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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. davidcotton
    Can you not get custom tips done as discussed above?
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  2. crezo
    Well after reading so much about the comets and becoming well and trully intrigued... I've just ordered some. It seems there is not a single UK seller though so Ill have to wait for a while.

    I've not been back on headfi for about a year, I forgot what a shockingly dangerous place this is :wink: after buying no audio gear in the last year (except for a few pairs of ultra cheap £15-20 quid sets off amazon) I have managed to buy three sets of £100-200 iems and a Shanling M0 in the same month.

    At least these should be easy to sell on if they're not for me musically.

    Can't wait to try them though!

    I think this site needs a health/wallet warning slapped on it as a great big full screen popup when it first loads :wink:
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2018
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  3. B9Scrambler
    Congrats! Hope you enjoy them :) They're great little earphones.

    And yeah, a warning banner would be helpful to newcomers, haha
  4. Wiljen
    Yep, the unofficial slogan of Head-fi - "Welcome to Head-fi, Sorry about your wallet".
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  5. Colors
    Just got my Atlas:



    (Excuse my poor pictures).

    Quick thoughts (with the stock cable, medium marshmallow tips, and Cayin N5ii):
    - love the fit (compared to the Andromeda). Fits my ears like the Comets (not surprising). Good deep insertion with the medium stock foam tips. Fairly comfortable.
    - no memory wire! CA has taken feedback and improved.
    - I love the sub-bass! Good sub-bass is very difficult to find in IEMs. The Atlas excels in quantity, quality and control.
    - Vocals are maybe slightly behind the bass but they are not recessed at all by any means. They’re very clear, present and emotional.
    - treble seems a bit rolled off? (To me at least). Extension is good and sparkle is there but the overall quantity of treble seems to less compared to the Andromeda, Xelento, N5005, and Bravado.

    I’ve read a few reviews about the Atlas. People have said the music is immersive, emotional and draws you in. Like an epic movie. I agree. I actually like them as much as the Legend X (also a very emotional IEM but very clear and detailed). I think they’re kind of similar. They’re the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King of IEMs.
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  6. jkjk123
    Is anyone here interested in trading their Comet cable for a Final E5000 cable? I would like a cable with mic and remote.
  7. Wiljen
    PM me and I'd make that trade. I use a 2.5mm balanced anyway and generally hate cables with mics so mine has about Zero use on it.
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  8. HeadlessChicken
    Hi fellow comet owners, just bought a pair recently and would like to find out what u guys think is the sound difference between the included tips, namely the black silicone tips (from what I read they are final audio?) and the spin fits. Sorry for the noob question:confused:
  9. davesday
    I know right! I stopped reading for the better part of the year. Then came back to read about something. Bam! Bought a xDSD and then WM1A and then CA Atlas. Gosh... But thanks to this community, massive upgrade to my music.

    I think the Comets come included with SpinFits while the Final E tips were included with Atlas. The black silicone tips on your Comet are likely to be regular silicone tips. If you're interested I think you can buy the Final E tips from CA directly.
  10. John Aiello
    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I could not find it but to be fair I did not read all 100 pages of this thread. I have the Comet IEMs. They sound awesome. I use them mostly with my A&K AK300 DAP. Today I plugged them into my iPhone 7+ and while the pause button on the cable works fine the volume up and volume down buttons did not. Are they supposed to work with the iPhone 7+? I would think if the pause button works but the volume buttons do not then there is something wrong with the cable? Love to hear from other iPhone users.
  11. davidcotton
    Actually Hifiheadphones.co.uk has them in stock now (1 left) £219. Makes it about £20 more than the us price, but taxes are included so no nasty surprises and also no wait time! Got one ordered.
  12. Colors
    Has anyone tried 2.5mm balanced with the Atlas? I’m very curious how it will sound. I might get my custom MMCX pure silver 3.5mm cable reterminated (for $20).

    It already sounds pretty good with the stock cable. My source is Cayin N5ii.
  13. MyPants
    I have yet to find an IEM that sounds -worse- balanced than they do single-ended. I've definitely heard ones that don't gain much (LZ A4), but generally speaking it's hard to go wrong. On the N5ii, the balanced output pushes significantly more power than the single-ended output, so you'll at least get that either way.

    ALSO, @Colors has already read this in a PM, but here are some brief impressions on the Pure Silver Litz in 2.5mm Balanced with Comet:
    "I'm still loving Comet, and the pure silver Litz cable in balanced really took them up a notch. Soundstage is improved, clarity and detail improved, I would say the mids stepped back slightly in exchange for noticeably better treble extension and better bass texture. I'm not sure how much of the improvement is from the silver conductors and how much is due to increased amp power/running balanced, but the cable itself is beautiful and even more supple than the stock copper Litz."
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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  14. tgrosu
    Do you use Atlas on balanced with WM1A? Can you elaborate a bit on the sound combination that you get from this pairing?

    Thank you!
  15. Dobrescu George
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