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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. borrego
    I also use the Meze cable on my Sine DX. I am just saying TS cable may not match with TRS socket
  2. borrego
    I am referring the ends plugging into the headphone cups.
  3. ph58
    The Meze cable work also with the Denon AH-D series (600 7100 7200....) So i think that it don't have any issues with headphones that have the same plug in . In any way it works perfectly with my T5P 2
    BTW : can you explain why TS cable (double mono jack) transform into stéréo and why there are TS and TRS socket , what are the difference ?
    Thanks in advance
  4. borrego
    One just have to make sure the +/- polarity are connected to the tip/ring parts of plug the same way across different brand (e.g. + is to the ring, - is to the tip, or the other way around). An example is the TH900 MK2 and the HD600/650 use the same cable socket, but in opposite polarity.

    For the T5p.2, it is even more complicated. If you look at the picture below, you will see all 3 TRS connections are wired to the driver (the on on the left) , with the cable shielding connecting to the "ground", magnet of the driver

    So if you insert a TS plug to the socket, you don't really know which cable conductor is connecting to which part at the driver (+, -, or ground). And you will be "shorting" either the + or - conductor to the ground.

    There is no problem plugging a TRS cable to a TS socket, but not the other way around (in the case of the T5p.2).
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  5. ph58
    So after you the balanced Meze cable do not , can't work with the T5P 2 , in my case i don't hear any weird effect ; BTW can you described if phase reversed what sort of weird sound that happens , that we hear ?
    Thanks very much for your explanations though it is too texhnical for me,
  6. wilsonlaidlaw
    I have just ordered a set of ex-demo T5P phones and the matching Impacto DAP to replace my Oppo PM3 and HA2-SE, stolen during a burglary at my French house last Monday night. I just hope that I don't find them too "middle of the road" compared with the very precise Oppos. Given that Beyerdynamic have been around since 1924 and these are the current top of the range, one would assume that they know pretty much what they are doing by now. Now all I will need is a pair of real leather pads for them. The correct Beyerdynamic pads are ambitiously priced in the UK at £90 a pair but at least you will know you are getting a correct fitting and quality product. I bought a pair from the far east for my AKG Active Noise Reduction phones that were listed as "Real Lamb's leather". They must have come from a plastic sheep - pleather and not even good pleather.

  7. ropie
    Too bad you had a burglary

    I would be surprised if you consider the T5P to be middle of the road compared to the PM3
    I own both these headphones and prefer the Beyers by quite a margin (except for portability, but thats why we have IEM's)
    Shane D likes this.
  8. Frank Mantek
    +1 on what ropie said. I had the Oppo PM3 and still have the TP2s, i don't believe they play in the same league. Which, they should not, given the difference in price point. I ended up selling the Oppo's, as for mobile use i by now prefer a BT connection, and at home they just did not compare to the Beyer's.

  9. wilsonlaidlaw
    Thanks folk - good to know that the Beyerdynamic TP5's are liked.

  10. Shane D
    I think you will hear a large improvement over the Oppo's. I owned those for about six months and then got rid of them. The T5p.2's will be much clearer, but less bass, going by memory.

    As they should. The Beyer's had like twice the retail price. In Canada it was $599.00 VS $1,199.00.

    They will drive just fine off of a DAP.

    Shane D
  11. Jazmanaut
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  12. wilsonlaidlaw
    If anyone was considering getting a Belkin Rockstar adapter, so that you could connect the T5P headphones via their Impacto DAP to an iDevice and charge simultaneously (iPhone SE and iPod Touch in my case), I would strongly suggest you don’t bother. It does not work, as the iDevice cannot locate any digital audio connection via the Rockstar. The Impacto DAP and the T5P phones connect perfectly, when direct to the Lightning port on an iDevice and the sound quality is truly first class. I wish I had looked at the reviews of the Rockstar on Apple before buying this stupid thing. The reviews are dire. I just wasted 45 minutes of my life on the phone to some utterly useless Belkin Support call centre in deepest India. Epically poor linguistic abilities allied to zero product knowledge. Did not understand the difference between a Lightning connector and a USB.

    Delighted with both the T5P phones (2nd Gen) and the Impacto DAP. Only downside is slightly short battery life of the removable LioN pack on the Impacto at around 4 to 5 hours. I have ordered a second battery from Beyerdynamic but cheap they are not at €76.50 incl. P&P.

  13. Tron666
    Ordered my own pair of T5P 2nd gen and the recommended Impacto Universal High-End DAC/Headphone Amplifier for outdoor usage with my iPhone X.
    waiting for it to be delivered in a week or so. Can’t wait and I hope I won’t be disappointed :)

    Anyone knows if tidal master MQA quality format is supported or ill have to use HiFi quality?

    Hi, I’m going to use both on my iPhone X with tidal. What do you use to stream the music? And how does the quality change with and without the Impacto?
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
  14. Tron666
    Delete pls
  15. a-LeXx

    Impacto is not a best choice for t5p, especially with iDevices. Too inconvenient with the battery. Get a drgagonfly instead, does not require battery, about the same audio quality as impacto, a bit less power, but t5p does not need power, T1 does. Impacto cannot decode MQA, dragonfly can. You will still see MQA in the tidal app when using impacto, and impacto will play it, but it will use non-mqa filters and will not ‚unfold‘ further.

    Return impacto, get a dragonfly, especially if you use tidal with MQA. It‘s also cheaper and can be used with other headphones.
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