New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)
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Jan Meier

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Jun 21, 2001
Dear headfellows,
a couple of days ago I got a note from the Beyerdynamic distributor. A new improved version of the T1 will hit the market soon.
  First devices have been promised to me by he end of August. I hope Beyerdynamic will be able to deliver.
I will post some impressions as soon as the phones have arrived.

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According to Garble Translate:
"Compared to its predecessor, the new T 1 shines through a stronger and more precise bass reproduction. This gives the sound more substance and ensures a balanced listening experience in a class. An additional damping in the heart of the Tesla driver resonances at high frequencies are eliminated. With the aim to create the ultimate sound experience, the geometry of the baffle structure was fundamentally optimized and the one-ply baffle tissue replaced by a more stable high-tech compound fabric. Thus, a resonance of the tissue is reduced to a minimum and thus produces an even clearer sound reproduction."
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I wonder if it will be possible to replace the drivers on old T1's with the new ones. My right driver broke earlier this summer... which means a full driver set replacement anyway. Maybe I'll hold out for this new generation driver to hit the market before sending it in for repair. 
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Damn, hope they are more comfortable to listen to. That was my gripe with the original; vocalists got so peaky sometimes.
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Detachable cable, oh yeah!
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