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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. IndieGradoFan
    Tried a few different tips:
    - Spiral Dot M - couldn’t get a good seal but sounded great when holding them in place. Ordered some L versions to see the that fixes the seal issue.
    - Finals - L size worked okay but kind of finicky to get a seal. Tried LL size which worked much better and gave much better bass but driver flex / pressure would often cause one side to cut out completely - too good of a seal?
    - Marshmallows - good bass, smalls fit well.
  2. tlcocks
    You need SD’s ML. they make it.
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  3. davidcotton
    Too late now, but penon audio offer a mix and match service if you need more in the future.
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  4. Dobrescu George
    I made a video review of the mighty Campfire Atlas :)

    I know I already posted a full in-depth written review, but I felt like Atlas was lacking some well deserved love, especially since they are still holding out really well! :)

  5. dairy
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  6. journeyman63
    I bought a pair of CA Atlas during the Memorial Day open-box sale. I'm really enjoying them. After days of experimenting with different tips and over-the-ear versus cable down, I've settled on Comply T-400 medium foam tips and the cable hanging down. It's very comfortable and the IEMs feel secure and settled in my ears. I'm not a bass-head, per se, but I'm glad to have an IEM that gives such a solid punch in the lower range, along with great sound across the spectrum. I own a pair of the CA Andromeda as well, and they are great, but bass is a bit thin at times. I'll probably jump back and forth between the Atlas and Andromeda once the new wears off the Atlas, depending on mood and the particular music I'm playing.
  7. subguy812
    I preferred the Atlas over Andromeda, shocking I know. I say this after I have logged a large amount of hours on the Atlas. Give the Atlas some seasoning time and you will be rewarded.
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  8. Rockwell75
    I too preferred the Atlas to the Andro. How would you compare the Atlas to the LX?
  9. subguy812
    Hey Rockwell,

    Please read my Solaris thoughts first and then I will give you a couple of differences. Keep in mind the B-stock Atlas is $700 and the X is $2300.
  10. ExpatinJapan
    I have got out the Atlas after quite a while of not listening to them (busy with other addictive earphones).

    They stand the test of time well.

    Wearing them over ear with the memory wire removed and JVC Spiral tips (a size smaller than my usual).
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  11. Rockwell75
    I had (and loved) the Atlas prior to owning the Solaris. Both are great but I am loving the balanced presentation and holographic soundstage of the Solaris. I have never heart the LX but I am curious to hear how it stacks up against the Atlas.
  12. briman1000
    Finding that over ear wear is just about impossible for me. The complys are the only tips that seem to stay in for any period of time due to wearing them down and the weight of them. Good news is I like the taming effects of the foam and am really enjoying these for many genre. Keep the tip suggestions coming. I use my dragonfly red put out of my phone and there is a lot of hiss. Get an ifi imatch? Thoughts?
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  13. Luhar
    Considering getting custom tips made - I got mine done from ADV and am very very pleased, atlas never fall out anymore. I had similar issued after multiple tips.
  14. Wheel Hoss
    How would you compare Comply foam tips to CA’s marshmallows?

    The Marshmallows fit me very well, so I’m wondering if I could use them for other IEMs when people are calling for Comply.
  15. briman1000
    The comply are a different material. They are slower to rebound when you squish them to put in your ears and slightly sticky to the touch. You have to hold them in place because they take longer to expand but I think they stay in place better and longer. No idea on sound quality differences though. If the CA foams dont stay in for you I would try the comply. Otherwise dont bother.
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