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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. Matrix Petka
    Dear Herr Heinz,

    That not compliments - just naked truth.
    Pity, that AKG lost that innovative spirit - diffuse field, AKG340, etc. AKG K1000 - great part of history of headphones (one day I will get good copy to my collection).
    My opinion - Mysphere most innovative headphones of 21 century. All other manufacturers just playing with things invented long ago and benefiting from materials. For example - Focal Utopia - construction of driver derived from Beyerdynamic 48 (ring magnet) with new beryllium diaphragm. Your new driver.... just finished reading available..... Speechless.
    By the way you should apply to book of Guinness for record breaking driver realise of 4mm. IMPRESSIVE. Not compliments - just facts :)
    Best place for autograph - headband, I think. :)
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely yours,


    Edited. Sorry, made mistake in numbers - should be Beyerdynamic 48, not 58.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
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  2. SHAMuuu
    Sir Heinz,
    Is this single material driver (membrane + surround) or dual material (membrane + different material for surround)
    Do you have specifications for membrane/ surround thickness? Rigidity ratings? Just for my curiosity. For example Focal states its mobile assembly mass is 150g, with NBR surround of 70 microns (not sure if beryllium membrane is same or less thickness in microns), and 5mm x 25mm diameter formerless voicecoil.

    Can you give some details on the material, surround material , magnets etc? Thx

    Also, the autograph idea is nice lol
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  3. bosiemoncrieff
    Any idea about the size of the first run? 500? 1,000?
  4. yates7592
    How is MySphere 3.1 at low listening volume? Do they have to be cranked up high for best effect?
  5. analogsurviver
    Mysphere 3.1 sound great at any volume setting. Although outclassed for low level detail by best electrostatics, they are perfectly enjoyable at low(er) listening level(s). The best effect is achived with volume of reproduction corresponding to the volume of music played live.

    However, above holds true for quiet surroundings. You can not experience the Mysphere 3.1 - or its predecessor, AKG K-1000 - to the fullest in the noisy surroundings. In such case, cranking up is the last ditch resort - but I do not recommend it.
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  6. hrklg01 Contributor

    Headphoneus Supremus

    Joined: Mar 21, 2015
    Location: San Francisco
    Posts: 1,726
    Likes: 601

    Any idea about the size of the first run? 500? 1,000?

    here. Also, Greatest Ring Cycle and Greatest Tristan. Plus my rave review of Tidal!

    We do not work as many others to limit volume artificially.... :wink:
    The way we work is we produce according to orders only. No limitation accept of our factory capacity. Actually we target 100 pcs / month.
    Kind regards,
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  7. hrklg01 Contributor
    DriverZoom.JPG Membrane Foam Structure Zoom.JPG DriverZoom.JPG Membrane Foam Structure Zoom.JPG Magnet System Zoom.JPG
    Thank you for the question! :)

    The driver membrane in the moving 4 areas are out of a composite out of 5 different layers. The middle part is a very stress resistant plastic. The outer parts are quite soft. The two layers in between are made out of a special designed Polyurethane.
    The dome is out of 3 layers and structural "glass foam" enhanced. The specific mass of this material is 0.6 only. The pictures attached show some details.
    The total moving mechanical mass is similar to Utopia's.
    However, the absolute total moving mass . consisting out of air- and mechanical mass, is much less. Later I will explain this in detail if requested.

    The driver magnet system consist out of 20 single magnets gold plated against long term corrosion. It deliver 1.5 Telsa minimum.

    BR heinz
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
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  8. Matrix Petka
    Impressive. Very impressive. From membrane till magnet system....
  9. SHAMuuu
    That magnet assembly looks like a work of beautiful art/masterful engineering. It puts a lot of dynamic drivers to shame. I don't know if i've ever seen gold plated magnets on a headphone before. Also the detailed pics of the driver/surround is very unique. I image that was not easy to get consistency with. :xf_eek: Beautiful!


    Yes in one sense like few members said, the engineering details are not so important. But to some degree I disagree, because with headphones costing $1000+ , there has to be evidence that it is innovative and engineered to a level where it can charge such prices. So, yes if and when you can share such details it is appreciated. Focal had quite some informative writeups on their loudspeaker design technology, so one can see why it is also in the $4k range. And it seems this MySphere 3.1 is also engineered to such a degree. It is nice to see. :)
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  10. LaCuffia
    Travis Bickle approves ....lol

    Very cool of Mr Renner to take the time to respond to questions and with such detail. It seems like MySphere will have great customer service to go with an innovative and beautiful product.
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  11. hrklg01 Contributor
    It's our aim to explain details of our way of working and technology as good as possible.
    You can raise questions at Facebook as well ... https://www.facebook.com/mysphere.at
    Or Instagram .... https://www.instagram.com/mysphere_headphones/
    Or just on our Homepage .... http://mysphere.at/contact/
    The idea behind of that service is continuing learning for us as well.

    KR heinz
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  12. Matrix Petka
    Dear Herr Heinz,

    Have you tested MySphere 3.1 in horizontal/semi horizontal position? Lot of people (including me) are listening music in bed.

    Maybe idea for future - headband for bed use? Taking into consideration modular construction, easy mounting option for those in bed :)
  13. analogsurviver
    Sorry, earspeakers can not work properly with your head in close proximity of other objects ( bed, pillow, etc ) . To truly appreciate what a real earspeaker like Mysphre 3.1 can do, you will have to be in a normal upright position.
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  14. qazxsw80
    Hello, Heinz.
    Can you already show us the case?
    And, by the way, on the German forum you mentioned the Mysphere 3.2. What's the difference between it and the Mysphere 3.1?
  15. hrklg01 Contributor
    The slim transport case (in the middle of the table between the two big boxes) will look similar like the standard packing. The difference is mainly the height and that the headphone parts (drivers and bow) are placed dismantled into to allow the slim form factor.
    A picture taken at Berlin Can-Jam is attached. Better pictures with details will follow on the www.Mysphere.at homepage soon.
    The variant 3.2. is using an impedance of 110 ohms instead 15 ohms as 3.1. All relevant other spec. details remain the same.
    Kind regards, Cases at Berlin Can-Jam.png
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