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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. wilsonlaidlaw
    Apparently it is so they can sell the T5P phones to vegans - and no I am not being funny! I believe Beyerdynamic will sell us leather pads at some vastly inflated price. However I got such a good deal on the phones, I probably should not be a cheapskate and just order them. I am very reluctant to buy stuff off Aliexpress. The last " lambskin leather" product I bought, a case for my fountain pens, came from a plastic sheep and was just nasty cheap junk - presumably a Chinese Junk. Aliexpress are doing themselves no favours by totally failing to police their sellers.

  2. Tron666
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  3. wilsonlaidlaw
    I looked at the Dragonfly Red (the Cobalt had not then been released) as an alternative to Beyerdynamic's Impacto (along with a Chord Hugo). For both of those, the necessity to have to use another Dongle to connect to an iPhone or my iPod Touch put me off. I really don't understand why Chord and Audioquest don't release direct connection to iOS models but maybe it is licensing of the Lightning protocols that is the barrier. If Beyerdynamic, who I am sure sell considerably less Impacto DAP's than Chord or Audioquest sell of their portable DAP's, can release a special iOS version (The Impacto Universal against the Impacto Standard), surely then Chord and Audioquest can do likewise. If Chord had made such a device, then likely I would have gone for a Hugo, rather than the Impacto.

  4. Jazmanaut
  5. a-LeXx
    Actually the dongle is not an issue with ipod touch. I‘m using an ipod touch with a DFR as my dap, it's very convenient. I attached both the dongle and the DFR with velcro tape to the back of the ipod touch. On top of that, I‘m using the dongle which allows to use DFR and charge at the same time, so that I never have to disconnect or reconnect anything again, the DFR with an ipod touch make a permanently connected nice dac that can play anything at a native bit rate, which most androids or even android-based DAPs cannot do...

    This works perfectly with my T5P
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  6. Tron666
    Hi guys, i got my T5p and impacto, first of all right off the bat the sounds is just amazing even connected to the phone directly and playing HiFi music,
    But i have a problem, when i connect my impacto to the iPhone with the battery and the direct cable that came with the universal version, i can only hear sound on my left ear, i tried everything even on my iPad its the same, if I switch the cables sides then i hear only on the right side, only the “white” cable gives sound.
    Do you know what could be the reason? Maybe defective ?
  7. wilsonlaidlaw
    Beyerdynamic have chosen a very odd and not particularly satisfactory connection method for the T5P (and many of their other phones that have a separate cable to each phone. Unlike other manufacturers who use the separate cable to each phone, they have not used the tip and sleeve connectors for both phones (i.e. two mono connections) or the tip and sleeve for one channel (L) and the ring and sleeve for the other (R - standard stereo connections) but use the tip and ring for both channels at the headphone plug end. I suspect the red plug Impacto cable is faulty. Very annoying to have to return it.
  8. Tron666
    I sent Beyerdynamic an email, also amazon offered me full refund, gonna see if they got a solution.
    I’m seriously considering to get the Dragongfly Cobalt now instead and just to suffer with the annoying dongle...
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  9. Jazmanaut
    So you did not read review link that i posted about cobalt vs Red?
  10. Shane D
    File under Absence makes the heart grow fonder:

    I have been buying lots of gear this year and mixing and matching. With a new amp, I thought my HE4XX's were reborn. I was wrong and they are up for sale. I bought some used HD58X's and they are a HUGE value with a nice sound.

    I came across a used set of Shure 1540's and I have always been curious. For half the price of new, I grabbed them and they are awesome! Went back and forth between them and the 99 Classic's thinking I am set for closed backs. Started wondering if I should try to trade my T5p.2's towards a pair of Elex's or Cascades.

    Then I put them on for the first time in weeks. Wow! The clarity is amazing. Everything is clear and clean. It does feel like it lacks a bit of the bass and fun (distortion?) of the others, but it is crystal clear.
    I wouldn't want to have these without a set of fun 'phones. But if you only listen to "fun" headphones you are really missing out. And if you buy a Loki, the T5p.2's get even more addictive.

    The HE4XX's are definitely leaving town, but the T5p.2's are Never leaving. Now I must spend some time apologizing to my beloved headphones for ever thinking about moving them.:heart_eyes:

    Shane D
  11. Tron666
    haha that's great man!
    Im also planning to keep mine forever, they are just so good at what they do!
  12. Shane D
    They really are. But you also do need a set of fun 'phones. The T5p.2's are a great partner with either the Shure 1540's or the Meze 99 Classic's. Clean, clear and crisp with loose, bassy and fun. The best of both worlds.

    My dream set-up is 2 different sets of closed backs (T5P.2's and maybe CFA Cascades?) and two sets of open backs (Grado GH2's and maybe Focal Elex's?).

    Shane D
  13. a-LeXx
    For me T5p.2 are fun phones :)
    Tron666 likes this.
  14. Shane D
    I can point them towards fun with my Loki, but my Shures/99's get my head bobbing and feet tapping as soon as they are on, depending on the music. Is there some distortion/feedback? Yep. Is the bass a little flabby sometimes? Yep.

    As soon as I put the T5P's on, I immediately think wow that's clear, wow that's clean, wow that's crisp. Then I start getting into the music. I use my Loki to add a bit of bass and a bit of midrange to move them closer to my ideal.

    Three different versions of closed back and I love them all. Just depends on the mood. Or what is closer.:relaxed:

    Shane D
  15. a-LeXx
    Well, for me T5p.2 is right at the edge of what I can tolerate in terms of bass, can even be too much bass depending on a source :) Guess we all hear differently... I don‘t listen to anything EDM-like though, mainly to acoustic and vocal music... In my case, it‘s a properly powered HD600 for critical listening vs. T5p.2 for fun. I also couldn‘t say I prefer one over another, it all depends on a mood and situation (open/closed). I would never get rid of neither of them :)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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