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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Richsvt
    Listening to the Comet right now as type this. I like the signature out of the box. Used the medium spinfits and swapped out the cable. While the quality of the cable that came with them was not bad, just can't do the controls portion. Using a Norne Vorpal instead. Using over the ear and found was more difficult to get the exact placement correct. Once I found that place, the sound was rich and full. The bass had nice impact, mids were sweet and robust. The treble was spot on but saw it a little spiky. Could've been the files I was using. Could be some poor quality mixed in. The hi-res stuff was sharp and sibilant-free. Using my X3iii as a source.

    So after an hour, I find myself wanting to hear more. I think Ken nailed it with the tuning. I am using this to replace the IT01 that my son inherited from me. As I get more adjusted to the fit and sound, I think this will be a nice go to for me. Very glad I jumped on board with this.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  2. XERO1
    Just FYI...
    While at CanJam, I tested the Comet's cable with an Apple Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter on my iPhone 8 and all the controls worked perfectly!
    Ken also wanted to test the call quality of the mic, so he called me on his phone and we could hear and talk to each other quite clearly, so it has a good mic too.
    He said he plans to eventually offer the cable for sale by itself, which will be a nice option for anyone looking for a high quality, iOS friendly, MMCX cable for their IEM of choice.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
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  3. Colors
    So hyped to get my Comets!
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  4. Snowball0906
    How’s vocal and soundstage of comet? Been thinking to purchase one..
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    vocals (male and female) sound excellent
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  6. Snowball0906
    May I know if you’re pairing it up with effect audio’s cable?
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Custom mini xlr to _____ from PETEREK
    NCM Balanced cable (pictured)
    Beat Audio balanced are only ones I have tried
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  8. linux4ever
  9. B9Scrambler
  10. Rlin987
    I just received my Comet.
    Well no joking around, this pair will probably be my best buy this year. I love its sound, typically its bass response, which made me addicted and didn't even want to move when I was testing with Nightwish's Ghost Love Score.
  11. theveterans
    Compared the Comet to B400 at CanJam and I preferred Comet's more forward upper mids and more neutral treble. B400's treble sounded recessed/rolled off to me. Bass is equal or slightly better on the B400. Then again 1 BA from Comet is darn impressive in the Bass dept with a great source!
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  12. cardeli22
    Never heard of Nightwish before but man I am enjoying all their music I find Youtube. Thanks
  13. alvinmate
    Was wondering if anyone compared Comets with Polaris?
  14. Rlin987
    I've owned Polaris before. Based on my impression, Polaris is warmer, brighter and wider sound stage. Also, it's base is typical dynamic so responses not as quick as Comet. However, Comet from my impression, sound is distributed evenly across the 3-range, base response is really quick as well which makes the whole earphones sounds clean, neat and musical.
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  15. alvinmate
    Thanks..... I was about to pull the trigger on Polaris might wait a little longer just to try out Comet's before deciding.

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