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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. HiFiGuy528
    MYSPHERE and Heinz will be at CanJam London next weekend. Stop by the Woo Audio room to experience it and chat with Heinz.
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  2. hrklg01 Contributor
    MYSPHERE will show the product in room Plaza Suite 11 partnering with Woo-Audio.
    You can compare on following amps:
    WA8; WA7; WA33; 3ES; WA11 following headphones:
    STAX SR-009S; MYSPHERE 3; ABYSS 1266 Phi; Diana Phi; Meze Empyrean; Sony IER-Z1r
    Guess which one will win!? :wink: :jecklinsmile:

    BR heinz
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  3. isquirrel
    Hello Heinz,

    Really should be comparing the new Abyss TC instead of the Phi there is a surprisingly large difference. Must get myself a pair of the MYSphere's though!
  4. WooAudio
    To clarify, 1266 Phi is no longer produced1266 Phi is no longer produced. We will have the latest 1266 TC and Diana Phi.
  5. Zhanming057
    IMO the Mysphere and the SR1a's are complimentary. An excellent and midrange-focused can with great fault tolerance for recordings, and a perfectly neutral one with zero tolerance.
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  6. pavi
  7. m17xr2b
    Which MyShpere? 3.2 maybe if driven properly with an aftermarket cable, 3.1 never. The HD650 is an excellent midrange-focused can, on par with 3.2 on the same setup for 5% of the cost.
  8. bosiemoncrieff
  9. Zhanming057
    Which setup are you referring to?

    I haven't heard any Mysphere-optimized setup where the HD650 is on par in any way with the Mysphere 3.2. The 3.2 is poor on non OTL-tubes but that's a separate discussion.
  10. m17xr2b
    WA5 with Elrog 300B, 422A and ECC32 using the high impedance tap. My guess is 3.2 works best on OTP with a high 120ohm option or speaker amps. 3.2 on OTL does not work, if it distorted like crazy on the BH Crack and Apex Teton I don't know what OTL can drive it with bass focused music. WA5 was a dream to listen to.
    A very modified HD600 with HD650 drivers has the mid range withing a few percent of the 3.2 on the WA5, overall 3.2 is still better yes for 20x the price.

    If I were to get just one it'll have to be 3.1, many mid range cans on the market, K1000 has better soundstage and close mid performance but nothing can touch the transient response on 3.1 with a 5K+ setup.
  11. m17xr2b
    Is the warranty really one year for these? All other flagships are 3 years and up.
    Any warranty only covers deficiencies, to the extent that those are not excluded, which occur within one year from the date of the invoice
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  12. hrklg01 Contributor
    The warranty is 3 years!
    Where did you read 1year???
    Br heinz
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  13. m17xr2b
    That makes more sense and easier on the mind. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on 3.1 depending on how the audition over the weekend goes. It will be a tough choice between 3.1, TC, Susvara and SR1a.
  14. hrklg01 Contributor
    You are welcome, I am on the way now... We meet in suite 11 there..
    Best regards, heinz
  15. hrklg01 Contributor
    Another great working couple for on the go and even at home:
    Another great couple!
    Astell & Kern Kann Cube
    & MYSPHERE 3.2
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