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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    ^Indeed! Thanks for filling us in. 
  2. Audio-Omega
    What's the retail price ?
  3. hanselmann

    990 EUR incl. 19% German VAT.
    Other contries may vary.
  4. soren_brix
    So, basically this boils down to a new truely balanced detachable cable and change of the damping scheme? your description of the sound improvement seems very similar to reports after people exchange stock cable for true balanced and fiddle a bit with the pads.
    Will those jacks be available from Beyer as sparepart at a reasonable price?
  5. hanselmann

    Hi Sören, (am I corect with the ö? I found it on my German keyboard)
    again, please understand, that I cannot comment on the "how-it's-done" of improvements in sound. Indeed, the major improvements are detachable cable, possible use in balanced-mode and sound improvemens.
    This is, why we call it T 1 (2. Generation) and haven't given it a different name.
    Jack plugs will not be available as spare parts. Anyway, they are not user-servicable parts anyway, since the aluminium part is not just the outside shell of a hand-soldered cable.
  6. soren_brix
    @hanselmann: it's actually "ø" , but no worries :wink:
    appreciate your answer, thnx a bunch
  7. hanselmann
    økay, Søren.
  8. fhuang
    do beyers offer 3 pin balanced cable? 
  9. donthuang
    Hello, Just wondering to know does T1 gen2 use the tesla technology 2.0 ?   And what actually different between tesla technology 1.0 and 2.0 ?
  10. hanselmann

    We don't have plans to do so, and there is close-to-zero demand. 4-pin XLR became a kind-of-standard recently.
    Since the pinouts are no secret, it's easy to solder adaptors.
  11. hanselmann
    I was asked now several times about availability in different regions, also through private messages.
    Answer is simple and always the same:
    For Germany call +49 7131 617-444 and just ask or send an e-mail to consumerproducts@beyerdynamic.de
    For other countries ask the respective distributor, after finding them out on our website.
    Hope, that helps.
  12. riverlethe
    So, is it a match for my HD800's yet? :p
  13. hanselmann
    We respect our German colleagues from Sennheiser.
    Give it a try by yourself.
  14. Cobold

    It always has been already:
  15. riverlethe
    Seriously, that monster 9kHz peak looks a lot more annoying than the HD800's 6kHz peak.  I hope that's what they've tamed.​
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