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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. theveterans
    Not much love for Comets here so here's mine with SPC cable swap

  2. davidcotton
    Which cable is that? One of the few complaints I have of the comets is the stupid cable dongle not sliding up pass the mic (that I don't use).
  3. theveterans
    That's the Effect Audio Virtuoso SPC cable. I customized the order to be made without the memory shrink so that I can wear it with Comets drop down. You can PM @Paul Zhang for inquiry if you're interested. I really like the SPC look of the cable, but won't really comment on how it change's Comet's sound since it's subjective
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  4. MadSounds
    I recently atlas used and this driver flex problem is driving me crazy. I'm familiar with the popping sounds a dd driver can make when changing insertion depth, this is something else. As soon as I push them in far enough to get a seal the sound cuts out almost entirely and doesn't come back until i pull them out til their just barely staying in place sitting down. Its like the pressure is squeezing the driver and its not equalizing at all. Is the vent on the back clogged or are other users having this problem? problem is unbearable with the small final silicone tips that seal well and are super secure and comfortable (fully inserted, cant hear anything), not as bad with the foam tips that hurt my ear canals.

    Edit: tip rolling did the trick, went to some comply foam tips i had around. Base is absolutely crazy, works really really well with some music (such as girl talk) but is obnoxious with 'natural sounding' recordings. I'm just using a snapdragon s7 right now, i'll have to look into what EQ apps people like.

    Dap recommendations? I'm interested in hiby r6 pro our fiio m11 because i would really like streaming on the go, these are a bit heavy/large though. wish they made smaller versions intended for iem only w/o headphone power.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  5. KevP
    Completely agree on the driver flex issue. When I contacted Campfire on this, they were quite off-hand and just said that’s the way dds work. Rather condescending and arrogant. Yes, Complys and the Marshmallow tips are better in that regard, but you lose any top end sparkle. I’ve found the least worst option to be the Spiral Dots, but they also suffer from driver flex to an extent. It’s also driving me mad.

    I’m thinking of giving up on them. Trouble is there seem very few straight down, rather than behind the ear, alternatives in the same class. Any recommendations out there? Behind the ear is a pain for me (specs wearer) and they look like you’re taking yourself too seriously.

    I’ve tried R6 and M11. If you’re streaming with Tidal, neither supports MQA. Qobuz just crashes and you can’t import for offline listening properly. Also, M11 doesn’t support Google Play. I’m waiting for someone to come out with a DAP that has Google Play, MQA support and preferably has an AKM DAC chip, which I much prefer. In the mean time it’s iPhone X with Dragonfly Cobalt. Sounds quite good, but still want that perfect DAP.
  6. Jackpot77
    I'd suggest looking at Cayin N6ii with A01 module based on your preferences - it plays beautifully well with CA gear and runs Tidal on and offline really smoothly for me, along with having Play Store access.

    Regarding tip issues, if you already have ear moulds, I recommend looking at the custom silicone tips from Custom Art. They are small (just tips, not a whole ear shell) and work perfectly for me with my Atlas with no driver suffocation - they also lock the Atlas tightly into place. Think they are around the $50 mark, so not cheap, but definely with it for me as I use them with both the Atlas and Solaris.
  7. subguy812
    Thanks for taking your turn to answer....:triportsad:
  8. KevP
    Thanks v much for the reply. I will look at the Cayin. Interesting that you have the Solaris as well as the Atlas. I was thinking of getting it as well. How do they compare on sound?
  9. 8481
    I have both so I can chime in, Atlas is more bassy, has a 'bigger' sound. Solaris has a more balanced sound, although it has less bass than Atlas, with the right fit has plenty. Staging and details on the Solaris is better.
  10. KevP
    Hi - what’s the WiFi performance like in the Cayin?
  11. KevP
    Hi - you mentioned you play Tidal through the Cayin, but is MQA compatible? Thanks
  12. ExpatinJapan

    iBasso DX160 and Campfire Audio Atlas
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  13. arftech
    For those that have heard both how would you compare the Atlas to the SE846 in overall sound coherence?
  14. Wes S
    Wow! That cable looks incredible with the Comets! Makes me want to upgrade the cable on mine.:wink:
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  15. theveterans
    It’s like EA and CA had a collab with this IEM and cable pairing
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