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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. XERO1
    A headphone cannot have a 3-conductor common ground circuit (3-pin) that is balanced.  A balanced headphone circuit always requires a minimum of a 4-conductor circuit (4-pin). 
  2. Youth
    I'm so gonna buy this!
  3. echineko
    Is it available in Denmark already? Have you seen it anywhere? Just curious
  4. Cakensaur
    Just sold mine because of financial hardships a few weeks ago. Planned to buy them back anyway.
    This is pretty great news.
  5. Peti
    Looking forward for a detailed review :p
  6. gogogasgas
    Is the Beyerdynamic A2 amplifier a suitable match for this new incarnation of the T1? Is the A2 going to be upgraded to included balanced outputs (and inputs)?
  7. hanselmann

    Of course, the A 2 is a suitable headphone amplifier with the T 1 (2. Generation).
    Please understand, that I may not comment on (possible) future product portfolio of beyerdynamic's headphone amps.
  8. plakat

    I think he was talking about 2 3-pin XLR connectors, which are sometimes used for balanced operation (as with the Abyss). Personally I prefer 4-pin and live happily with single ended... but thats another story :wink:
    And yes: ordered. Will take till September though...
    The case looks very nice indeed. Might get some to replace the other cases I use for transport protection.
  9. Buyer no 1
    I actually like the metal case, that came with version 1. It 's elegant and not like the usual carbon boxes, or the wooden ones. (And definitely not like the "organ transport" my Audeze came in).
    But I recognize the new case seems more suited for tranportation.
  10. plakat
    Yes, the metal case looks very nice... but its huge. Would be nice if the new case had a handle though...
  11. Dyin
    I like the new detachable cables on the v2 model. I always griped on beyer headphones having nondetachable cables.
    Do the new cables have a locking mechanism at the headphone end or are they simply held in by grip. I couldn't see that clearly from the pictures a few pages back.
  12. Focker
    Id be happy with anything other than those crazy Hifiman connectors, personally 
  13. Dyin
    A simple half twist lock that I see on a lot of headphones would satisfy me though I didn't see the tell-tale grooves for that on those pictures posted earlier. 
    I do agree that hifiman connectors seem a little excessive =/ 
  14. Focker
    I'm having to tighten the connectors on my HE-400i (and previously the non-i version) about once every few days...drives me nuts, cause a couple times the channel dropped out and I wasn't sure what happened. 
    I'd be cool with a twist lock, too...Beyer is a pretty smart company. I trust they'll hook us up with something good. 
  15. hanselmann

    The new case has a built-in handle. The outer shells have cavities, where your hand snuggles in nicely. It's at the hinge. Works nicely.
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