those big tip openings. (I am definitely going to monitor ear wax carefully although I don't usually leave much on my other tips.)

    It's early early but the Atlas is sounding great with the Spiral Dots.
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