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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. davesday
    Yes I tried my Atlas on balanced with my WM1A but I had to use the SPC Litz 2.5mm cable with Fiio BL44 converter briefly. I did not get any 'uplift' as I expected. I mean the sound is just as good but I was as 'wowed' as my 64Audio U4-SE with EA Eros II cable. On that IEM going from SE to Balanced (with the same cable) I could hear an instant 'uplift' in audio performance (e.g. wider staging, more accurate, tighter bass, more extended trebles, just more impact). I know it isn't volume because I roughly matched it by my ears.

    Back to the Atlas, I am reserving my judgement until I can get a pair of silver Litz on 4.4mm. Or maybe I would reterminate mine. I enquired my local store and they would check with their suppliers/CA. I'm due to be in Japan by year end so I will be researching on a good pair.

    Speaking of which has anyone have similar experience on WM1A?
    Also what would be a natural cable upgrade for the Atlas? Would that be Reference 8 or SXC 8? Or perhaps go for full silver like the stock cable?
  2. davesday
    Yeah I am experiencing driver flex too. I didn't know about this phenomenon being linked to dynamic drivers until recently. Did read about it but never experienced it until now. Mine wasn't as bad as yours. I can still get a seal when pressure equalised. I am using both the Final tips and Spinfits. Have been interchanging between them. One thing for sure, if I wear it cable down the weight of the cable would pull the Atlas down and loses seal. Wear it cable up is much better but seal wasn't as good due to the design of the IEM. So I followed @Hawaiibadboy and @Colors which is cable down but route it over the ears. Its dorky (LOL) but excellent fitting for me.

    However I am a bit concern with the cable strain relief though. I don't think its bad but just a thought.

    I did found this link which seems promising.

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  3. Colors
    Kind of dorky but it’s (relatively) comfortable and the seal holds :wink:
  4. davesday
    Yes agreed. I never had to adjust or re-sit the IEM in the 1-2 hour listening session yesterday. That’s great!

    What do you think of the Final EarHooks though? I think it would only work cable up. I’m thinking of mod-ing some flexible tubes using heat (ones used for custom water cooling) to shape it for cable down.
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  5. oneula

    I use those silicon ear hooks with my Comets and TIN Audio T2s
    they take the pressure off the IEMs and preventthem from being pulled down and out of my ear canals
    they work good but not so good with eyeglasses
  6. davesday
    Thanks for confirming! I'm going to check these out then.
  7. Returnity
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  8. amirhosein
    I ordered my pair of Atlas IEMs yesterday. Seems like they are on back order for 6-8 weeks unfortunately. Who is buying all of them? :D
  9. davesday
    Nothing from the local stores at your location?
  10. subguy812
    They are pretty hot. I feel that while they are not reference tuned that the tuning is so engaging and enjoyable that the Atlas are catching on. I recently had to put them down because I have critical listening to do now for reviews but I miss them. I am truly happy to see Campfire Audio having success with the Atlas. Ken is a class act and an asset to this community. I have heard IEM's that had more technical prowess but I have not heard many more that check many of my boxes like the Atlas does.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
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  11. Colors
    Imo, if the Etymotic ER4SR is the reference point of what a single BA can do, the Atlas is the reference point of what a single dynamic can do. They both the shining example of the respective inherent advantages of their type of drivers.
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  12. Audiophonicalistic
    Agreed. I was listening to these one night and I sort of understood what ken was trying to do. Hes an artist and tuned exactly how he wanted them. Love them.
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  13. Audiophonicalistic
    I tried the reference 8 and thor silver 2 and I prefered the stock cable to them. The stock is pretty good, good price, and fit better. It sounds like the stock cable brings out the atlas exactly how they were designed to sound. Cables with memory wire fit a little funky with the atlas. Currently Im using a plussound cable which have no memory wire. Fit is good and it sounds great. If you want the same dynamic sound stick with stock as the plussound smooths it out just a bit which may not be for everyone.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  14. amirhosein
    Couldn't really find a store here around Phoenix.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  15. faithguy19
    If anyone needs an Atlas it looks like I have to sell mine for financial reasons (along with all of the rest of my audio gear). Mine is near mint.
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