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Need new IEM!!!! :(

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  1. TSi
    Guys and gals, I need help! My customs broke (FreQs)
    I want a pair of IEM that is pretty neutral, great in all departments (bass, mid, highs)... not looking for customs, cause they are too expensive right now... but IEM price range is anything under 300 - 400$? (unless there are customs that are about the same/better than IEM for 400$)
    Had the TF10s, way too bright in the highs.
    I want something that has similar sound to the AKG K701 (with more bass) and Denon D5000. I know I won't get soundstage as big as the K701 and the bass as strong as the D5000.
    So here are my "list"
    Shures 535
    Ultimate Ears TF10
    Westone 2? UM2? 3? UM3?
    Sennheiser IE8

    anything else? maybe a cheaper pair of customs?
    please recommend!!!
  2. sari0n
    I would add the Westone UM3x to your list as well as the SM3.
    The UM3x is supposed to be very neutral.
    I've never heard the K701 or the D5000, but this is the general opinion of the headphones on your list:
    Shure 535 - very forward mids and strong bass
    TF10's have a V-shaped signature, so strong bass and highs but slightly recessed mids
    Westone 3 is supposed to be bassy, I don't know much else
    IE8 is also very warm
  3. TSi
    Well for sure I'm not getting another pair of TF10, and probably not a pair of UE customs because they probably have the same sound signature.
    so now it's down to the rest :frowning2: so many choices
  4. Eric_C
    You can't audition them locally?
    Cross IE8 for neutrality.
  5. MR.X
    JH 5 and 1964-T both are customs for about 350-400$, both of which should perform as good or better than the earphones on your list.
    Reviews of 1964-T
  6. TSi

    Don't know of any place that would have them, other than Bay Bloor Radio, but their selection is pretty limited.
    Thanks, will look into it! Looks like the 1964-T is pretty new so I'll have to wait a bit for more reviews to pour in. The JH5 is from the guy who made UE, so I'm afraid they will have the same highs/ recessed mids like the UE TF10
  7. Gastronomic


    I would say um3x, although is a little tiny dark.
  8. TSi

    one thing about the 252/262, i heard the quality isnt great and breaks pretty easily, so that's a nono.

    so now that's 2 for the um3x :p
  9. yifu
    Earsonics SM3 are very close to being perfect for an universal.
  10. Gastronomic
    Perfection is a strange concept.
  11. lucozade
    Sm3 is a very neutral and fantastic sounding iem , bass is as good or better than tf10 and treble is as extended and detailed but a lot softer and lighter sounding than on the tf10, it does not cause any sibilance of harshness or fatigue like the tf10 can with the wrong tips of fit.
  12. mark2410 Contributor
    do you mean build quality?  if so id dissagre, they may not be the most substantial things but id hardly call them fragile

  13. Bennyboy71
    RE262.  End of story.
  14. TSi
    too many to choose from and not enough money to buy them all :frowning2:
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