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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Victorfabius
    I'm now in week three of Flares Gold ownership and I'm staring really, really hard at the Atlas right now. I know I could send the Flares back, but I won't. For those of you who have shared your impressions of the Atlas, thank you. You only make me want to spend more money I don't have. I was thinking about the Vega before I got the Golds, but I guess good things come to those who wait. I will live vicariously through you Atlas lovers.

    The Comet looks rather... interesting. I wish I had the ability to preview them somewhere, but I don't. (Ok, I have the ability, but not the motivation!) Am I the only one who saw that product and realized that they have a negative association with an iem with a single BA driver? I might actually have to get the Comet just to shed that particular prejudice. I see too many people here who have used the word "impressed" with the Comet.

    I wonder: for those of you who have listened to the Comet and come away positively impressed, is that due to what they've achieved with that single BA driver?
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  2. SteveKiwi
    I have the FlaresGold too, may I ask if you are disatisfied with them?

    I have also been looking at this thread too and have even tried to purchase the Atlas but the Campfire Website seems to have an issue with New Zealand post code validation.

    My question is are the Atlas really any better than the Gold's or am I being swept along on the hype train.
  3. Victorfabius
    That's the $1299 USD question, isn't it?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is wistfully looking at the Atlas, though. I hope you're able to complete the purchase soon.

    In terms of the Flares Gold, I would say that there's no dissatisfaction from me. They're quite excellent and do everything the Flares Pro can, just better*. Just spent a few hours listening to some classical via ZX300 and it was a real treat. That said, I'm extremely interested in the differences and similarities to the Atlas coming from the Flares Gold. It seems like there's a lot of similar ideas between the two, but with totally different implementations. My guess is this: Atlas will have a better* bass/sub-bass, but the Golds better* highs. This, based on the fact that both IEMs are well vented, but that the Atlas driver is larger than the Golds' driver, but this is coming from a veritable layman. If I were ranking the IEMs I've ever owned, I would put the Flares Gold at #1. Problem is that my sources have changed and it's difficult to compare. #2. JH Roxanne II; #3. CA Dorado; #4. Flares Pro; #5. FiiO F9. A lot of this is fit. I never fatigue from the Flares, but I do with all the rest.

    *better = in my opinion, not fact, it's based on what you want out of your music, and I'm heavily generalizing here, ok?
  4. CalvinW
    I don't feel like I would want anything with a bass even more visceral than the Vega.
  5. singingbee
    atlas 2.jpg
    the atlas at canjam socal the best iem I've heard at the show.
    just like what other people are saying it has bigger sound than the vega.
    the amount of bass is about the same with the vega imo. the resolution is better.
    top end is silky smooth, its not harsh at all.
  6. singingbee
    atlas 3.jpg
    they also isolate good. its loud in the area but all I can hear is my music.
    and they don't fall off easy. they stick to your ears
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  7. singingbee
    I just don't like the stock cable it feels cheap. but that's ok I have a ea ares II cable.
    it will just make the atlas sound even better
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  8. KB Contributor

    Actually our foam tips are not Comply, ours are quite different than Complys. I really feel that one tip is not going to work for everyone, so if you like silicone, cool... We DO include the following with our IEMs. SML our "Marshmallow" foam tips. SML our standard silicone tips and then SML the Final Audio tips.

    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  9. Phronesis
    With the Atlas in existence, is there still a reason to get the Vega or Andromeda?
  10. floydfan33
    I just picked up Vega at the new price with no regrets. I would say if price point was the same it would be a definite wait but at current price the Vega does so much well it's a good bet
  11. ajaxender
    The Vega may lose it's appeal, but assuming the Vega and Atlas are sufficiently similar, there is a world of difference between them and the Andromeda.

    (I have the Vega and Andromeda)
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  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Going balanced.
  13. silverfishla
    Thanks Ken. Yes, the Comets come with a great many nice tips included in the box. Yes, the Comets come with possibly the nicest case I've ever had come with a pair of IEMs. Yes, your staff at CanJam was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Yes, I'm currently listening to Jesus and the Mary Chain "Darklands" as I type and enjoying the heck out of my new Comets. And no, like you said, squooshy tips are not my thing, but I still bought a pair at the show because they impressed me so much. Thanks for making a good one, my new dailies. :) sean
  14. ExpatinJapan
    I guess that foam tips are easiest at a show? Going for a squeezable and hope for a one size fits all scenario.

    Thats my guess.

    I usually use my own JVC Spiral tips where possible . As they fit me well and I am used to their sound signature.

    In other news....

    Going a bit overboard this morning for fun and science!


    Campfire Audio Comet, ALO Audio SXC-8 cable (MMCX to 4.4mm balanced) and iBasso DX200 and Amp 4.

  15. theveterans
    Have you tried it with Symbio W tips? I find that it brings the best balance of Comet's bass and treble.
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