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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Tristy
    Comply's are more comfortable as they react better to your body heat and they are slightly larger in comparison to the marshmallow counterpart. The isolation comply are more porous than the marshmallows though and the ends of the tips have some air holes which I find takes away a little of the sharpness of the treble / vocals. I think I prefer them over the marshmallows purely from a comfort and fit standpoint.
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  2. Jearly410
    I’m using crystalline audio tips exclusively.
  3. Luhar
    Xposting my rig pic from another thread to shamelessly plug adv custom tips - they're amazing
  4. journeyman63
    Looking for some advice or any similar experiences. I bought a pair of the open-box CA Atlas IEMs during the Memorial Day sale. They worked great up until yesterday, when the sound volume dropped off sharply in one earpiece. I thought it might be a blocked vent or debris in the grill, but there was nothing obvious. I switched the cable around and the problem followed the earpiece, ruling out a cable or source issue.

    Is there anything I can attempt to do to fix the problem? I have an email in to ALO/CA but haven't heard anything back yet. I know they stand behind their products, so I'm hopeful they'll be able to help out.
  5. Patzig
    I'm looking to buy a set of B-stock or lightly used (low hours and good condition) Atlas. I only see the Atlas for sale new for $1299 and a few sets on ebay.

    Any ideas or anyone looking to sell?
  6. Luhar
    Just curious - did CA help you out with this in the end?
  7. journeyman63
    I emailed a couple times and hadn't heard back, so I gave them a call yesterday. I told them what was going on and they sent me a return label, saying they'd take a look and either fix or replace the earpiece. They also followed up on the emails soon after.

    So the Atlas is in the mail as of this morning. I'll report back what the outcome is. I'm suffering a bit of withdrawal after having enjoyed listening to them for a few weeks. Looking forward to having them back and in full working condition.
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  8. journeyman63
    The open-box Atlas are still listed at the ALO Audio Deals site. They aren't quite as nice a price as during the Memorial Day sale, but it's a good bit less than the new price:

  9. Luhar
    that's not bad since you'll end up sorted either way :) hang tight
  10. abirdie4me
    Just pulled the trigger on the Atlas B-Stock, can't wait to join the club! I also just ordered custom ear tips for it from ADV-Sound, a bit risky since I haven't even heard the Atlas yet...but what the heck, you only live once.
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  11. Luhar
    When you get them, definitely listen with normal tips first and then the customs, you'll see what the fuss is about :wink:
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  12. abirdie4me
    It will be about 3 weeks before I get the customs, but the Atlas should be here this week. That should give me plenty of time to tip roll and develop a good baseline for comparison.
  13. Matty Allen
    Please let us know what you think of the custom ADV tips?
    I am thinking of ordering some.
    Trying to decide between ADV in America which look like a full sleeve or Custom ART in Poland which look smaller and like just the tip? Or ADV Iin the U.K..
    Location does not matter to me as I'm traveling.
    Apart price difference, can anyone compare these three custom tips?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  14. Lookout57
    The ADV aren't full sleeves, more like a half sleeve. One advantage they have that I love is you can remove the IEM from the tip while keeping the tip in your ear. This makes it great on a plane, you can take the IEM out to talk to someone and then put the IEM back into the tip in your ear.
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  15. dakchi
    I just received my Atlas from Amazon and I already have a serious problem with it: there is no sound out of the earphones randomly. It seems that the MMC connection between the cable and earphones is not good. I have to play with the connection to have a sound back. Anyone facing this issue? any solution to this issue?
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