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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. HiFiGuy528
    new storage case too.  :)
    Will try to get my paws on one for unboxing and first look
  2. echineko
    I got my T1... literally 1 week ago >.< Granted it was on a crazy sale (aka stock dumping before the new one hits), but still. So what's this about an upgrade program? Has it been confirmed or is it just rumours at this point?
  3. deafdoorknob

    still waiting for my turn lol
  4. breizh
    Maybe we should first take into consideration that it's above all a matter of amp / headphones pairing
    I own 2 mid-fi (between 500 and 1000 €) amps, the first one gives so so results with the T1, the other one (tube amp) provides perfect sound with the T1 - I wouldn't change anything in the sound that I hear through this combination - more bass would be too much  for example
    I also own a Fidelio X2 which is very good given his price, but regarding the amp pairing, it's the opposite situation ! good with my SS amp and providing too much bass with the tube amp...
  5. billerb1
    Well said.  It could be the best thing since sliced bread...or Beyer's answer to Beats.  You never know what sound is going to come and grab you.  I'm very happy with my WA2/T1 sound now...but really curious to hear the new version.  And the early reaction when it comes out...
  6. Shure or bust
    In Soviet Russia headphone grabs you! Beats me to it.
  7. billerb1
    Just got this response for Beyerdynamic USA Service Center after inquiring about possibility of upgrading current T1's:


    question about T1 upgrade




    From: Service Dept (service@unitedsoundservicesllc.com)
    Sent:Fri 8/07/15 2:14 AM
    To:Bill Erb

    I just yesterday got an update. Yes, there is a new T1 Second Generation coming, but unfortunately there is no path to upgrade. Probably would need to buy new and sell existing on eBay or such. Sorry for the bummer,

  8. WraithApe
    I see you've got a Black Dragon V2 as well @billerb1 - detachable mod.. or did you buy the headphones new with cable in place from Moon Audio? I dread to think what the resale value of a T1 like mine, with detachable cable mod, is gonna be now [​IMG]
  9. deafdoorknob
    had my 20 minutes at the show. more refined and cleaner when side by side comparo with the original . bass a little more fleshed out and hits harder but still a T1

    personally I prefer the balance of the DT 1770
    while acknowledging the micro detail of T1s
  10. hanselmann
    Hello everybody,
    I am Klaus, 1 of 4 product managers for headphones at beyerdynamic and the responsible one for the T 1.
    Happy to see, that you like what we did. Shipping from our Heilbronn (Germany) factory has started yesterday.
    Let me give you a little background info:
    Yes, we changed the sound a bit, making it slightly more even in the treble and giving it some extra dBs in the low-mids and bass - broadrange, not just deep end. The T 1 is still far from being a bass-heavy, let alone muddy headphone. Remember: it's a beyer, so you treble and transparence -geeks will still be VERY happy with it. We just found, that tuning it to this direction, we can make it sound a bit more pleasing to our audiophile target group in general. (In other words: A string quartet will still sound beautiful, but some Quincy Jones basses will finally shine...)
    The former T 1 is discontinued, and only the 2. generation will continue.
    Changing drivers of the 1. Generation will not be enough to make it sound like the current 2. Generation. We won't offer modifications. An upgrade program is not planned.
    Of course, we will show it at all trade shows, beginnning with IFA in Berlin beginning of September.
    Happy to read, by the way, that you like the case. It was a pain in the neck getting it right...
    PS: In need to change that avatar...
  11. TheManko
    The original T1 was very close to being great. I sold mine after a year because the sound wasn't quite there. This new one sounds like just the thing to make me buy it again. Slightly more even treble and a smidge more bass sounds perfect.
  12. hanselmann
    By the way: we call it T 1 (2. Generation) to tell it apart from the former one. The official name is still - and only -  T 1. Just the way Apple does it with their iPod etc. in different generations.
  13. Buyer no 1
    Thank's for your participation in the thread :)
    Since changng the drivers is not enough, can you say a bit more about what others changes you have made, to give the the version 2 a more pleasing signature?
  14. Zombie_X Contributor
    I read it has memory foam pads. So if they're anything like the HM5 pads, that's where the added warmth and smoothness comes from. The HM5 pads added a lot of bass to the T1, but all muted the treble a bit. The midrange became fuller as well. 
    So in a way I expect the new T1 to have a similar tone to with the HM5 pads. Maybe not..
    I'll have a second gen model on the way from beyerdyanmic USA probably within the next week or two. Depends on availability.
  15. Odin412
    This is very exciting news! I have the original T1 and it is astoundingly transparent, but the treble can get a bit 'hot' and aggressive for me. I'm looking forward to hearing the new model - hopefully at an upcoming meet!
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