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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. Zhanming057
    I have to agree with Heinz here. I tried this song with the Mysphere 3.2 on the WA11, the Nagra Classic INT and a Luxman p1u. In all three cases, I found no issues with the bass at about 100db ear point. Bass is restrained but I cannot hear any distortion against the 1266 phi with the same material.

    As far as I can tell sub-bass is about 4-5 db off from the 1266 phi, but that's to be expected given the 3.2's design.
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  2. hrklg01 Contributor
    The eq leveling which Dynafit showed, would reduce the Lack of low Bass level. But It's not everybodies choice.
    Another Option is, just to angle the soundframes closer to the ear. The drawback is reduce soundstage to a Level of other headphones... At least to my ears
    Br heinz
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  3. Zhanming057
    Agreed. I definitely prefer a wider angle, the staging is much better and the sub-bass is still reasonably good for a fully open design.
  4. cladane
    Thanks to be informative so much.
    For the angle, I prefer the wings opened half way.

    Reading your comments, I understand that the MS is very sensitive to the system in the low frequencies.
    I have gone EQ with Audirvana through UPNP to my Melco and the Carmignola tracks play nicely for me now:

  5. cladane
  6. earlinarizona
    I am currently at the Munich show and got to hear the MySphere headphones. During the last few days I have heard so many headphones including the Hifiman tubed electrostatics but in the end my favorite is the MySphere. Without the ear cups it feels very open and free sounding. The Riviera amplifier was perfectly suite for these headphones. Clearly it checked all the boxes and beat a 50,000 set of headphones. Now for the big problem. Riviera had a room at the very small Hifideluxe. If you dob’t Want the free press or people coming to the room this is where you display. I stopped by twice and not a single customer but at the main halls of the other show headphone companies were just barraged with new potential customers. On a per customer basis this other venue is just too expensive. There room was just in a hallway in the middle of the floor and no one would randomly walk down it. The product is top but without the right exposure it does not matter how good it is because it will die. Next year this product should be in the main hall with soundproof rooms like the other companies. They are gaining customers and just rolling over you. Someone had to market this product and let people see it as this year was a marketing bust in Munich.
  7. hrklg01 Contributor
    Thank you very much for the Feedback!
    The next MYSPHERE will be presented in Europe with appropiate setup at:
    • CANJAM LONDON 27. – 28. July – Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London – represented by Woo Audio
    • KLANGBILDER 22. – 24. November – Arcotel Kaiserwasser Vienna – Room 562
    Best regards heinz
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  8. XP_98
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  9. hrklg01 Contributor
  10. bosiemoncrieff
    Right now, I think my next purchase will either be mysphere or lcd-4(z). They're about the same price. I think MySphere will bring me closer to perfection, though it will also replicate things I already have—HD800, K1000—and the audeze will give me something entirely new, and will probably be had for more of a discount.
  11. JayLam
    I took mysphere 3.2 to visit a hi-end headphones shop during my business trip in Shanghai last Sunday, and tried a hi-end system: DAC-Vermeer Audio Two, Amplifier-Trafomatic Audio Primavera, Connector cable-Transparent. Also compared with the headphones from Russia-Kennerton Thror. The mid density and bass elasticity from Mysphere 3.2 are all better than Thror, maybe it's one of the best mid among these flagship headphones.But even drove by Primavera such amplifier, the soundstage is still far away from the impression of K1000 drove by Burmester 001/089 and Symphonic Line RG10MK4 Reference HD, it's only a little larger than Thror, just like headphones but not like headspeakers, i am not sure If there are something to do with the DAC and driver. Maybe because the sound of K1000 worked with Burmester and Symphonic Line is so impressive, the transparency, the treble and the soundstage of Mysphere 3.2 in such system are still much lower than expection. To me, the extremely transparent and nature sound, the smooth and best extension treble, the huge soundstage from K1000 made it so unique and irreplaceable among any other headphones.
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  12. Zhanming057
    Have you tried driving the Mysphere from the same system as the K1000? Driven properly, the staging is much larger than the K1000.

    The Primavera is a poor choice for the 3.2, the impedance coupling isn't quite in the optimal range. There's also a difference in that the K1000 can open the flaps to nearly horizontal. But while you gain horizontal staging in that configuration, you lose imaging depth and it's not a tradeoff that IMO lends itself to a good listening experience.
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  13. hrklg01 Contributor
    An important difference of MYSPHERE 3 compared to the AKG K1000 is the emitted sound-wave from the driver to the ear.
    Whereas K1000 has a very large moving surface almost in piston mode emitting a flat sound-wave to the ear, the MYSPHERE 3 membrane act beginning from the Mids to the Highs more as a mono pole sound source similar to little tweeters. (Effectively the membrane is built to be a three way coax system)
    This lead to the advantage that impulse response is much faster and mids and highs are best, but the drawback is the need to much more precise positioning to the ear.
    Consequently you can adjust the sound stage and sound much with the positioning of the drivers (Sound-Frames) up, down and the angling. This effect is on one hand nice, but also leading to various and personal impressions.
    BR heinz
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  14. JayLam
    No, i did not take K1000, it's so not as portable as mysphere 3.2. As the review of Primavera said it can offer huge soundstage and can drive most of the flagship headphones well, so i decided to try. And the worker there turned to the right impedance on Primavera, and i also tried even the higher impendance option, it did not help.
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  15. cladane
    Question could be that with its pedigree isn't MySphere too associated with the K1000 which makes the biggest challenge for Mr Renner is to give acceptation of their differences ?
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