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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. wilsonlaidlaw
    The T5P headphones direct on the iPhone really don't work very well. The iPhone's amp is not really man (or woman) enough, so the Impacto is an essential. Together they are quite impressive.

    The manual says you need a separate app to play hi-res files, so I asked Beyerdynamic "which app then". "Oh we couldn't possibly recommend one app". "OK give me a choice of apps that work with the Impacto then". "I am afraid we have not tested any apps to be able to recommend" A less than impressive response from Beyer! My iPod touch seems to be playing hi-res direct from iTunes but I don't know if it is downgrading them before streaming to the Impacto.

    The one thing I really don't like are the very short leads from the Impacto to the phones, so that the Impacto is always sitting on your chest. I have had Custom Cans in the UK make me up a 1.2m extension. Word of warning the extension cables should actually be mono 3.5 2 pole plugs as that is the way that Beyer have wired them. The Custom Cans cables had to be altered so that each channel feeds from the tip connection/pole.

    Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 18.54.21 copy.jpg
  2. Tron666
    Thanks for your replay, I don’t want that camera dongle in my pocket in addition to the dragonfly :frowning2:
    IPhones will switch to usb C next year, so I’ll just have to last until then...I just need to battery to last the 30 mins drive back and fourth, at work I’ll attach it to a laptop without battery req... what do you think?
  3. a-LeXx
    Ok, I see why you want to get impacto. So, if the price and usability with other headphones do not matter for you - why not, get impacto... Just wanted to make sure you know you can get the same sound quality and on top MQA with a dragonfly.
  4. Tron666
    I understand, then i will surely use TIDAL with Hi-FI quality rather than master since the impacto doesnt support MQA (which is a real downer) but still i hope the HIFI will be good enough.
    Did you burn the headphones in? someone said it requires about 100 hours to open up.

    Impacto is the most convenient for this crappy lightning port since it comes with a cable especially for it.
    I saw praising reviews about the dragonfly red tho, so thank you for opening my eyes about this option.
    Do you have any additional recommendations how to get the most out of the headphones?
  5. a-LeXx
    Impacto or a dragonfly is pretty much all you need. T5p is not demanding, low impedance paired with high sensitivity, you don‘t need much juice for them, just a right resolution/tonality, and low output impedance, they sound too boomy on anything with high output impedance...

    Enjoy them, they are real fun to listen to
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
  6. wilsonlaidlaw
    My T5P are up to about 40 to 50 hours and steadily if rather slowly improving, especially for low register piano. A lot of my listening is classical or jazz piano.
  7. Jazmanaut
    T5P:s are quite easy load, so iphones own dac is more than capable to drive them properly. No other need for external DAC, exept if you need to crank up volume more than it can deliver.
    Apples adapter dac might be small and inexpensive, but they have the best engineers on their team!
  8. Tron666
    I am coming from Senheiser HD25 and B&O H9i, Do you think the difference will be felt in sound quality?

    NIce, good to know thanks.

    Thanks for the information, good to know if i ever get stuck without charge in the dac.
  9. wilsonlaidlaw
    I bought an additional battery for the Impacto from Beyerdynamic. Not cheap at €79 plus about €15 P&P. Did they wrap it in gold foil? You would not mind the price of P&P so much, if it was fast but DHL/Deutsche Post send everything by donkey express or at best, a Trabant, so it takes over a week from Germany to the UK.

    I take Ken Rockwell's reviews on anything with a large pinch of salt.

    Whether the iPhone's internal amp is good enough to drive the T5P phones may depend on the model. I have two iPhone SE models on my UK and French contracts and really the amp on those is struggling with the T5P. Ditto my iPod Touch. There are various audio apps which may improve things. I used to use Audio Xciter App, which was OK but that seems to have died and is no longer available for download. I have not tried since the phones have run in a bit, so they may be better now but I would think marginal at best.

    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
  10. Tron666
    Is there a purchase page for the cabel?

    I dont think ill buy another battery, but i will keep it in mind.
    I have Iphone X, which is nice but i bought the impacto so i will use it. but if i run out of battery, i got the little adapter for 3.5mm -> lightning port.
  11. wilsonlaidlaw
    There is not currently a purchase page for the Impacto extension cable as it is still at the development stage. Custom Cans, who I know well, and I did not realise that very oddly, Beyerdynamic use the tip and ring on each headphone plug rather than the tip and sleeve as most headphones with separate left and right cables do. For the standard analogue extension cables that Custom cans make for the T5P, they have both sleeve and ring as ground on the headphone left and right plugs and that works. However we tried to be too clever and disconnected the ring for the Impacto extension cable, so of course they did not work. Jason is making me a new set today, which he will post out for me to test and assuming they work properly, there is no reason they will not be selling them. I will keep you posted.

  12. Tron666
    Perfect, thanks let us know once you get the new set
  13. Jazmanaut
    Forgot to mention, that when i got my first gen T5p, few months ago, i find out that those original pads are just horrible. Just uncomphy and overall... meh.
    So i ordered cheap artificial leatherpads from china, and wow, these things came alive!
    So much more comfortable and finally there is proper amount bass!
    And you dont have to make sure that they are sitting perfectly on your head to hear that lo-end.
    Its allmost discusting, that cheap 15 dollar earpads, is needed to make these preeetty expensive cans to come alive.
  14. a-LeXx
    T5p.2 already comes with cheap artificial leather pads preinstalled. They changed from real leather to artificial leather between gen1 and gen2... The pads of t5p.2 are very soft
  15. Jazmanaut
    So i have heard. Never actually had opportunity to compair these to v2, but you can get gen1. quite cheply and put these 15 dollar pads in them, and win the audio game, because i really dont believe, that they have done nothing to drivers on gen. 2, but tuned those just with softer pads. :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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