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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. a-LeXx
    @Shane D

    Well, as I said, I actually prefer my t5p.2 straight off the DFR, not by a small margin. There is an incredible sense of air and transparency from this combo, and it suffers when an amp is added. The imaging with t5p+DFR is close to perfect, I always get a feeling like I‘m there when listening to nicely recorded acoustic music with my eyes closed...
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  2. Researcher
  3. a-LeXx
    I doubt AK SR15 will sound any better than a DFR. The DAC in that unit is definitively not better than a sabre... The numbers on the box and the headphone shold match, my for sure do...
  4. Shane D
    I wouldn't worry too much about what audiophiles think. FiiO makes very nice DAP's. I looked hard at an X7ii before I went back to Sony. Astell Kearns is beautful stuff that I am sure sounds very good, but yikes on some of the prices. The Sony's, FiiO's and I am sure the AK's put out enough power that you will not not need an amp. Especially if you get a balanced cable. The T5p's are ridiculously easy to run. And you can always EQ in a bit of bass, which I do.

    No idea on the serial number thing.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  5. Shane D
    I don't find that the T5's need amping at all, except maybe to change/alter the sound. And that is definitely personal preference. To me, they sound great out of my DAP, balanced. I also enjoy them out of my desk top amp, but I am curious what the A5 does to them. I love having a variety to change things up.

    Shane D
  6. a-LeXx
    Agree, and I see DFR as a DAC, not as an amp. Even crippled european iphone or ipod touch can drive t5p to unbearable listening volumes.

    My mobile DAP is actually a 5g ipod touch with a permanently attached DFR. An ipodtouch is an ideal source, as it would provide bit-perfect output and is supporting all streaming platforms, and a DFR is as good as it can get for such a portable device...From an economical point of view, a very reasonable combo, better than most dedicated DAPs...
  7. Researcher
    is there any AudioQuest cable type-c to type a to plug DFR in or any other welcoming suggestion for Macbook 2018?
  8. ropie

    I use the Ibasso DX200 as a portable source. (with amp 8, which uses 4,4mm pentaconn conenctor)
    The Beyers sound absolutely great on this.

    Ibasso will come with a new player soon. The DX220. Maybe you should look at that

    ....The serial numbers on the phone and the box don't match?
    Thats strange. Did you buy from a reliable source?
  9. Researcher
    Amazon warehouse (open box). It is likely that someone might have changed the headphone. Yet, there is no problem at all.

    yeah look forward to hearing from news about DX220. The head-fi community says the internal will be remain the same. Do you still have this combo (T5p and DX200)? Mine is on DFR.
  10. ropie
    Yep, still own this combo.

    I use the DX200 with IEM's outdoors.
    Indoors with the Beyers

    ...what is DFR?
  11. Researcher
    Dragonfly Red. There is still no news on DX200. Fiio representative said to release M13 in this summer. I reckon it has a couple of es9028pro or ak4497eq.
  12. CyberAthlete
    Hey guys
    I really love the Beyerdynamic t5p gen 2 but I have an issue with the pads touching the tips of my ears. Anyone else have that issue and how to resolve it? A different set of pads that doesn't affect the sound? Thx
  13. Spaceman24
    Happened to me too, after playing with the angle and forward/backward position on my head I was able to resolve it. If that doesn’t work, try extending the cups further down and then “scooping” your ear up as you cinch it down to the correct length.
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  14. Shane D
    Hello. I know we have members from around the world here, but I wanted to try speak to a much narrower group of readers. I am located in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. I came across a thread where a Head-Fi'er had wondered about organizing a get together in Halifax. I wanted to post in this thread and talk to anybody that lives in or around Halifax or even if you were planning to visit the area in June. Just food for thought. If anyone is interested, you could post a reply in https://www.head-fi.org/threads/halifax-ns-meetup-2019.905499/

    It would be cool if we could find five or six people with a few cool toys each. It could be a very interesting afternoon or evening.

    Shane D
  15. louderup
    I just got these today, since the price has come down recently. So far I'm satisfied with the overall sound. About the amount of lows and highs I expected from reading some reviews + knowing what to expect with the "Beyer house sound." Better resolution and spaciousness than Beyer's traditional line-up.

    What I am having a problem with is the comfort. The cup is noticeably smaller than the usual size (e.g. 770). As a result, they don't completely cover my ears. I can "feel them" at the top and bottom of my ears after a short time.

    I'm not really a fan of pad-swapping since I've had bad experiences with sound profiles changing for the worse on other headphones when switching to ZMFs, Brainwavs, etc. But does anyone have a suggestion for a pad-swap I can at least look into? Perhaps some velours from another Beyer set that have the same cup size? Thanks.
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