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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. rhizomatik
    Just got this news from Beyerdynamic about a new version of T5p. Really looking forward to hearing how they compare to DT1770. Hope they are more successful than the in my view dissapointing original version.

    "The second generation T 5 p unites mobility and audiophile sound quality on a whole new level. Like its predecessor, the T 5 p combines the latest Tesla technology with the advantages of a closed design. The electrical resistance of 32 ohms makes the T 5 p the ideal partner for portable audio devices. Thanks to the Tesla technology, the low-impedance sound transducers unleash the full audio potential of even inefficient smartphones, tablets and high-resolution players. The short, textile-covered cable is dual-sided and is also designed for use on mobile devices.
    Like the previous model, the 2nd generation of the T 5 p was handmade with meticulous workmanship in Germany. Top-quality materials and sophisticated technology were brought together in a series of practised movements with a love of detail. That’s why we continue to offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for our closed high-end Tesla-series model.


    At the heart of the T 5 p is its ground-breaking Tesla technology, which delivers maximum efficiency and crystal-clear sound. The optimised systems feature a warm sound quality and precise bass reproduction. The result is an even more solid sound and a balanced, first-class listening experience.
    We have optimised the geometry of the baffle design from the foundations up. A stable high-tech compound material reduces unwanted vibrations and provides exceptional harmonic sound reproduction with silky treble frequencies. The tilted systems deliver an extremely spacious sound with a wide soundstage and a transparency usually reserved only for open systems.

    Thanks to its closed design, the T 5 p reliably prevents unwanted noise from penetrating inwards or escaping outwards. That is a real benefit to the wearer if he or she is listening to music on the sofa while some else is watching television. Likewise, listening to loud music won't disrupt people around you who might want to read a book in peace.
    Usually, closed headphone designs restrict the spaciousness of the audio reproduction. That's not the case with the T 5 p: Tilted sound transducers positioned on the casing shell on the wearer's ear deliver an extremely spacious sound with a wide soundstage – and a transparency usually associated with open systems.

    The dual-sided connection cable (1.4 m) on the new T 5 p has a pleasant textile coating, and audiophile music fans will love its conductors made of OCC (Ohno continuous casting) 7N copper. This conductor material is known for its outstanding transmission quality and is considered the gold standard in the high-end sector. The cable’s additional electrical shielding reliably suppresses electromagnetic interference. A longer cable is also available if required.
    For balanced use, the supplied connection cable can be replaced with an optional connection cable with a similar design but a greater length and a 4-pin XLR connector on the amplifier side.

    The high quality material workmanship ensures one-of-a-kind comfort even after hours of wear. The silky-smooth surfaces on the ear cups and the memory foam material used in their interior provide a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The protein-coated surfaces on the ear cups and headband fit like a second skin and keep their comfortable grip and stylish look even after years of wear.
    The black, fabric-covered hard-shell carrying case allows secure, compact storage. Compared to the aluminium box for the previous T 5 p, this case offers a light, contemporary design, which makes it ideal for presenting the headphones."
  2. plakat
    Interesting. Unfortunately still no mechanism for folding, I.e. Still a bit bit for transport...
    But nice to see that the cables are interchangeable with the T1.2 and the case got smaller.
  3. deafanddumb
    As the owner of a TH900 and recently the X00....I'm more than a little interested in this to replace the X00 as it's just too close to the TH900 (no criticism) I just wanted different but still high quality. If this surpasses the AKt5pi heard and liked then I'm in...if it's more like the standard t5p I've had and didn't like....then what a shame.
  4. rasmushorn
    Yes, indeed very interesting. I thought exactly the same when I read the news. How will the new warmer sound tuning compare to DT 1770 Pro. I have always loved the bright analytic sound from Beyerdynamic in T5p and T70. I just ordered the DT 1770 Pro. The new varmer direction from Beyerdynamic will be interesting to follow in the future. 
  5. TokenGesture
    Interesting. Do we know the price yet? I love the DT 1770 so I doubt I'm in the market for this but of course you never know :wink:
  6. plakat
    While I've not heard anything official about prices I'd expect something along the lines of the T1... A deviation in either direction would surprise me
  7. Klonatans
    Definitely interested even if I sent back T5p 1st gen to Amazon because of too bass shy sound signature. As my wife has shown interest in my DT-1770 it wouldn't be reasonable and interesting to have two pairs of the same headphones.
  8. deafanddumb
    Hi....what do you think of the 1770? I wanted a more enhanced mid phone but hard they didn't do this so I went for what I knew and got the THX00, to go with my TH900....I also sent the T5p back for the reasons you did....I trust your ears :)
  9. Klonatans

    I find DT-1770 very balanced without significantly lacking anything in any frequency range. Though I should admit that the original T5p have a little bit more resolution than the DT-1770.
  10. XERO1
    I recently picked up a pair of DT 990 PRO LE's and have become pretty addicted to their SQ, so now I'm interested in all things Beyer!
  11. XERO1
  12. deafanddumb
    Fingers crossed then for the new T5p....
  13. shuanggao
    I've tried T5P several times, but it didn't leave me a very good impression. 
    The main problem is bass, IMO. Let's see if there would be any improvement in sound quality of new version. 
    Actually, I love its exterior design so much.
  14. deafanddumb
    Same here....the AK version was defo better in bass...so no excuse for mk2 to not be just as good
  15. Pedro Dixon
    Hmmmm. I'm not surprised. Price drops on amazon are normally an indicator, this happened many months ago. I have the 1st gen, it took me many months before I was happy with them. I was only telling a friend the other day they are finally ticking all the boxes and I won't be parting with them, and now this pops up. I dare say i'm out but i'll remain very interested in what people say when they come to market. 
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