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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. subguy812
    The Custom Art ME are probably closer to the Legend X in signature. The Legend X is technically more proficient than the ME, and the Atlas truly succeeds at what is designed and tuned to do. The Atlas is hellaciously addictive and engaging. It receives a lot of ear time these days, although I should be listening critically to other IEMs that I need to review first. Quick impressions dont tell the story of this IEM, and really don't do it justice.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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  2. Colors
    Agreed with the part where you say quick impressions don't do justice to the Atlas. What I mean by Legend X + Atlas similarities is they both give me that engaging, emotional and immersive feel. They really draw me into the music vs. "thinking" about it (ex: IEMs that are more reference like where you focus on placement, accuracy, separation and layering). They can do it without sounding like a pile of mush. I'm basically bobbing my head when listening to them.

    On a side note, the Atlas passes my subway/supermarket/crowded streets daily test. I commute about 1.5 hours a day by public transit. Bass and especially sub-bass is the first thing you lose with poor isolation and thanks to the sub-bass bump of the Atlas, I can still hear plenty of it while still out and about.
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  3. kevinscottcaja
    Hi all, I just wanted to ask CA Comet users. I had a long demo of the Comets in a local audio shop here in Hong Kong and it sounds great. However, when I increased the volume around 60% to 70% the Comets started to distort heavily specially on the lower frequencies (bass and subbass). The sources I used are the Cozoy Takt, Radsone EarStudio ES100 connected via iPhone X and files are stored in the Onkyo HF Player app and the FiiO X5 3rd gen which is the only DAP I have. Is this a defect on some CA Comets or are they all like that?
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  4. Hanesu
    I don’t know if it’s the shape of my ears but I tried Atlas in store today and experienced a really weird type of driver flex. Whatever way I tried to plug it in my ear hole, it created a super strong vacuum and there was almost NO sound at all! Literally! When I pulled them slightly, sound reappeared, but the same time I also lost seal. I tried for almost 10 minutes and other tips, but I could only listen to them by pressing my fingers on them. The strange thing is, exactly the same happened when I listened to the Vega and (!) Comet which were lying right next. Any other (CA) IEM I could listen to normally, only the CA dynamic drivers had this weird phenomenon in my ears. I own IE800, which are dynamics, too, but I never had such problems.

    Did anybody ever experience something like this?

    I am not sure if what I heard when leaving my fingers on them was the actual Atlas sound, but I definitely thought the bass was overpowering (though I kind of like strong bass)..
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  5. subguy812
    I swear I don't think anyone reads the thread. Yes, others have had the same flex, no sound thing occur and it has been stated many times that it is not a quick listen IEM. Very bassy with only a brief listen.
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  6. Hanesu

    Well, it’s not easy to read every answer of a thread that has more than 100 pages. Could „others“ solve that problem? Or does it depend on the shape of one‘s ears? Any official statement by CA?

    Yes I know that many found it was bassy with a brief listen, but I was more wondering whether the „overpowering“ that I heard has to do with that driver flex?
  7. 8481
    Bass isn't overpowering to me, I had driver flex on my left side all the time with silicone tips but Marshmallow/Comply tips solved the issue. Currently, I'm waiting on Mandarin Symbio tips which are hybrids to test for driver flex.
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  8. Hanesu
    Just read that some people think this problem might be caused by a missing or too small vent hole. Seems only happening to a few people but as it looks like I am one of them.
    Would be interesting to know whether CA is aware of it?
  9. Colors
    This is a very addictive IEM that gets better as you listen it.


    Favourite tracks with Atlas listened to: Dreams, Goldust Woman, Storm, Pray for Me, Elastic Heart, Make It Wit Chu, Gypsy, Solitude Standing, Stairway to Heaven, Heartbreaker, There, There, I Might Be Wrong, Idioteque, National Anthem, Brainstorm, Mardy Bum, A Certain Romance

    It’s very rare (for me) to find a IEM with oodles of sub-bass and a mid-bass that doesn’t drown out the vocals. Male vocals actually seem to integrate very well with the bass (not recessed, actually “moves” with it) and female vocals particularly sound good as they are more visible (wide soundstage).

    Isolation is great and seals well in a crowded subway during rush hour. Not Etymotic level but above average. Great thing is the sub-bass bump makes up for the lost levels because of environmental noises.

    My only complaint is the nozzle is a little big so it does get tiring after an hour or so of listening (smallish ears). Not a deal breaker for me by any means as I listen in 45 min intervals when commuting on the subway.

    The Atlas is a great compliment to the Andromeda. The Andromeda is when you want to think and pay attention to the layering, separation and precision and the Atlas is for when you want to “listen”, “feel” and “let go”.
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  10. davidcotton
    Getting my Comet delivered on Monday. Chose to not get saturday delivery as it was an extra £15, but now wishing I had :) Looking forward to them.
  11. 8481
    Might be the weight issue I was telling you about. :wink:
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  12. Colors
    Ya definitely haha. I'm trying different insertion depths and angles to try to find the most comfortable one. Maybe even cable (my custom pure silver one feels more comfortable but it changes the sound a little despite being pure silver as well like the stock Atlas one).

    That sound though :smile_phones:
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  13. Colors
    Hey everyone,

    I found a way to reduce the weight of the Atlas a bit. Just wrap the cable around your ears like you would for over the ears. Then, instead of inserting the earphone upside down, pull the cable forward a bit more and insert them as you would wear an earphone straight down :)

    Earphone Insertion.jpg

    (excuse my messy hair)

    @Hawaiibadboy inspired by your video review and rant about the angle!

    Luckily silver is extremely soft and light so it's easy to do this with the stock Atlas cable instead of a copper cable.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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  14. davidcotton
    What would be a good cheap cable (balanced or not) if I wanted one without mic? Primarily using it with a hiby R6. Was thinking possibly the mee audio Balanced cable set with the adapters, or is there anything better for under £100 in the uk preferably?

  15. B9Scrambler
    This is a decent balanced cable and not too expensive; https://www.brainwavzaudio.com/prod...-balaned-cable-with-mmcx-connector-2-5mm-jack
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