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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Dobrescu George
    If the sound is different between the left and the right channel for you, maybe it would be a good idea to ask for a warranty, they should have bass in both ears in a similar amount :)
  2. Mateo Sanboval
    Hey all. I'm looking for any impressions or comparisons of the Comet vs the Fiio FH5. Any and all help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Matty Allen
    What do the adv custom tips do to the sound? Would you elabarate?
    Was thinking of getting some....
  4. macdonjh
    Not in this case. I was listening to orchestral music. The basses are typically stage right, somewhat forward in an orchestra.
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  5. mattiav
    My experience (for the Andros but the tips fit the Atlas as well) is that they increase bass impact but at the expense of a little treble sparkle. The isolation is absolutely perfect. But sound-wise I prefer the foams.
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  6. marcus2704
    So, my Atlas's have arrived and on the one hand I have what I believe to be my 'end game' IEM, I cant imagine it gets much better than this. However, I am having real issues with driver flex and its ruining my enjoyment. I have tried numerous tips and the ML Spiral Dots fit perfectly yet because of the great seal the sound cuts out. I spent 10 minutes trying to get a balanced sound this morning, and if I swallow (or suchlike) it momentarily cuts out also. I am going to order some foam tips but I have never been a fan of those, I assume Comply are the ones to get. This is the first I have heard of, let alone experienced, driver flex and it surprises me that silicone tips are included with the product when this is such an issue. Makes me wonder how many get returned based on this problem alone. That said, if I can find a suitable tip, then I have landed myself a stunning pair of earphones. Otherwise, they will be on the Classifieds forum soon :/.
  7. davidcotton
    Thought the atlas came with foam tips? The Comets certainly did. Anyway if nothing else works thought about getting custom tips from Custom Art or Advanced Sound?
  8. 8481
    Someone had the suggestion to use a needle and poke some holes in the bore of the tips. I haven’t tried it personally but it’s worth giving a try I guess
  9. Luisonic
    Just FYI, that was me, because as many others, I had the same driver flex issue, found that solution, and every once in a while I drop by to share the same things:

    - Don't worry about the flex. It takes time, but the ear canals get used to the shape and then it is not an issue ever again. Also getting practice at inserting them to minimize trapping air inside helps.

    - The holes I poked in the spinal dots, "sacrificing" a pair of tips, were poked with small scissors, to make a couple of opposing holes per tip with 2-3 mm length, right at the crease where the tube ends and the bell starts. Round holes didn't do it for me, because the air didn't escape. With a linear hole, twisting as you insert opens the hole that little bit, enough to let the air out and help eliminate the flex.
    Obviously it is a temporary solution, but it worked really well for me. After a couple of months, it wasn't necessary, I switched to un-poked tips, and no issues now, except amazing sound quality.

    Hope this helps!
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  10. marcus2704
    Thanks for the advice. So you mean that even though the tip is silicon, and flexes back to its original shape once removed from the ear, that in time the ear canal will in some way adapt to the tips? I had no idea that would be the case, that's really interesting :)
  11. Luisonic
    Yep, exactly. That was my experience, and unexpected at that. I noticed my ears not needing the holed tips anymore, after I tore one by mistake and I said "let me try the untouched tips again and see".
    One reason maybe that the Spirals are really sturdy (which probably helps the sound quality) so their level of malleability is limited, which helps adaptation.

    Keep in mind that my ear canals adapting was also based on an average of 2-3 hours use per day. That'll do it for almost any conditioning you may want... :wink:
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  12. mattiav
    I find the standard foams work best for me for sound and comfort. Mandarins and spiral dots give me a lot of driver flex. The custom Adv sound ones don’t. Probably depends in part on ear anatomy, but I could barely get any sound with the mandarins in medium or small; they didn’t stay in well but flex...oh boy. The stock medium marshmallows Incan wear for hours, no problems
  13. davidcotton
    When I tried the large symbios on the custom art universal all bass vanished! Thought I had somehow broken it. Tried another tip and the bass came back.
  14. macdonjh
    As you can see above, tips are a very personal thing. I don't have a single pair of foamies that works for me. All my IEMs have silicone tips on them.

    Another idea I've seen on this thread to help with drive flex is to insert a short piece of string (like think fishing line so it doesn't get squished) between the sound pipe and the inside of the tip. That provides a small conduit for air to escape through.

    My go-to silicone tips are also Spiral Dots, but those don't work for me with my Atlas. The Final Type E supplied with the Atlas provide a good seal without too much driver flex hassle for me, but they do muffle the extreme treble, reducing the top end sparkle I like about the Atlas. I also found Spin Fit 240s to work well in my ears.

    Good luck.
  15. gazzington
    I like lots of different types of music such as metal to classical to jazz. Are the atlas good all rounders?
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