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Mytek Brooklyn Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by watchdog507, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. exdmd
    I owned both a Brooklyn DAC+ for a year and a Liberty for 6 months both now gone and replaced with a Yggdrasil A2. The LPS most recommended for either Myteks is the Uptone JS-2 though you can get by with an Sbooster.

    The USB implementation on both Mytek DACs is not great and you gain significant improvement in SQ from just using a $179 Schiit Eitr USB to S/PDIF converter. Never heard the Stello U3 but it is well regarded. It is an older design though.

    You don't need a certified MQA DAC to listen to MQA files at higher than 44 on Tidal. The Audirvana+ player does the first unfold to 24/96, costs $75 and there is a 15 day free trial. MQA is hit or miss on Tidal anyway. I have both Tidal and Quobuz and SQ is better streaming on Quobuz.

    If you have to have full MQA I think going for the Liberty/Sbooster/Eitr is the smart move for most if you don't have the DIY skills to use the Astron. As far as the Brooklyn DAC+ compared to the Yggy A2 SQ there is no contest. I would rather listen to 44 through the Yggy than MQA using the DAC+.
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  2. AlanU

    The Yggy2 is the way to go for realism with emotional content in the music for a solid state dac. I still find MQA an artificial highly detailed digital sound with the liberty but no glare. The old Stello U3 completely transforms the Liberty to a very good combo in adding emotion to the music making the music more convincing. For critical listening I use my 2 unit piece power rectifier / Tube dac from Space Tech labs which recreates human vocals and strings unlike any Solid state dac I've heard including a 2 unit power supply/solid state dac $8,000 Boutique company Blue circle audio dac.

    Regarding DC power...... I'd say it's a prerequisite to use clean DC for the Mytek products. I couldn't imagine using a power cord to run a noisy switching PS internally if there are other alternatives.
  3. exdmd
    If you want to hear the typical Sabre glare on the DAC+ or Liberty try the optical in. For some reason both DACs are unlistenable for me on optical in but the USB input does not have the glare.

    When I was using the Brooklyn+ at my workstation I had to use a Schiit Bifrost just for the Toslink connection to my TV on my multi-monitor stand. I complained to Mytek and sent the unit back to NY to be checked out and they said it was fine.

    I have no clue why Mytek can't make a product whose varied audio inputs do not sound equal. If Schiit can do it Mytek should also.

    Anyone contemplating spending $2000 - $3000 for a DAC should not forget to consider the Yggy A2. Unlike Mytek it is modular and can be upgraded so no planned obsolescence.

    Schiit has already talked about their new proprietary USB implementation that is in beta testing now. I don't expect to see it offered as an upgrade until late in 2019 though ... they are still upgrading Yggys to Analog 2. Mike starts talking about their new USB 24 minutes into this video:

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  4. crayons23
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019 at 1:40 PM
  5. Kerwin515
    Bad luck! At least it didn't damage your B+. Where did you get your sbooster from?
  6. crayons23
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019 at 1:41 PM
  7. Kerwin515
    Just for due diligence, did you double check that you did in fact get the 120V version from the sticker on the body?
  8. crayons23
    Yes it has the 120v sticker.
  9. AlanU
    Steve has a good reputation in the audio world.

    Get a volt meter and test the center pin for 12 volts. Outer part of jack is negative.

    Did you get the mk1 version or mk2?
  10. crayons23
    Steve said he is going to send me a new unit so i will
    just be sending this one back when the new one arrives. Not sure how to tell
    which version this is?
  11. AlanU
    If you paid approx $500 CDN equiv you got the mk2 version. I you paid approx 300 CDN you have mk1
  12. crayons23
    mark 1 it is.
  13. Kerwin515
    Well damn...I set the output voltage to 13.2V. It's even better! I immediately noticed a wider and deeper soundstage. Everything sounded more airy too.
  14. crayons23
    got a call from steve at audio sensibility today, ( i don't celebrate holidays) and he mea culpa'd that
    he sent me the 5v unit by accident. so he is sending
    me a new 12v unit and will pay for the return shipping of the 5v unit. so that was
    the issue that i was using the 5v unit and that's why it was not working.
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  15. crayons23
    So steve sent me the correct version but sent my friend in texas (who recommended steve to me) a 24 v sbooster which could have fried his brooklyn dac. fortunately due to my issues
    he checked it as soon as it arrived and low and behold it was the wrong unit as well!!!
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