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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. billerb1
    I sent my T1's to Moon Audio and the Black Dragon cable was hard wired...no detachable mod.  I was too cheap.  Very happy with what it added to the T1/WA2 sound.  Better, more realistic instrument timbre across the entire spectrum.  To my ears the BD's smoothed the treble but not at the expense of detail...in fact seemed to make more detail accessible.
  2. XERO1
    That's one hella nice travel case!  [​IMG]
  3. hanselmann
    Thanks, XERO1!
    It was some work getting it right. The surface with fake suede is superb and it really has a nice touch, from my point of view.
    It's also available as an accessory part for those, who look for a great case for they beyer headphones. You will see on our website, which models will fit.
  4. hanselmann
    Buyer no 1, as very often with headphones, we had to tweak several parameters to achieve the desired sound: Getting rid of narrow-band resonances, and adjust ithe acoustic impedances of both the baffles and the ear cushions. It's a "normal" tuning process, as we do it with each new headphone. The driver itself is just one of these.
  5. Cobold
    What will be the price for the extra XLR Cable?
  6. hanselmann
    Cobold, it will be 149 EUR incl. 19 % German VAT. Probably something comparable in the rest of the word. The cable is IDENTICAL to one with the jack in the scope of supply of T 1 (2. Generation), but has a NEUTRIK 4-pole XLR-plug assembled to it. The screen, by the way, goes from the plug housing to the metal parts of the driver, so that we have max attenuation of electromagnetic crosstalk.

  7. Cobold
    So XLR Cable would be different to cutting the original cable and soldering XLR Plug to this?
  8. thokli
    Hello Klaus,
    It is always great to get some first hand information. Thank you for the effort.

    I am looking forward to hearing the new T1.
  9. rasmushorn

    Can we expect the T5p to also be going through the same evolution and see a second generation available in the future?
  10. hanselmann

    Both cables are identical, it's just the connection plug that's different.
    Still, we would not reommend to make the cable mod by yourself. 1. You destroy the original cable, which is quite expensive, when replaced. 2. You have to manage the cable assembly job very precisely and the textile braid is a mess, when not done properly.
  11. hanselmann

    Please understand, that I cannot give comments on (possible) future portfolio. Sorry about that.
  12. rasmushorn

    I thought so - and fully understand, I just had to ask [​IMG] 
  13. Buyer no 1
    So it's not a textile covered Sommer Peacook cable in version 2?
    Given the mini jacks are TRS, are there still 6 conductors?
  14. hanselmann
    The cable is not just a sommer peacock. It's custom made twin cable with no soldering at the y-piece. Conductor material is the freakingly expensive OCC 7N (Ohno continuous casting), so we are on the same level as the very best aftermarket cable companies.
    Still 6 conductors: + left, - left, screen left, + right, - right, screen right.
    For unbalanced use:
    TRS jacks on the headphone side it's: tip=signal, ring=ground, shaft=screen.
    For balanced use:
    TRS jacks on the headphone side it's: tip=signal plus, ring=signal minus, shaft=screen.
  15. Buyer no 1
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