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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Lookout57
    What tips are you using? Remember the Atlas is a DD and if the seal is too good or you hear a clicking when inserting them it's not able to vent properly.
  2. dakchi
    I'm using the Final tips that come with the Atlas. I don't think it has anything to do with tips. Tips will not block the sound. It is a bad connection in MMC connection. I don't understand why such huge defect can pass QC of such expensive IEM
  3. bvng3540
    You are very wrong about the connection, it has nothing to do with the mmcx connectors whenever you used silicone tips with dd this issues will accur on ALL DD
  4. Matty Allen
    Forgive my ignorence but:
    1 - Why would CA supply tips that do this?
    2 - If as you say this will happen to All DD"s then why hasn't everyone else on this thread had the same problem?

    A few people now have had sound stop working from 1 side. My memorial sale open box purchace is waiting at my brothers house for me until I get back in September. My 90 day warenty will have expired before I can test and try them.
    Am worried.
  5. bvng3540
    You still can used the silicone tips, just do not get too good of the seal like lookout57 said, The clicking sound is driver flex, but if you use foam tips all those issues are gone, but you lose some of the bass
  6. Matty Allen
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  7. dakchi
    I changed to foam tips and I confirm that I am not facing this issue again. It is insame how silicone tips can drop off completely the sound from the IEM. I was sure that it was a problem of connection. I am questioning why CA included tips that are causing this issue. I am sure a lot of customers will not think that the tips are the cause of this issue
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  8. Caruryn
    A reviewer said that Atlas works best with E-Pro graphene eartips and Acoustune AET07,so might wanna give these a try.
  9. mattiav
    Nice! If the tracking info is right I’ve got my ADV custom tips for my Andro S sitting at the post office. If they fit well I may be ordering another set for the Atlas.

    The one downside I’ve found with the Atlas while cycling is the wind noise is pretty annoying - probably due to the (tiny) vent. My Andros are much better in that regard. But both are really quite comfy, including over the ear wear.
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  10. mashuto
    The tips work fine, but there are just certain situations where you can end up with that effect. Its just a matter of sometimes getting too good of a seal, and isn't just limited to those tips.

    It's also been discussed quite a bit in here as well, so hopefully a lot should have been aware of it.
  11. abirdie4me
    Luhar, any issues with driver flex with the custom tips?
  12. Luhar
    Absolutely none, they will feel a bit 'stiff' at first but when they are broken into the shape of your ear after a few wears they will feel like you're not even wearing them. Although you might feel this way from the get go! Just speaking from my experience.

    Also wash them! After every couple uses, warm water and a tiny bit of hand soap rubbing gently.
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  13. Luhar
    Post some snaps of the tips on the Andros please :) when you get them
  14. bvng3540
  15. abirdie4me
    B-Stock Atlas just arrived. Initial impressions after an hour:
    • No issues with driver flex so far, although first thing I did is put spiral dots on
    • Sound great already, not sure if there is burn-in with these that will make it even better. Running from a Fiio M11.
    • B-stock didn't include anything other than Atlas, cable, and 1 pair of tips. Not an issue for me, I've got a lots of tips laying around and have a 4.4 balanced all-silver cable on the way
    • Included cable is tiny! I was expecting something similar to what came with my Polaris, but this one is super thin and light-weight. Sounds good though, so I'm not complaining.
    • Compared to my Fiio FH7 (also new), these clearly have much more bass. The FH7 are much smoother sounding overall and the vocals are a bit more forward, while still providing excellent details. The Atlas has more punch and sounds more 'fun'. I think they are a great compliment to each other, the FH7 for relaxing and the Atlas for rocking out or more critical listening
    • Value - I paid about $350 more for the Atlas than I did for the FH7. I think they are both worth the price of admission. If I could only have one of them, I'd probably go with the FH7 since I have a nice desktop setup for when I want to listen critically. My main portable use is around bedtime when I'm trying to wind down for the day, and the FH7 are perfect for that.
    • I have custom eartips ordered from ADV for the Atlas, hopefully that will help some with comfort. I can't imagine any improvements in sound, but I guess I'll find out soon.
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