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Need new IEM!!!! :(

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  1. Sil3nce Moderator

    Of course you're in a position to comment.
    Don't doubt yourself.
    If you want to stand by your opinions, let no man claim otherwise.
  2. ScottK
    Fair point.  I guess the whole point of this type of forum is personal opinion.  
    The more I listen to the SM3, the more I prefer them.  I've switched to using the Shure buds rather than the Comply ones which I think makes a big improvement as I always had a great fit with the Shure tips and I never quite felt that the Comply ones were giving me the sound that the phones were producing.
    However, now that I realise how much difference the tips make, I can't help but think maybe I should have gone for the JHA5s.  Clearly it's more of a hassle to get them made given that I live in the UK, but maybe it'll be worth it?  Low end custom vs high end universal?  I'll never know until I try, but it's going to be at least a $500 experiment.  Worth a try?  Or wait until I can stretch to better customs?
  3. parkdenn
    I love in ear monitors and was concerned about cost. Let me encourage you to contact
    mylivewires.com in Minneapolis. They are excellent in customer service and really helped
    me and our band. They do American Idol host and many others. Very good pricing. Good luck!
  4. akacoke
    lil off topic, but how do you cross things off like this


  5. throzen0303
    Wanna try GR10? I have the 8s and they might be your taste
    my review
  6. sari0n
    You use the strikethrough thing, it's right next to bold, italic, and underline.

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