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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. marcus2704
    Thank you for the very helpful reply. I am selling my Andromeda's to fund these and cant wait to receive them. As you say, I will stop worrying and look forward to receiving them soon.
  2. bvng3540
    It will as only silicone tips can cause driver flex
  3. macdonjh
    Agreed, except that I mostly hear the basses as a point source in the lower right, rather than filling the right side of the stage with sound. Kind of distracting and annoying to me. One of my few complaints about the Atlas sound.

    I get driver flex from time to time. I wear my Atlas over-ear with the cord pointed between "up" and "forward". That's partly because, like briman1000 says below, I need the cord to help support the weight of the IEM and also that orientation points the sound pipe down my ear canal better than "down". I've used Spin Fit 240s (dual flange) to good effect, but their bore is too small to let all the sound through. I have also had decent luck with the included Final E, but again, I wish the bore were bigger.

    Which Comply do you use? And, do you push the tips into your ear canal like an ear plug, or use a foamie that's big enough to fill up your outer ear and not push the IEM in? I've tried the Isolation (medium and small) and can't get them seated properly in my ear canal. I haven't tried really big foamies to full up my outer ear, though.

    I would really like to use Spiral Dots because the full diameter bore lets the last bit of treble sparkle through, but they don't insert deep enough in my ear canal to support the housing, even with the cable over ear.
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  4. subguy812
    You need to step down one size compared to what you generally use in Spiral Dots, ie. I generally use L but the ML are perfect with the Atlas
  5. Luisonic
    My 2 cents on your question...

    First, driver flex will happen with Spinfits, but in my opinion and of many others here, it is the best tip for the Atlas, open sound, fantastic highs and all around balance.
    It will take some time to get your ear canals used to the shape of Spinfits + Atlas, but once that's happened, driver flex will not happen much anymore. Give it some time, but don't despair, it's a matter of learning how to put them in and developing the "canal shape". Took me a couple of months, during which I had a pair of SPinfits with small holes to let the air out, and then even that wasn't needed any more.

    Second, I'm not a fan of wearing them over ear, it's not their nature, just use a clip, as I and others do and have suggested in the past, pics included, and the weight will never be an issue.

    Do remember Atlas needs ample burning to achieve their true sound (don't settle for less than 200 hrs and you'll see).

    Hope this helps, and enjoy! They are fantastic!!
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  6. macdonjh
    Understood. The problem I have is the Spiral Dots don't support the shells enough to give me a reliable fit. I get better support, but less treble, with Spin Fit or the OEM Finals.
  7. subguy812
    Which is the purpose of the step down, it allows a deeper insertion so the weight of the Atlas is more evenly balanced.
  8. tlcocks
    Agreed. Step down one size spiral dots has been cat’s meow for me. Wear down. Stay in fine. Deeper insertion. Haven’t looked back.
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  9. Earbones
    Amazingly good. The best I’ve heard. And in my estimation, the bass is perfectly rendered for this kind of music.

    I go to the symphony a lot. Sometimes I wonder if people who listen to classical mostly at home, with only sporadic live symphony visits, perhaps forget the sheer sonic power that a world-class orchestra in a world-class concert hall is capable of producing. The bass hits like several tons of bricks. With the exception of the Atlas, I have never listened to an IEM that can deliver a decent approximation of the experience.

    Listening to Marc Minkowski’s take on Mozart’s No. 40 in G minor, K. 550... Holy ****.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  10. abirdie4me
    Sadly, custom ADV tips for the Atlas are not for me. I can’t get used to the fit, and they alter the sound of the Atlas depending on how I have them inserted. Oh well, it was worth a shot. I’ve gone back to spiral dots and will have to limit my listening sessions to an hour or so, at which point my ears get sore from the weight.

    On a happier note, I just picked up the RME ADI-2 Dac, and the Atlas blew me away on that device! Not sure if the Fiio M11 DAP is holding the Atlas back, but I’m glad I can finally hear the full potential of these babies. Now I just need to find an 8 foot balanced iem cable...
  11. Earbones
    For anyone interested, my rig with the Atlas is the Apogee Groove 30th anniversary (in silver, not that it matters). Phenomenal pairing. Imagine a somewhat leaner Mojo: smooth, liquid highs, thick, powerful mids, and grippy, textured bass...That’s the Groove 30th. Excellent synchronicity with the Atlas.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  12. davidcotton
    Tried them with the cable over the ears and the tips? Failing that maybe the equinox might suit you? One other option is that Ken Ball mentioned they were going to be doing custom tips for the atlas. Maybe better suited than the adv ones?
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  13. mashuto
    I actually contacted campfire kind of recently about custom tips since I know they were making them for a little while as a beta program. But they told me they are not making them anymore and just referred me back to advanced sound anyways.
  14. abirdie4me
    I'm done with custom tips, they cause more issues than they resolve (at least for me). I can live with normal tips, just not for long listening sessions. Over-the-ear didn't help anything either, but it's all good. I'm fortunate to have many great options for listening, this gives me an excuse to keep the other cans in the rotation.
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  15. Luisonic
    Or, if it is a comfort issue, just use a clip.
    I’ve been using one since I got the Atlas, and weight has never been a factor. They’re easily very comfortable iems.
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