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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. mattiav
    Here you go, with my apologies for the terrible image quality. Keep in mind this set is technically for the Andromeda, but I wouldn’t think the fit would be very much different..
  2. Patzig
  3. davidcotton
    That not uncomfortable? Think I prefer wearing them down in all honesty (comets and custom art tips, before I lost one :frowning2: ).
  4. cathee
    I know the hype train for the Comets have long since deboarded at the arrival station but I just picked up a pair along with the CV5 I've been lusting after for quite some time. Literally reading through reviews to kill the unreasonably long 3-day delivery time.

    Anyone has any advice on tips? My ears are notoriously small and uneven, usually Comply are the most comfortable but I've never been a fan of how they color the sound. TIA for any suggestions.
  5. davidcotton
    Assuming they still come with them, try the final audio e tips. They come in xs and small so something should fit. Failing that get some impressions done and get some custom tips done with either custom art or advanced sound group :p
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  6. cathee
    Thanks for the tips. Pun intended (but I do hate myself for it).

    Yea I tried some customs with Etys and for the first time REALLY enjoyed IEMs for long periods of time. I'm probably going to move onto CIEMs eventually (Yo @KB wagwan wit dem Equinox?!?) but definitely will consider custom tips for the Comets. Any recs there? I don't like that most custom tips add "length" to the IEMs. Are there any companies out there making custom tips for the Comets that "engulf" them (if that makes sense)?
  7. davidcotton
    As said Custom Art or advanced sound (and snugs in the uk it seems). You'd probably prefer the advanced sound or snugs tbh in that case.
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  8. mattiav
    Honestly I don’t feel the cable at all this way. The stock silver cable is nice and thin and supple. I will say this works better with normal tips with deep insertion. Maybe it helps that I’m used to glasses and thus something over the top of my ear at all times?
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  9. Matty Allen
    Advance tips: Can you wear them with the Atlas cable down as well as up... or is the insert angle such that it's cable up only?
  10. Luhar
    you can wear them either way, once they are inserted into the tips themselves they can rotate 360, if your cable doesn't have memory wire it might work better though - haven't tried myself
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  11. dairy
    Before I sold them, I found that the Comets were incredibly tip-dependent for sound, so I would suggest trying them with all sorts of different tips. The biggest difference was between wide bore (AET07, Spiral Dots), and narrow bore tips (Final Es, Sony Hybrids). With wide bore tips, they sounded airy, open, with good treble extension. Narrow bore tips I found tightened the low end, but made it sound congested and further reduced the treble in what I found to be an already warm earphone.
  12. abirdie4me
    Just received an all-silver 4.4 cable from Fiio (LC-4.4D cable) and put it on the Atlas. Early listening results are quite positive, it seems to have tamed the bass slightly and everything seems a bit tighter. The Fiio cable has memory wire over the ear and is very comfortable (at least to me). We'll see how it sounds and fits once my custom ADV tips arrive in a couple weeks, but for now this is at least a comfort upgrade over the stock cable.

    Fiio Cable on Atlas.jpg
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  13. cathee
    Is that the M11 you're running it on? *very* clean looking rig.
  14. abirdie4me
    Yes, Fiio M11. I'm liking it a lot so far!
  15. JaZZ Contributor

    Hi Ken

    I have a question regarding the Atlas (which I love, even more so equalized for a neutral tonal balance), since my attempt to get the desired answer from the official support on your homepage has failed. I'm quoting:


    One of my Atlas earpieces is missing the round cover plate on one side:


    I have no idea when and how this has happened. Of course I've always taken care of it and never used any kind of force that could have damaged it. As you can see from the picture the gap below it is larger than on the intact earpiece, also it is variable, depending on the pressure applied to the two pieces. It looks as if the plate is necessary to fix the two parts. If so, probably all I need is a replacement part from CA and the advice how to fix it (any glue necessary?). If it's something else, I would have to send it in for repair.

    CA support response:


    We're sorry to hear that your product isn't acting as awesome as it should be, but we hope to get it straightened out right away.

    If you could fill out the online return request we'll follow up with instructions for your return.

    Here's the link: https://www.campfireaudio.com/warranty/

    JD Stewart

    Unfortunately there's always the same person on the other end of the line, who usually doesn't answer my questions (or just 30% of them if I'm lucky), just gives some robot-like response instead.

    This also applies to another issue brought up in the past, so while I'm at it I dare to ask you the question concerning Atlas and Andromeda (another favorite of mine) again:

    Both Atlas drivers and three of the four Andromeda drivers I own show a strange behavior that I have no explanation for: As soon as they're plugged into a device with contact to the mains (no matter if on or off), the earpiece(s) react(s) with a decreasing ~118 Hz hum that lasts up to six seconds to the pressure that's accompanied with inserting, more precisely: to the decompression that follows it. Every readjustment also provokes some of the hum again. What could be the cause? Note that the frequency doesn't have any relation to the mains current frequency (of 50 Hz). When my feet don't touch the ground, the effect is minimal or inexistent.

    Another, certainly related phenomenon is the electrical shock I get on the ear(s) in above scenario, the stronger, the more my feet are earthed, worst when I touch the metal balcony fence.

    So the direct culprit is certainly the metal housing. But what is the mechanism behind the 118 Hz hum?

    Your supporter has insisted that it's the CA IEM's high sensitivity that causes the hum – he simply wasn't motivated to seriously delve into the matter. This although I made clear that the Shure SE846 with its comparable sensitivity (and plastic housings) doesn't show the issue.

    Thanks for your attention!
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