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Mytek Brooklyn Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by watchdog507, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. AlanU
    As long as you enjoy that’s what counts !
  2. crayons23
    i spent a lot of time with both the directstream jr and sr and ended up returning for several reasons. mainly ps is deceptive about its compatibility with roon and mqa and i felt like
    when i uncovered that deception they tried to buy me off. secondly i should have said that the bk dac + in addition to the sotm and the sbooster is about 90% as good as the DSJR (which is really no different than the SR). however even with the used sotm, and the great deal i got on the mytek i am
    still well below the asking retail price for the dsjr and about 90% there musicality wise.
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  3. Malmbak
    Hi, I’m thinking about a Dac+

    I would use it as a preamp with a Schiit Vidar power amp. Anyone who has heard that combo? My speakers are Guru Audio Q60 and they are on the warm side of neutral. So I would like a combo that is clean, transparent and ever so slightly cool sounding.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards
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  4. AlanU
    First of all I will say it's an absolute requirement to maximize SQ by using a 12 volt dc power source. My Astron power supply solution is the most economical and appears to be one of the best diy solutions.

    I'm quite impressed that that amp is class A/B.

    The Brooklyn DAC section is very pleasant. Not too thin sounding and doesn't seem to accentuate the high's. Overall I'm surprised how well it performs in overall sound quality.

    The darker warmth you hear with your speakers probably can be a nice match to an every so slight warmth the MYTEK dac. Is your suspension on those speakers broken in with hours of play?????

    What RCA interconnects are you using?? If I use my affordable Audio sensibility copper Statement RCA's vs my FREE burson interconnects I got from my Virtuoso headphone amp there's a difference in overall sound. Call it my "perception" but if I want to reduce some warmth I've swapped interconnects and found a pair of Kimber Silver interconnects. Before getting into a "tweak/cable" argument I've played with a lot of gear.

    Choosing a DAC is subjective. When I swapped my burr brown dac (Burson virtuoso) on my 2 channel for fun I was pleased. Using the cheaper older dac section of the Brooklyn (Gen 1) found in the Liberty I find the SQ to be just as pleasant but more detailed but more emotion vs the Burson DAC section. Testing my Space Tech Labs tube dac for string instruments the solid state dacs cannot even remotely come close in realism with holographic sound oozing with emotion. This is when I test back to back.

    Auditioning the brooklyn + I do find the SQ to be extremely enjoyable that does not make me feel like missing alot. Great solid state dac for the price.
  5. Malmbak
    Sorry for the late reply.

    I’m building a new system after having sold my pair of Devialet Phantom Golds.

    So as of yet I have no cables or interconnects. Ditto with external power supply. That will be added down the road.

    The Mytek Dac+ is appealing because it does so many things really well. The combination of Dac, headphone amp, phono stage, and preamp is quite special.

    My concern is the synergi with the Schiit Vidar?

    Oh, and the speakers are broken in....

    Kind regards
  6. Bart77
    Hi everyone

    I have a very big problem with Brooklyn Dac+.
    I bougth it today as a second hand device and I found out that there is an old fimware v. 1.00 as the previous owner did not upgrade it. Brooklyn was probably purchased in november 2017. Therefore I decided to upload a new firmawe as per instruction from Mytek webpage usig the fresh firmware 1.23
    The Dac is completely dead after this procedure. The blue logo is blinking and there is an information on the screen “ Invalid serial No. Please contact dealer”.
    I would like to underline that I used Mytek sofware on my Mac and appropriate software described as a update from version 1.11 to 1.23
    I have also used few other combination of the sofware update together with bootloader mode. No results and the device is still dead. I will be very grateful for yuor suggestions how to solve this issue. Help !
  7. TwoTrack
    I have a Brooklyn + connected to a Schiit Vidar. It works well. Sound quality on both is excellent. I also have connected it to a Schiit Saga and then Vidar, another good combination.
  8. Daniel Lodewyk
    Contact Mytek customer service. They are helpful and want you to have a working DAC, I'm sure they'll help.
  9. Bart77
    I have already contacted but due to the Christmas time I'm afraid that they will reply at the beginning of January....
    Maybe someone has a similar issue or something came to your mind. The DAC+ is now in. the box so I can only look at it instead of listening.... :frowning2:
  10. captblaze
    it is a two part procedure to upgrade. first one is a file to prep for the new firmware process for FW older than 1.11. the second is the firmware package itself.

    did you perform the upgrade from 1.0 to 1.23 using both files in the correct order? which version of Mytek Control Panel do you use?

    if possible try reflashing both packages in the correct order.
  11. Malmbak
    Thank you. Would you say it is a warm, cool, or neutral pairing? My speakers, Guru Q60, are on the warm side of neutral.

  12. TwoTrack
    The Mytek is neutral and when paired with the Saga and Vidar a little warm.
  13. Malmbak
    Ok. And without the Saga? I’m looking for clean and cool
  14. Emmanuel Palmer
    I reside in Germany and i want to sell my brooklyn dac + which is just 2 months old and in perfect condition like new as i am in need of cash and will definitely rebuy in the future when all is settled cause i love this dac. Anyone interested? I thought i should post here before putting it up on ebay.
  15. crayons23
    I am in the same boat but selling in USA with my botw LPS. I hate to sell it but need the cash
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