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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Wes S
    That sure is what it looks like. I just recently got into cables, and need to try a EA cable soon.
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  2. mashuto
    Those new vogue cables are actually in a price range I think is acceptable for a cable, so may be worth trying out, especially since my original cable is starting to wear out (the 3.5 connector end). Anyone have experience with the vogue cables? Most important to me would be microphonics. Also do they have ear hooks/guides normally? Thats sort of a no go for me with the atlas.

    Edit: I see that whoevers cable that was had to custom order it without the ear guides. At least it can be done. May or may not pick one up... As long as the original cable still works, not sure its a necessary purchase just yet.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  3. mashuto
    I have never had any wifi issues with the cayin, but I also have decent wifi signal strength at my house. One thing to note though is that depending on IEM used (and it will show up on the atlas), when using wifi on the balanced (4.4) output, there is audible wifi interference.

    I dont use Tidal, but I assume you are talking about the higher resolution hardware unfold? If so, no. Though you still get software unfold up to 96khz I believe. Cayin gave reason I think that since the n6ii has swappable motherboards, they would have to certify each one individually, and it wasnt a process they wanted to go through.

    I realize that those responses kind of make it seem like its not a great player... it is. I cant comment too too too much on sound quality since I think sound quality differences between daps are often minimal. But it does produce excellent, clean sound. And with the option to swap motherboards, if the signature of one dac/amp combo isnt your cup of tea, there are other options (though limited to only 2 at the moment).
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  4. chucknoel2015
    looking for a bass IEMs and hopefully an upgrade from my fiio fh7's. hows the fit and seal of the CA atlas? all people are saying fh7 fit is superb but it doesnt stay on my ear and had to keep adjusting it. im guessing CA atlas would be worst? hit me.!
  5. gazzington
    I'm wondering if the atlas would make a great all rounder or is it too bassy..
  6. subguy812
    Once the Atlas is seasoned properly, it is a super engaging listen for most genres.
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  7. gazzington
    Better than Andros and Solaris?
  8. subguy812
    Very subjective..I can't say what is better. I responded to your question as I do feel it can be a good all-arounder. I am not sure I would say better or worse, each has their area they excel at.
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  9. Tristy
    I have had all three around three same time and still have the Solaris and Atlas. It really depends on what kind of music you are going to be listening to the most. As said above, they all have their own merits.
  10. gazzington
    Just after a set for use with several genres, to make sure I use them a lot
  11. Tristy
    The Atlas is ridiculously fun and addictive. When I couldn’t listen to them for 2 weeks I was craving them. The Solaris is technically the best out of the lot, in detail, soundstage and giving that holographic feeling and I feel that it sits inbetween the atlas and andromeda in terms of bass. Satisfying sub bass rumble but nowhere near as satisfying as the atlas. More of an out of head experience. The andromeda is completely lacking in sub bass in my opinion but it excels in treble sparkle... not heard another earphone yet that is as airy. Good separation and a slightly wider stage than the Solaris but not as holographic and doesn’t give a perception of depth in the music. I would say the andromeda’s are the most versatile if you can live without the complete lack of subbass
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  12. subguy812
    Thanks for the assist
  13. KevP
    Occasional re-adjustment required for me. But not too bad. Big problem is driver flex. If you put one in too deep you hear nothing from it for a bit.
  14. KevP
    Big sound all round. I love them. Quite v-shaped sound sig but I think thoroughly enjoyable. Bit of a guilty pleasure.
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  15. Tristy
    Atlas with comply tips are one of the most comfortable iems I’ve wore... the first being the vega / Lyra / shire 846
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