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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. matias271983
    How do you compare the comet with ibasso it 03? Is it better?
  2. cardeli22
    Do you wear it over ear or not? I wonder if it is worn over ear if the controls wouldn't be so low.
  3. ustinj
    It raises the mic a bit, but when I'm wearing it over ear it makes me want to use the chin slider so much more.
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  4. cardeli22
  5. Rlin987
    CAA9EC50-C340-41F8-A757-DB6AB4952D78.jpeg I found a very funny picture online.
  6. HeartOfSky
    The memery alone makes these designs worth it. Barbie has got a new hairdryer and it's faaaaancy.
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  7. Zabens
    I'm pulling the trigger on the Comets today! I've been looking for some everyday, walking around town, I won't want to hang myself if I lose them iem's I can plug into my phone or my DAP. These are beautiful!

    Also, in regards to the debate going on. Seriously? Come on guys, this is supposed to be fun. Expensive, yes... but I don't care what anybody says I'm doing wrong or thinking wrong about this stuff. I like what I like. Do you, boo!

    And Ken! If you're reading this, when do you get the Cascades back in? I'm in So. Oregon and I want to visit some friends up there kinda soon and I want to schedule it around a visit to ALO to pick up some Cascades in person.... because I'm an immature geek. :) I love the new line up, it's like you're reading my mind for everything I've always wanted but never knew I did.
  8. Lurk650
    Shame the cable isn't that great but at least aftermarket cables are generally cheap, easily accessible and can even provide enhancements to the sound (should you believe in that stuff, like I do lol)
  9. Roscoeiii
    Let's wait and get additional thoughts on the cable. Since Campfire is an outgrowth of ALO audio, I've found their cables to be consistently excellent...
    cardeli22 likes this.
  10. Lurk650
    Now that they did away with the memory wire on the new cables that's the biggest positive lol
  11. ustinj
    The cable itself is actually quite nice; it's soft and holds little to no memory. It's just the darn microphone!
  12. B9Scrambler
    I personally have nothing against the cable. It's the Polaris' with the crappy memory wire removed and a solid metal mic installed. Nothing to complain about there. *shrug*
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  13. silverfishla
    Yup, nothing wrong with the cable, it's nice. Great if you use a mic...I don't though. It shouldn't bother me that it's there, it doesn't affect the sound quality at all...but. It's like a sprig of Parsley on top of my omelette. I just can't have it there, it's got to come off quick. haha
  14. silverfishla
    I have both of these. You would not be disappointed with either one sonically. The Comets have a more muscular center. Super great for Rock music of all kind, Country-ish/Americana music is fantastic. Nice vocals. IT03 are more dispersed sounding...you could say wider soundstage or you could lean towards less cohesive in a musical sense. IT03 has more emphasis in the top end than the Comets, where the Comets aim right for the meat and potatoes. It's very well rounded sounding. The IT03's fit me like a glove, like they took a mold of my ear and made those just for me....but on comfort and form factor alone, I would choose the Comets. They are that comfortable for me. They are one of those very rare iems for me, they kind of just disappear where I don't really notice they are there.
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  15. bsoplinger
    Am I the only one who thinks 50's hairdryer when you see pics of the Comets in this sort of orientation?

    I'll mention again the hope to get comparisons to the Brainwavz B150 (how 2 different companies approach a single BA design) and the B400 (similarly priced).
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