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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. JaZZ Contributor
    Meanwhile sorrick has a better understanding of my issue, unlike Ken Ball, apparently, who still doesn't care and still hasn't answered my question: Why does CA recommend not to use gear that's plugged into the mains? It's the same kind of information boycot I got from the CA support. Have I already meantioned the electrical shocks you can get from the Campfire IEMs? I'm not the only one with this experience. I'm not saying it's dangerous, but it might be the key to the (self-)censorship.

    And yourself you seem to be blind to the info I gave on my hum issue. It's definitely not a normal ground-loop thing – if you manage to deactivate your brand-loyalty filter for a moment and take the time to read my posts carefully. And I still hope Ken will do again as well.
  2. subguy812
    First off, I am not able to answer any of the questions you are asking of CA,and it is Ken's place or someone that knows the answer to do so. I was trying to let you know that Ken concurred with sorrick's response, only that, because you said you didn't understand his response and his response was cryptic.

    I have received no electrical shocks, sorry if you have, especially if plugging into mains and are delivering much more power than needed to drive the Atlas.

    It appears you have many conspiracy's bubbling up in your thoughts. Self censorship, fanboyism, electric shock, boycotts of your answers, just to highlight a few in your last post alone.

    I hope you receive the answers to all of your questions but you and my discussion is finished,when you begin to make statements about me, such as fanboyism. I enjoy their products as do many other consumers,and that certainly doesn't make me or anyone else a fanboy.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  3. JaZZ Contributor
    It's better to keep yourself from posting a superficial feedback on an isolated sentence if you're not willing to dive into the matter.
  4. tlcocks
    I am listening to some well known records I haven’t heard since I bought the Atlas new last October. Exciting positive break in changes since then:
    1. Bass is tighter, better layering, and definition, but no weaker. Seems more sub 40 hz “kick”
    2. Mids just even more awesome. Slightly more forward ( again, )
    3. Treble smooth as butter and extended. Beautiful.
    Atlas has after 9 months become my dream iem.
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  5. macdonjh
    I wear my Atlas inverted, but not with a memory wire cable, yet. My guess is the memory wire won't work well with the inverted Atlas because of the shape of the housing: it makes the wire point away from my head and then I pull it back behind my ear.

    I'll find out for sure when I get them back from a temporary trade. Then I'll be able to put a cable with memory wire on them.
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  6. bvng3540
    I’m thinking of getting this custom tips, how the isolation?
  7. mattiav
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  8. macdonjh
    I'll admit I haven't looked: has anyone compared the Vega and Atlas? I'd appreciate a link...
  9. sorrick
  10. macdonjh
  11. macdonjh
    Dear Final Audio,

    I really want silicone tips with this profile (E series):
    and this bore:
    Pretty please?
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  12. Dobrescu George
    So quick discovery, but Atlas sounds amazingly good with Classical and large orchestral music :)
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  13. Wheel Hoss
    Man I wish I had $800 lying around someplace...
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  14. marcus2704
    I have ordered and am awaiting CA Atlas but after browsing the forum am a little concerned after learning about driver flex being an issue, given that I use silicone tips (Spinfits primarily) and don't get along well with foam. Is this likely to be an issue for me..?
  15. briman1000
    Well a few things. Unless you wear them over the ear the weight will likely cause them to fall out anyway with silicon. I personally tried several different tips and settled on wearing them down with comply foams that I already had. Benefit is they stay snug, sound great, and no driver flex. Although I never experienced flex with any other tips either. Could not get them to stay in my ears either for long but my canals are small and shallow. Just try them and see. Worst case sell them. They are awesome though. I love them. Really impressed with the treble and mids presence and clarity. Bass is forceful but after a few minutes I always adjust and dont even notice. These are great for almost anything. Enjoy your purchase and don't worry about what might happen.
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